Watch Kevin Bacon’s Hilarious ’80s Awareness PSA To Millennials — VIDEO

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Kevin Bacon has always been an advocate for the underdog. During the actor’s prolific career in entertainment he’s abolished puritanical restrictions on dancing, battled a dastardly creature known as the Tremor, and even attempted to defeat a seemingly invincible foe: visibility. Those challenges have prepared Bacon for his gravest opponent yet: millennials.

Two-time Saturn Award nominee Kevin Bacon released a new PSA to help explain the ’80s to millennials — specifically people born after 1985. “If I was too shy to ask a girl out there was no OkTwinder,” laments Bacon in the hilarious video aimed to raise ’80s awareness. Bacon also discusses such classic ’80s relics as parachute pants, the Cold War, and engaging in awkward small talk when forced to use a landline phone.

Want to experience one degree of separation from hilarity? Watch Kevin Bacon’s public service announcement regarding ’80s awareness below!


“Wanna know my favorite app? Rubik’s Cube.” Classic Bacon.

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