Victoria Justice Dishes On Selfies & Celebrity Crushes In Our Latest Edition Of ‘Against the Clock’ — WATCH

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Admit it, you’ve cried while watching a movie. Rudy, The Notebook, Frozen, we’ve all been there; you’re not made of stone — and if you are made of stone, no judgements here our brawny buddy! We recently caught up with actress Victoria Justice at the Red Dress Collection event, which promotes heart disease awareness for women, to not only discuss which movie makes her cry, but to uncover her stance on selfies, discover the details regarding her most ghastly fashion faux pas and reveal the star’s favorite animated film. You guessed it, we’re going Against the Clock with Victoria Justice!

Before you press play,sharpen your celebrity prognostication skills by attempting to predict the Victorious star’s answer to the question, “Who is your celebrity crush?”

Is it:

A. John Stamos

B. Bradley Cooper

C. Ian Somerhalder

D. Aladdin

Make your selection and watch Victoria Justice gallantly battle father time in our latest installment of Against the Clock!

Chin up, Aladdin. There’s a “Whole New World” out there just waiting for you to explore!

Which movie never fails to set off your internal sprinklers?

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