6 Amazing Songs From Your Childhood That You Forgot About Until Now

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There’s no denying the feeling of pure joy and nostalgia you get when you hear a few chords of a Backstreet Boys song, or when a Jesse McCartney track “happens” to come on shuffle.

So in honor of Throwback Thursday [read: Basically because the ’90s were the best and we all miss them], it’s time to take a trip down memory lane, and revisit the official playlist from your seventh grade slumber party. Because, why not?

Here are 6 totally awesome songs that were the soundtrack to your middle school career:


B*Witched – “C’est La Vie”


Although it’s still unclear exactly what this song is about, there’s no denying its catchiness. In fact, you will most likely be humming “C’est La vie” all week until next #TBT.


BB Mak – “Back Here”


Because the 90’s boy band market was so saturated (Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, LFO, et all), British band BB Mak never quite got the credit they deserved.


Josie And the Pussycats – “Pretend To Be Nice”


The music from the “Josie And The Pussycats” movie soundtrack was arguably better than the film itself. You had Tara Reid in her prime, Rachel Leigh Cook and Rosario Dawson—what could be better?


Samantha Mumba – “Gotta Tell You”


Even though Samantha Mumba was technically a one hit wonder, be grateful that she really made her one hit count. Plus, how bad did you want her sparkly pink tube top from the incredibly catchy “Gotta Tell You” music video?!


Aaron Carter – “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”


Be honest: Back in your preteen days, in between shipping Aaron and Hilary Duff, you were memorizing every word to the young Carter’s cult hit, “Aaron’s Party.” And for good reason—the lyrics were impeccable: “First on the floor, you know that’s me. Bustin’ out the movies like it’s MTV.”


Dream – “He Loves U Not”

Although Dream released a full album under Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, “Love U Not” was their biggest hit. And of course they get bonus points for using just the “U” instead of “you.”


What was your favorite song from the 1990s or early 2000s?



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