Do You Believe This Shocking ‘Toy Story’ Theory?

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Image Credit: Pixar

Take off your replica Toy Story cowboy hat, put on your thinking cap and get ready to take part in a little cinematic detective work! A recent theory making the rounds on the internet suggests that Andy’s mom in Toy Story is none other than…

*dramatic drum roll*

Emily, Jessie’s previous owner!


Via: Jon Negroni/Photo Credit: Pixar

What the what?

The evidence in question centers around Andy’s cowboy hat.

Via: Jon Negroni/Photo Credit: Pixar

Which astute Toy Story savants may recognize from another character.

Andy's Hat

Via: Jon Negroni/Photo Credit: Pixar

It’s the same hat! The only difference is that Andy’s hat is missing that piece of white lace, but you can clearly see the faded section on his hat from where the lace used to be.

If you remember Jessie’s backstory, you’ll recall that she grew up with her owner, Emily who eventually gave her away when she grew older. Because of this, Jessie spent a great deal of time in storage. Enough time for her owner to grow older and have a child of her own perhaps? Take a look at this photo from Emily’s childhood bedroom:

Via: Jon Negroni/Photo Credit: Pixar

Andy’s hat! We don’t know the first name of Andy’s mom or Emily’s last name, but when Emily places Jessie in a donation box the hat is clearly missing.

Is the evidence conclusive? No. Is it a lot of fun? Yes!

What do you think, gumshoes? Could Andy’s Mom really be Jessie’s previous owner? Vote in the poll below.


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