Lea Michele is No ‘Grandma’ in Latest Magazine Spread: What Do YOU Think of Her New Look?

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Photo Credit: Terry Richardson/V Magazine

You may think of Lea Michele in a variety of different ways: actress, singer, performer but — despite what her friends may say — she’s certainly no grandma. Need proof? Just check out the sultry new look she unveils in the spring edition of V Magazine. (See more photos from the magazine below.)

In the issue — which hits stands Feb. 27th — Michele says her friends have taken to lovingly referring to her as “grandma” because she’s not interested in typical young Hollywood hobbies.

“I don’t like things that other people like,” Michele tells V. “I don’t like clubs or crazy, loud music. I don’t drink a lot, and maybe that makes me boring, but I’d rather be in bed watching Homeland with my cat, Sheila, eating a sandwich.”

The Glee star also opened up about the loss of boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith, who passed away last July. Michele told the magazine that Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks was a pillar of support during the trying times.

“She’s like a fairy,” Michele said about Nicks. “She’s given me so many gifts along the way, and when I say gifts, I mean tools and advice and support.”

Michele also revealed that Nicks was the one who assured her music would help her move forward.

“She told me from the beginning that music is going to be [my] therapy,” recalls Michele, who explains that she wasn’t convinced at the time. “[I was like] I don’t want to listen to music. I can’t do anything. But once you get out a little bit of the tunnel, when you slowly start to feel like you can be yourself a little bit, it does help.”

Lea Michele’s debut solo album, Louder, drops March 4th.

What do you think of Lea Michele’s new look? Check out the additional photos and then take the poll below and see what fans think:


Photo Credit: Terry Richardson/V Magazine


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