Chrissy Teigen’s #ChrissyHoldingThings Wins The Internet

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As if you needed a reason to love her even more.

Everyone’s favorite girl crush, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, Chrissy Teigen is already known for her hilarious tweets, but yesterday she outdid herself.

It started with a simple tweet—a fan recycled a photo of her to create a “Chrissy holding things” meme, and sent it to her. And of course—because she’s just so awesome—she encouraged other fans with Photoshop skills to send her even more.

Teigen’s fans got super into it (really though, how could you not!?), and each photo was funnier than the next. For your enjoyment, the best #ChrissyHoldingThings photos:

Search the hashtag #ChrissyHoldingThings for more amazing pictures. 

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