Aziz Ansari’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ Tweets Are What Actually Won The Super Bowl

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Forget the Seahawks and the Bronco, last night was really about the Dillon Panthers versus the East Dillon Lions—according to Aziz Ansari, that is.

While everyone was tweeting about the Super Bowl, the comedian offered up minute-by-minute updates on a made-up game between the two rival teams from Friday Night Lights, which he dubbed #FNLBowl2.

It didn’t take long for the hashtag to dominate Twitter, even former FNL stars, like Scott Porter, who played former “QB1″ Jason Street, got into it.

From Lance Landry to Grandma Saracen to Jess Merriweather, no character got benched during Ansari’s Twitter takeover. See some of the best #FNLBowl2 tweets here:

It started with one tweet:

And only went up from there, as he imagined what each character would be doing if they were in New York:

And then fans started getting involved, and things got even more awesome:

And then finally, even stars remembered what it was like to feel Dillon pride:


Texas Forever.

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