People’s Choice Awards 2014: Biggest Surprises? Disappointments? Discuss!

By Nuzhat Naoreen | 12:21 am on January 9, 2014
Image Credit: Getty

Image Credit: Getty

And that’s a wrap!

From a star-studded opening number to a full-on Sandra sweep, the 2014 People’s Choice Awards were loaded with memorable moments and major celebs (Justin Timberlake! Emily Deschanel! Kaley Cuoco! Robert Downey Jr.!). You can check out the full list of winners here.

Of course, now that it’s all over, we want to know what you loved. Did your favorite take home a trophy tonight? Which loss disappointed you most? What was the biggest surprise of the night? Did our hosts Kat and Beth deliver (who knew Beth was such a great singer, right?!)? And how about the performances?

So many questions. We’ll leave the answers to you.

Let us know what you thought of the 2014 People’s Choice Awards in the comments and don’t forget to stay tuned to for more show coverage, including exclusive thank you videos from some of your favorite winners.

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73 Responses

  1. Laurieloo says:

    Why does everything HAVE to be a bitch session? Only one selection from each category can win. Personally, they are all winners. Not all my choices were selected but they are not going to change because I grumble about it. Have you watched the others shows to know anything about them or is it just in your nature. Find GOD and be happy.

    • verysiriusly says:

      @Laurieloo “Find GOD and be happy.” I’m agnostic, thank you very much. Also, don’t tell me what to do.

      @Nicole Tewes Yes, it is my opinion but I have thousands of people in my fandom that agree with me, so really and truly, it isn’t just my opinion.

      Usually the Klainers are forgiving but what the Delena fandom has done is unforgivable.

  2. Nicole Tewes says:

    well and that is only your opinion!!!!

  3. Casey says:

    Biggest disappointment was how winners of CBS and CBS affiliated shows were the only winners given respect and stage time in accepting their awards, even when they did not show up to accept them in person, Josh Charles. It was the most blatant display of self promotion I have ever seen and it was disrespectful to the other winners. The PCA’s and CBS should be ashamed.

    • verysiriusly says:

      @Nuzhat Naoreen , You are totally correct.

      What CBS and the PCA’s did was shameful and before they air it again, they should learn how to run a proper award show.

  4. Really? says:

    Using the excuse that the PCA2014 was rigged or whatever crack pot conspiracy people are using to explain why they’re favorite show didn’t win is pathetic.

    Cheating. How so? Because fans of a certain person or show voted more than once. Well that’s allowed so how is that considered cheating? Then there are some of you saying that you did research on twitter and from what you have seen there’s no way this show or this person should’ve won. Well how about the other methods of voting. Did you research the polls through their app? Through their website? No. So how can any of you really say which show or person deserved to win an award?

    I understand people loving a certain show or person. I love BATB and I absolutely adore Kristin Kreuk as an actress and cannot be happier that they won. But obviously some of you disagree. That’s okay! To each their own. But to post such rude remarks against a show or person because you didn’t want them to win just shows your poor sportsmanship.

    Everyone is entitled to like what they like and PCA is just a way for the audience to show networks, actors, and whomever what viewers voted for in this specific , for lack of a better word, contest.

    Although my favourite show BATB and tv actress, Kristin Kreuk, did win. There were several other categories I voted in that the person I voted for didn’t win and you know what? I’m okay with that. Let me start off with an example of sportsmanship by congratulating all those actors, shows, and movies that did win. Then next time, if I am truly disappointed in a certain category, I will make a better effort in voting for them and rallying fellow fans to vote for them.

  5. Nicole Tewes says:

    I totally agree with what you said :)

  6. Nicole Tewes says:

    I don’t believe any of the lies. There was no rule that said that the fans are not allowed to vote via twitter for example. So if the fans of the other shows didn’t do that it’s not the fault of the BATB or other fans. The other fans would be able to vote there too, but if they didn’t do that it’s their own fault so I think it was no real cheating.
    By the way sorry for calling you stupid. Was a very emitional reaction :D

    • verysiriusly says:

      @Nicole Tewes I never said that people weren’t allowed to vote on Twitter, I simply stated that the PCA people told everyone that Twitterbots are cheating and that we can report Twitterbots we find.

      Klainers didn’t cheat, the basis of winning Delena was off of cheating and being the only other popular couple that happened to be straight.

      If the PCA’s weren’t rigged, Klaine would have won for OSC.
      The facts are that Klaine has a bigger, more dedicated fanbase than Delena. #sorrynotsorry

      BTW: Yeah, little bit.

  7. Lucy says:

    “I don’t think” was wrong.
    “I do think” was right.
    Bye @Cheryl
    Oh and the next time if you want to back up, back up everyone, you over 40 years old or something lady.
    No one cares the opinion of you, a staff or a hypocrite who seems like very judging and having tendency of being
    a racist.
    We are dissapointed in you.

  8. Lucy says:

    And how many words did you spend to express your dissapointment?
    I don’t think no one would spare their efforts or time so much if they were just viewers.
    You are amazed me! Thanks. You are HILARIOUS.

  9. Lucy says:

    Cut your crap please? LOL.
    You made me laugh, said to me “speak english good” was funny.
    How did those words come?
    You obviously are in the position of seeing the information of server b/c I’m on holiday outside usa.
    Or you are one crazy bitch who think your opinion is what “all” the people
    Either way, you are just a staff of this award.

    Next time, do the better work OK?
    Could you be paid by this poor work?
    Hmmm, it’s too obvious that you are fake.

  10. Cheryl says:

    @Lucy , you speak english really good.
    I am not, whatsoever, affiliated with the PCA’s but rather just disappointed in how society acts these days. Simple as that.

  11. Lucy says:

    Hmmm, it looks like organizers of PCA are upset with our furies beyond their expectation. So “Hey! Let’s pretend like
    a viewer and comment supportive! Woah! We’re swart!” like this.
    We know PCA are rigged! SFU!

  12. Cheryl says:

    I am amazed by all of these comments that have been posted in regards to who should and should not have won and all this stuff on the show being rigged. To all those Vampire Diaries fans that are outraged because their favourite show didn’t win, take a deep breath and a step back and realize that there are millions of people voting – of all different ages. It is no secret that the majority of the vampire diaries fan base is adolescent teenagers, most of which have a twitter account therefore making it seem like Vampire Diaries won over Beauty and the Beast based on the amount of twitter votes. Many adults do not have a twitter account but will still vote for their favourite tv show, and that fan base is a very large one as well. Just because your favourite tv show or actor/actress didn’t win does not mean that the show is rigged, and if it is, so what? The majority of the people that won awards fully deserve them because of the large amounts of hard work they put in all the time to make the shows, movies and records that we all love and adore so much. If anything, people should be discussing the music awards that were given. While many of those weren’t aired either, I did not see one complaint about it. But seriously, Favourite band – One Direction? Favourite Alternative Band – Fall Out Boy? Fall Out Boy is not and should not be considered alternative. Favourite Female Artist – Demi Lovato? That girl cannot sing live whatsoever. These categories were obviously heavily voted by a younger population since nobody over the age of 16 will dare listen to Demi Lovato and out of the list of nominees for alternative band I’m sure Fall Out Boy was the only one that these people actually recognized. One more that irks me a bit is people’s comments saying Kaley Cuoco did not deserve her Comedic Actress win over Jane or Lea. But, something that Kaley possess that the others do not is that she is on a COMEDY series. Glee really isn’t considered a comedy series and personally I don’t find Lea’s role all that “funny” within the show, yes Jane does have her moments but it’s not comedy, its comedic relief. We all have our opinions and yes we are all entitled to them but is it seriously worth your time to rave about how your favourite tv show didn’t win the award? I don’t think that affects your life any.

  13. Andrea says:

    Stana winning!!! And they should have called her up to accept her award!!!

  14. vilka dimitrova says:

    I am surprised that BATB won. I watch 1 season and start 2 but I was bored and stop watching it. TVD should won. Also I am happy that Stana Katic won but you should gave her chance to accept her award as everybody else not while presenting someone.

  15. Rahul Shrivastav says:

    I wished “SUPERNATURAL” to make win 3 years in a row as best tv series.
    Not getting won really disappointed me. :-(

  16. Kamila says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar, buffy fãs… queen ♥

  17. Nadja Kronborg says:

    And Jim Caviezel totally deserved to win and so did Robert Downey Jr

  18. Nadja Kronborg says:

    I think it was a disappointment that Jim Caviezel did bot win favorit TV actor 😔 but I am happy that Robert Downey Jr won favorit action movie actor 😃

  19. verysiriusly says:

    @Nicole Tewes

    I’m stupid? Wrong.
    You are stupid for believing the PCA’s lies.

    Also, I’m not backbiting anyone. I am simply stating that the Delena shippers won because they cheated and CBS was never going to let the gay couple win no matter what.

    I wasn’t being slanderous.

  20. Ash says:

    I think that some of the results were very surprising, but I think it’s ridiculous that there are accusations of cheating.

    #1 – It’s not cheating if they voted through twitter. There was no rule that said they couldn’t use twitter-bots. Yes, it wasn’t all that fair, but in reality you could have used twitter bots too. Cheating is when one side gets an unfair advantage. In this case you could have had that advantage too, anyone could have if they wanted it. In truth the rules for twitter voting were extraordinarily vague and never really fully explained. So really it was anything goes, and just hope that the votes went through. How else could they have cheated?

    #2 – For the categories that were leading twitter, twitter wasn’t the only form of voting…

    #3 – Maybe some of the shows that didn’t win more awards were because the voting of their fan base was spread out among too many categories, while other fan bases focused on only 1 or 2 categories.

    So, I’m happy for the winners and I’m sorry for the other fantastic TV Shows, Cast, and Crew that in truth, probably all deserve some sort of an award. But everyone needs to remember it was just an awards show, anything could have happened.

  21. Nicole Tewes says:

    I really can’t belive. How stupid are you ? Of you want another show to win in the categories than vote and more than one voice. Keep voting again and again. It didn’t cost anything. The BATB and Delena fans did this and it doesn’t matters that there aren’t so much BATB fans you see. You just had to keep voting and they would be able to win. But you see the fans didn’t so don’t backbite because another show won. The show with the most committed fans won !!!!

  22. specialteuk says:

    Well, I’m disappointed for giving the award at the red carpet. Why not on the stage? And TVD didn’t win scifitv and Nina didn’t win scifiactress. :( But it’s okay. Maybe BATB and Kristin Kreuk fans voted more than us. :)
    I’m so happy that Delena, Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan won the awards! Hell yeah!
    Kath and Beth were so great, btw. And I love the opening skit! ^__^

  23. Maria Otgaar says:

    My vote goes to… the Walking Dead. Yes, they deserved stage time. For all on the show. Thank you, well done!

  24. Lucy says:

    Always Ellen won. But I never liked her show and meaning style of talking.
    And CBS allows Ellen to win again and again, to talk freely like a host of the award, but never allows people who are in the dramas aired at other broadcast.
    And I can’t agree with most of the guests. There are lots of “Why this one is there but not that more pop one or nominated one”.
    If you don’t want to hear our voices, just saying “people’s choice” award.
    It’s not.

  25. Never again says:

    Will never see another of this next year. Kaley coco didnt win it had to be lea, Jane, or at least zoey but not her. And the entertainment was boring… Ellen stole the show

  26. The truth needs to be revealed says:

    please!!!!!🙏🙏🙏I am asking you who were the true winners. I will tell you which categories were somewhat VERY WRONG: Favorite comedic tv actress
    Favorite new TV comedy
    Favorite TV sci-fi TV actress AND tv show
    Favorite Late Night Talk show host
    Can you give an explanation because you will be losing A LOT OF VIEWERS. However I do say that the hostesses were amazing along with the performances just wanted to be longer.

  27. Not trying to be mean says:

    I was disappointed. I feel that it was rushed at the end…which lost me. People Choice Awards could have time to announced other awards…also I feel that the winnings were incorrect…can you please explain that.
    Even though I am sad that I didn’t she my favorite comedian actress win, this year award show was just a bored, 2 hours I won’t get back and I missed American Horror Story for nothing

  28. myrto says:

    I honestly don’t understand how BATB won in the sci-fi/fantasy category! I really thought Supernatural was going to win because it’s the best and if not that at least the vampire diaries!!! I mean both tvd and spn are better shows with bigger fanbases. Also disappointed jared or jensen didn’t win…

  29. MJ says:

    CBS. You support -broadcast- not only PCA, but also Emmy.
    WHY do you always hate celebs and shows that are actual No1??
    No1 potential, popularity, the numbers of votes…whatever.
    Why are you always shedding the light only on the SECOND or THIRD BEST ones?

    Don’t try to controll us. It’s useless.
    And next year, you must listen to our voices. Count our votes. Don’t make
    foolish nomination or pre-nomination list that has no actual People’s Choice.

  30. MJ says:

    I voted thousands times for Patrick Dempsey and by analying twitter votes I was sure he won…
    And yeah…full of lies.
    I liked to see Simon Baker and Tunney.
    I do think CBS actually hates the Mentalist.
    Only the Mentalist was competitive with
    Castle on PCA but CBS just IGNORED.
    I couldn’t believe it and I felt really sorry for all the casts.
    Why didn’t you invite Simon Baker at least??

  31. MJ says:

    And I liked to see Matthew Gray Gubler. He is also too much neglected by CBS. As someone else has already said, he IS Dr.Reid who is the most popular character among all in Criminal Minds. And even fanbase only he is competitive with Shemar even without being promoted way less than Moore.
    I’m really sorry for him too and can’t see why CBS always promote only Moore and never others.

  32. MJ says:

    And how about NCIS?? It’s the highest rating crime drama and it’s your show.
    Where was Mark Hammon…wasn’t he nominated in dramatic actor category?? Shemar Moore wasn’t even nominated…
    Aaand, Nathan Fillion won last year, didn’t you remember?
    Well, Stana won but she couldn’t even
    speak her comment fully…besides
    Castle won the crime drama category…

  33. Aimen says:

    Beauty and The Beast winning the best sci-fi tv show was both a shock and a disappointment. Supernaural and TVD are definitely better shows. I think Supernatural should have won.

  34. Fortunata says the whole show was a disaster. Stana Katic should have received her award not squeezed in as an after thought. The best thing was that Stana and Castle won. Not Mark Burnett’s finest hours.

  35. Christi says:

    Loved the opening number, thought Beth and Kat were funny. Very disappointed we didn’t get to see half the awards presented. Joseph Morgan won best new actor, would have been nice to see, he’s amazing in The Originals. Didn’t even know The Walking Dead won, why wasn’t that shown on tv. And I can’t believe Beauty and the Beast won, that show is terrible. Vampire Diaries should have easily won that. And I can’t believe Jim Parsons didn’t win, he’s hilarious.

  36. bonesfan158 says:

    Very disappointed with the whole show. I stayed up late specifically to watch the Drama awards and had to look on line for the results. I feel cheated that I did not get to see Stana Katic get her award and got the impression that she asked to give a “thank you” speech and was only given a few moment, yet we were subjected to some less than stellar comedy routines. Excited for Stana!! Very disappointed in the show. Will probably not watch it next year–may tape it so that I can fast forward the majority of it.

  37. bonesfan158 says:

    I was very disappointed in the show. I stayed up all night only to have to look on line for the winners in major categories. Very disappointed that the TV drama categories seemed to be overlooked, especially Stana Katic and Castle’s wins in their respective categories. I was pleased that Stana was allowed to make a public “thank You” as she really appreciates her fans, but disappointed that I did not see her win. That’s what I tuned in for.

  38. WHY says:

    What a rigged award
    I knew SPN won sci-fi category, and Jensen win over Ian!
    Seriously. How could Beauty and the Beast beat Supernatural??
    And why you always ignored Paul Wesley?!
    I like Ian, but I hate every rigged award and nomination!

    And I wanted to see Matthew Gubler as a geust not Shemar narciccist muscle. Dr.Reed was the most popular character in that show, I think.
    And where were casts of the Mentalist anyway???
    the Mentalist>>>>Criminal Minds based on real PEOPLE’S VOTES.
    Oh and where was Nathan Fillion? The last year’s winner???

    I will never watch this again.
    Cos everything about this award is rigged.
    Oh and the host, Kat Dennings. The Worst,the most disgraceful,and the Dumbest host ever.
    I really had a headache every time she opened her mouth.
    I love Beth.

  39. Valeria says:

    what the hell Jensen was not invited? this is terrible …… I’m depressed

  40. Nicole Tewes says:

    And don’t be pissed because Delena has the best chemistry. Delena HAS THE BEST CHEMISTRY !!!
    and Alexa her name is Kristin Kreuk not Kruck.
    If you want to backbite someone you should be able to write the right name :P

    • verysiriusly says:

      @Nicole Tewes Klaine has WAY more chemistry in one episode that Delena has ever had in the whole running of the show. Guaranteed, Klaine won, but since the show was rigged in favor of the “straight” couple, we didn’t “win”.

      You guys won because you cheated and the voting was rigged.

  41. Nicole Tewes says:

    Hey everyone :)
    Ok I really don’t understand why you’re all being offended with the win of Beauty and the Beast. Ok to be honest I’m watching SPN since season 1 and love it even the way I love TVD but BATB is one of my favourite shows too. So I voted for all three shows, but everyone knows that SPN will have 10 seasons and not more :’(
    and The Vampire Diaries is successful and the fact that they didn’t won is no reason for the fans for stop watching it. And BATB isn’t a bad show and the quote isn’t the best and I think it’s totally ok if the fans of this show wanted them to win for prohibit that it’s getting stopped.
    Of course Supernatural is more interesting that BATB but I think this series need a secound chance and the secound season is better than the first. So what the holy hell is wrong with you to be so pissed of that this show won. SPN won for the best Bromance and Ian is the best Actor in the category so come down -.-

  42. luneletter says:

    What kind of people are you talking about??

  43. Jana says:

    some things were really great but why didn’t Nina Dobrev win? Kristen Kreuk who? And Beauty and The Beast won best sci-fi show, that just a joke!!

  44. Caskettlover39 says:

    Overall, I was very disappointed with the entire show. These are the People’s choice and we want to see our winners presented with their awards on stage. We spent a lot of time voting and we want to see the awards presented. The show seemed highly unorganized and chaotic. Awards being presented on the red carpet and back stage. Winners rushed on stage for acceptance speeches and rushed off!! That was unacceptable! Then some of the awards weren’t even presented on the show. I watched mainly to see the Best TV Crime Drama, Best Actress in TV Drama, Best Couples Chemistry, Best Bromance because Castle is my favorite show. It was a waste of 2 hours to sit there listening to all the skits, the presenters going off on tangents trying to get a date!! Really!! The live musical performances were a waste of time. I wanted to see awards presented. I wanted to see my favs in the audience as it was announced that they won and their reactions. I was most shocked and surprised that Castle and Beckett didn’t win best couple Chemistry. I think we definitely need a recount!! Also, I believe that the results were rigged to exclude Nathan Fillion from the best dramatic actor category this year because he’s won before. I was glad that Stana Katic won and the Castle won best TV crime drama. But it would’ve been better if I could’ve seen them receive their much-deserved awards!! The hosts of the show were not good either and wasted a lot of time that could’ve been spent showing awards presentations. Unless things change for next year, I won’t watch the show. I’ll just wait until the next day to see the winners posted online since it’s about the same anyway. I feel cheated and VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

  45. Kate says:

    I thought the handing out of awards on the red carpet was a bit awkward and I felt sorry for those who received them as it was like “Oh here have an award!” in the middle of an interview. Also, most of the categories I was actually interested in never even made it to the live broadcast!!! Either cut down on the “gag” time, have less live music (or less categories), or have a special early announcement segment earlier in the day so that there’s enough time for proper acceptance speeches to be given.

    As for the winners, the only award that really shocked me was Beauty and The Beast for best sci-fi, didn’t see that one coming..

  46. Rachel says:

    I was so, so happy that Stana Katic won the best dramatic tv actress she deserved it so much!! and that Castle won best tv crime drama! I was disappointed that some of the awards weren’t presented on stage, I hope they all get presented next year. I think that Kat Dennings and Beth Behr did a fantastic job, they were amazing and I loved their opening I thought it was hilarious. Everyone was fantastic and looked absolutely incredible, they all deserve a big congratulations!

  47. Chylene says:

    I am also confused on how SPN didn’t win the other categories! I wouldn’t mind seeing the actual numbers of votes, but I doubt you let us see that.

  48. Rush says:

    Really SUPERNATURAL deserved something more, its ratings are up, its 9th season is running, actors are fabulous and it has a huge fanbase.. come on. The win it got was nice especially when you look at the competition but….

  49. Aimen says:

    Beauty and the beast won the best sci-fi tv show? What the hell.. There were more deserving shows that should have won! Really wished Supernatural won. They’ve come such a long way! Very disappointed in this category.

  50. Phoebe Winter says:

    Okay, seriously! I wish I could find a way to edit my posts. LOL Make that correction: Take out the “and” just after “. . . sizzled too,” Thanks!

  51. Phoebe Winter says:

    Oops, typo! Take out the “and” after “. . . sizzle too,” (If there’s a way to edit my post I couldn’t find it.)

  52. Phoebe Winter says:

    Kat Dennings and Beth Behr did a fabulous job hosting the show. Through their great skill, they delivered what otherwise would have been a whole bunch of dull, flat, typical award-show jokes in a way that made for real fun. Kat, that blue satin dress was gorgeous on you. You are so beautiful. Beth, you sizzled too, and carrying off the singing and making your twerking look better than anyone else’s twerking I’ve ever seen. You two killed it, as “they” say! Can you do it again next year? I’ve never really watched a People’s Choice from start to finish before. I just watched because I’m a fan of yours. Love your show, Two Broke Girls. You rock!!!

  53. alin says:

    I’m glad for the 2 awards for Castle but to be honest they were screwed with the other 2 categories: bromance and on screen chemistry(the main reason of the show’s success).And why the hell they didn’t present all the winners on the stage?Booohoooooooooo

  54. Crossroad Blues says:


    The series was given a 34 out of 100 score on Metacritic, indicating “generally unfavorable” reviews from 19 critics.[26] Kyle Anderson of Entertainment Weekly gave the pilot of Beauty & the Beast a C- grade, stating that it lacks the same charm that the 1980s drama had, and that ‘The Beast’ is more of a Hulk rather than an actual beast.[27] David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle called the series an “overheated, badly written, wretchedly acted and unconvincing drama, which makes mincemeat out of the traditional beauty and the beast fairy tale.


  55. CrossroadBlues says:

    This Year’s PCA- THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT!! How come SUPERNATURAL didn’t win a single category? JENSEN NOR JARED- none of them won the best actor sci/fi-fantasy! And BATB won the best sci/fi-fantasy?! RIDICULOUS! A show which was going to be cancelled won- WOW, that’s just pathetic. SUPERNATUAL deserves to win in every single damn category! And NINA didn’t win n Kristen won? Ridiculous! BATB doen’t deserve any of ths!
    Everyone knows SUPERNATURAL is the best! It’s been on air for 9 seasons now, I bet BATB won’t last that long…… Not even half of it actually!

  56. EGoins says:

    I honestly don’t get how Beauty & The Beast won at least over TWD. Us SPN fans were honestly focusing on Jared & Jensen and not so much the show it’s self but come on? How did BATB win over TWD. I understand that BATB was on the verge of cancelling, so maybe that’s why the fans might of voted their butts off to keep it on. But leading by that much I think there’s something fishy about the votes for BATB.

  57. DonnaH says:

    Why bother voting in each category if you’re not going air each category? After having taken the time and made the effort to vote in multiple categories, I feel cheated, disappointed and annoyed.

    This was my first year watching these awards and, based on how ripped off I feel, it is also my last.

  58. Alexa says:

    *p.s: DELENA WON IAN WON and who the hell is Kruck chick??! NINA SHOULD’VE WIN*

  59. Liz says:

    I was disappointed in the show as a whole – it is common knowledge now that the PCA’s are merely “for show” and the winners are not a result of the most fan votes. Just as one example, Lea Michele was ahead of Kaley Cuoco by over 300,000 votes on Twitter alone. While Twitter is not the ONLY way to vote, it is, however, a good indication of the size of the fan base as a whole and in which direction they are voting on the various ways available to them.

    Another example is Glee (for network TV comedy) – they also led on Twitter by quite a large margin.

    All of this to say, the ‘people’ are certainly not doing the choosing here. While I think that the winners in the various categories certainly deserve their respective awards, I also have an inkling that the staff behind the PCA’s likes to spread the wealth as opposed to giving the awards to the person/people who actually won- no matter how ‘uneven’ it may appear. Ultimately, the winner should BE the winner.

    It is unfortunate that (some of) the dedicated fans who took many, many hours to vote for their favorites were sorely disappointed as a result of some behind the scenes activity.

    And that’s what I thought of the show.

  60. Marie says:

    OMG! It was so amazing! But sadly that Zooey Deschanel didn’t get any award, because she’s so talented and adorable! :-)

  61. Lynn says:

    I was very happy that Stana Katic won for best dramatic tv actress, she is truly a wonderful actress and very deserving. However it was a disgrace that the award was not given to her on stage in a proper manner.Being the best dramatic actress is a big deal!! It should have been properly presented.

  62. Dalia says:

    I found the pca this year utter crap the votes were rigged for demi because one direction was much far ahead. It was bull. Bye

  63. Kat says:

    Disappointed because we want to see every category!
    And disappointed because PCA give award on backstage or red carpet!
    I wanted to see my actress/actor/cast in the audience and then go on stage! I’m not stayed awake just to see the results on the website…
    That’s all.

  64. Ter says:

    Nothing mattered except Stana Katic and Castle winning!

  65. Annette says:

    Very disappointed Stephen Amell did not win. And Arrow was not even nominated. Best show and great actor….

  66. verysiriusly says:

    The whole show was a disappointment. The voting was rigged and Klaine didn’t win because the Delena fans cheated.

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