What’s Your Pop Culture New Year’s Resolution? — DISCUSS

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I’ve never seen the movie Star Wars. This in itself is not a big deal to me. There are literally hundreds of movies in the world, so I can’t be expected to have watched all of them. But when I admit this to people they react with an expression of both shock and awe and repeat my statement back to me with a tinge of condescension.

“You’ve never seen Star Wars?” No! I haven’t. I’m an imperfect person with flawed pop culture proclivities. We all are. I’m sure everyone has had this happen to them regarding one of their pop culture blindspots.

“You’ve never read The Great Gatsby?

“You’ve never watched Arrested Development?”

“You’ve never eve heard of My Morning Jacket?”

We can’t all chug from the same pop culture cauldron; people possess a variety of different tastes and opinions. So in order to make myself a more well-rounded enthusiast of the arts, I have five simple pop culture resolutions for 2014:

1. Watch Star Wars

2. Discover new bands instead of listening to the Counting Crows for the 10,000th time.

3. Correctly use the term imbroglio on the internet.

4. Catch up on Orphan Black

5. Watch Love Actually

The wonderful thing about pop culture resolutions is that they’re easy to achieve and enjoyable to perform. Can you imagine if we didn’t challenge ourselves to broaden our pop culture horizons? It would be an artistic imbroglio!

We want to hear about your pop culture New Year’s resolutions! Is there a television series you’ve been dying to finally watch? A movie you’ve been putting off seeing? Tell us all about it in the comment section!

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