Guess Who: Which Celebrity Had a ‘Life Changing’ Experience Building a School?

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Sometimes amidst the sea of celebrity scandals and the he said/she said verbal vendettas, we forget to accentuate the pop culture positive. We have an endearing tale of celebrity goodwill that will warm the heart of even the most ardent grinch — consider it our twist on the “blind item.”

Earlier this year, this mystery celebrity traveled to a remote village abroad to assist a charity that works to build schools in developing countries. Our secretive volunteer didn’t just write a check and sit on the sidelines, oh no, he or she helped sift concrete, lay down cinder blocks, and playing with children in the area.

The celebrity later said the experience was “life changing,”

So who is this mystery humanitarian? We’ll give you a few days to speculate and reveal the answer next week!

Give us your best guess at the mystery celebrity’s identity in the comments below!

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