2014 People’s Choice Awards: More Than Half a Billion Votes Cast So Far

By Nuzhat Naoreen | 12:01 pm on December 6, 2013
Image Credit: The People's Choice Awards

Image Credit: The People’s Choice Awards

Finalist voting for the People’s Choice Awards wrapped up yesterday, and though you’ll have to wait until show night to find out which nominees won, there is one result we can share with you right now: The number of votes cast so far. Spoiler alert: It’s a big one.

Half a billion big, to be exact. Yes, that’s right, fans have cast an astounding half a billion votes thus far for the 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

“Voting for the People’s Choice Awards makes me feel great, and when I see my favorites win I jump off the couch and scream ‘We Did It!’” said Sherry Peyton, a fan from Overland Park, Kansas, in a statement. “My friends and I get together to vote – I prefer the Facebook voting app – to help our favorites win. And when they do, it is absolutely incredible. I vote and I watch because the People’s Choice Awards have more of what the people like, and it’s really nice to have an awards show that the celebrities really seem to enjoy.”

And it’s not over yet. Though voting for most categories wrapped up yesterday, fans can continue to vote for Favorite New TV Comedy and Favorite New TV Drama (both categories have been narrowed down to feature only the top 5 vote-getters). See the list of nominees below:

Favorite New TV Comedy
The Crazy Ones
The Michael J. Fox Show
The Millers
Super Fun Night

Favorite New TV Drama

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
The Originals
Sleepy Hollow

(Update: Fans can also continue to vote for Favorite Music Fan Following. Check out the nominees here.)

The 40th annual People’s Choice Awards — hosted by 2 Broke Girls stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings — will air live on CBS on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 9 p.m. ET. In other words, mark your calendars, and if you’re anything like super-fan Sherry Peyton, prepare your couch.

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65 Responses

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  3. John says:

    I can’t believe that Tom Mison was overlooked. He is fantastic in Sleepy Hollow!!!

  4. CrossroadBlues says:

    ok ok SPNfans N TVDfans….. STOP!! do u really think that the PCA Fraternity is an idiot box? no they r not, they will kick out the illegal votes, be it of TVD or SPN….
    now the second thing…. those of u who r call JENSEN just any other actor n SUPERNATURAL just any other show…. u r straight out jealous!! sorry but it won’t help!! coz u haven’t seen what a true actor is n what elements a show is supposed to have!! do u think that the SPNfandom was just voted the best fandom out of thin air? no it wasn’t!! SPNfandom is a true fandom which is like a big family where fans of Team Dean n Team Sam r happily together n r like family to one another,
    whereas on the other hand u TVDfans have Team Damon n Team Stefan n the fans of these 2 are constantly fighting on whose sexier n whose better n whose more deserving. Tell me TVD fans how is ur show, ur fandom, n ur actor supposed to win when u urself r fighting all the time! Stop being jealous n learn something from the SPNfamily!!

  5. CJ says:

    @Shawna and @Samson

    If you’ll refer to one of the other Peoples Choice blog articles you’ll see that that actor Jensen Ackles was the 2nd most reblogged actor on Tumblr this year. That can’t be faked and Ian Somerhalder didn’t make the list at all. Jensen is not on twitter but a fanmade facebook account for him has over 3million fans. The guy is popular and Tumblr is one of the most active social media sites full of hardcore fans, campaigns to vote Jensen have hit thousands of reblogs spreading the word to vote. I’m sure cheating happened on all sides (seen tweetdeck votes for Ian and others) which PCA have said they’ll chuck out but that still leaves thousands who have voted legitimately, I’ve voted 20,000 on facebook and know others who have voted for hours for Jensen to so IF he wins it’s because his fans have fought hard for him and he deserves it.

  6. Shweta says:

    @ Mark : Even Batb had more votes than TVD. It had nothing to do with cheating. It merely meant TVD fandon doesn’t really care about the show but just about the actor and their respective ships. They hardly ever throw in any effort for the show.

  7. Suzana says:


    Do you guys know if this page http://pca2014.tumblr.com/ it’s official???? i’m asking because, was reading the page and in some way it’s kind of hinting who are the winners of this year… so i want an answer from you guys.

  8. Nicole says:


    Honestly you really should hold your tongue. I can’t police the ones that may have done this, but THOUSANDS of us voted the right way honey. Just like plenty voted the right way for TVD and BATB, but you have the few from each fandom they may had our voting go to waste.

    So let them filter threw it in what ever happens happens.

  9. Lex says:

    In for you check your own fandom because I saw alot of gaming on your side.

    The PCAs will deal with it.

  10. Lex says:

    In so you had less followers than 36 mill beleibers,but you beat them. So don’t go all we have more followers in its no way you can win cause alot of people just don’t have social media accounts or barely use them.

  11. Issabel says:

    Some complaints here are very illogical. So, several people were using one single Facebook account to vote. So what? They still were humans, not machines. If each had used their own account the outcome would have been the same!

    Using tweetdeck to cast thousands of automated votes, now that’s real cheating!

  12. Kris says:

    So, PCA has counted the votes already. The deadline is the deadline, and I see people are still (uselessly) tweeting and reporting their rivals’ accounts beyond the deadline. Do not rely on Topsy… PCA knows the deal, they have their own accounting programs, and it seems they’re in the mood of “Anything goes” kind of voting. The more votes (whether legit or not, Tweetdeck or not) the better. They said it themselves: “More than Half a Billion” record, now why would they want to pare that impressive number down? Did they pare down the votes last year and the years before? This isn’t the first time the multiple voting issue has come up… And Truthfully, that would countermand their successful and productive marketing strategy.

  13. Maru says:

    Muchos votos se han logrado, de verdad los fans de BATB hemos hecho un esfuerzo tremendo. Mis felicitaciones a las Beasties fans!!! we are a family.

    Ganará quien deba ganar. Obviamente BATB and the most beautiful Kristin Kreuk!

    Keep calm and wait! ;)

  14. Karina says:

    I could just add this link to show what happened (that something happened) in the cable tv drama category:


    Check out how close all 3 series were for a long time, and then suddenly votes boosted for 2 of the 3 shows.

  15. JRr says:

    I’m sorry but my friend’s IP was banned because your system thought she was using a computer program to cast her votes automatically when in fact she just has fast fingers. Meanwhile, the rest of the fandoms were allowed to use TweetDeck to vote simultaneously from multiple accounts. That’s how reliable is your system.

  16. ashley says:

    SPN fans are the biggest bunch of cry babies, I think they are like the only ones complaining

  17. Gia says:

    Every Fandom Properly Cheated because they wanted there favorites to Win. Just relax I think PCA knows what’s going on

  18. Mark says:

    What I don’t get is How SPN had over 200,000 more votes on Twitter than TVD. Oh yes SPN fans are cheaters

  19. chris says:

    I like how Alexa calls Out TVD and BATB fans when SPN fans where the ones Caught On Twitter for Using TWitter Bot! for Sci-tv, Sci-actor! Don’t Call Out another Fandom when your Fandom is the One being Looked at

  20. Mirry says:

    What about votes from Facebook where there was not an automated system in play but rather multiple IP addresses voting from a single FB account at all times of the day running up the votes unfairly which is the same as what an automated system would do!?

    There should only be one IP address voting from a FB account at at time!!

    People’s Choice, do something about this PLEASE!!

  21. Nuzhat Naoreen says:

    The People’s Choice Awards closely monitors the voting process and employs systems that can identify and block and/or filter out votes that are cast by computer programs rather than human beings. We take every precaution to ensure that every vote cast is valid.

    Thanks for your inquiry and keep voting in the remaining open categories to make sure your favorites win! — The People’s Choice Awards Team

    • Superfan says:

      PCA says they take precautions that every vote cast is valid. With 1/2 billion votes cast how can you possibly assure that and what is your idea of valid? Fans I know were submitting examples of votes clearly cast by bots with no response from you. Its sounding like you didn’t anticipate the lengths some fans will goto to win for their category. Simply said, people cheat and don’t play fair. Every win will be questionable.

  22. Alexa says:

    I know you are a recognized and respected organization in the entertainment world, that’s why and complying with the rules stipulated in the voting process of the PCA’s this year, that I want to request, please an exhaustive review and exam of the votes generated via (twitter, Fb, Website) in the category Scifi (Tv, Actress, Actor) many of the fans who voted under the standards set forth in the process, (including me) are very worried and concerned that there were many irregularities that allegedly involve the use of an automated bots on: (twitter/Facebook/Website) and that’s clearly considered a violation of the legality of the voting process and a clear sign of disrespect to all voters who met rules that you guys settled for the process.

    I firmly suspect that TVD Fandom and BATB Fandom were cheating the system! so please verify their votes!

  23. cristina says:

    Lovatics #MusicFans #PeoplesChoice

  24. Ilove says:

    Seriously.. if Damon/Elena win.. it’s a fix. Their fans are such cheaters.

  25. Obsessed Lovatic says:

    Demi Lovato and Lovatics all the way <3

  26. Cynthia says:

    I want betrayal to win its my fAvorit show it keeps me on the edge of my seat each time it’s like the supranos I love stuwart towns land he is a great actor in the show I have voted a million times for this show I want to know where this show is going I love Sofia black Delia she is a outstanding actress I loved her in skins and Gossip girl

  27. Pon says:

    I sincerely hope they don’t take out the twitter votes. As a Castle Fan, I’ve voted tons and tons on twitter and the phone app, and I wouldn’t want to have those hours wasted. PCA should find a way to detect bots. How? IHNI but please try to remedy this bot issue. It’s pretty disappointing.

  28. Gabriela says:

    Beauty and the Beast and Kristin Kreuk 💖

  29. Lizzie says:

    Where is The Goldbergs for favorite new comedy? I voted for them on my home laptop, but the category wasn’t available on my iPad (laptop having issues). Then when voting closed, the category opened on my iPad, but half the shows for new comedy are gone.

  30. PJ says:

    Darren Criss and Klaine fans also used twitter bots excessively and even admitted shamelessly on their blogs that they couldn’t be bothered to waste their time voting honestly. Will those bot-votes be discounted? Otherwise I’d recommend to rethink the use of twitter as a voting tool in the future.

  31. Daine-Kate says:

    Klaine (Kurt/Blaine) should win the chemistry award. Fact.

  32. Ana says:

    I have one request, please just take a look in all the scifi (TV, Actress, Actor) categories, there were a lot of people doing tricks and cheating and NOT ONLY on twitter! and some of them even were using automated bots on FB and PCA’s site!

  33. Katiya says:

    I honestly don’t understand why tweeting through tweetdeck is considered as cheating. I mean, fans will do EVERYTHING so their categories will win, including create multiple accounts and tweet at the same time. It’s part of our effort, you know? I don’t understand what the fuss is all about.

  34. GA says:

    I voted for TVD related (TVD, Damon/Elena, Ian & Nina).
    I hope they win. ^_^

  35. Nell P says:

    In the Favorite New TV Drama are only 5 shows listed now (Dracula, Agents of SHIELD, The Original, Reing and Sleepy Hollow) In the full site or in mobile version.

    WHY? What happened to the others? I was voting for The Blacklist and now I can’t. Is the a bug or now are these the only nominated shows? How can I vote again for The Blacklisted?
    Can someone explain me, please? Thank you!

  36. Jodie says:

    please address all the votes that were cast by twitter bot software. particularly by ian somerholder fans

  37. jill says:

    i hope grey’s anatomy wins one of more :p of the 5 nominees . i will patrick to win !!

  38. Googlebox says:

    katebeckett/richard castle

  39. Ella says:

    Samson Supernatural fans and fans of “that Jensen actor” cheated? WTF? First of all have some respect for Jensen who’s a great actor, second of all I bet you’re a bitter Somerholic. If anyone cheated here that’s Ian fans and Delena fans. I can’t believe this.

  40. Lois says:

    Just about every fandom I’ve seen had multiple accounts specially the music categories.
    In im willing to bet most of those votes out of a billion is not human. I suspect some rules will be laid out next year.

  41. Jenneel says:

    Excuse me…I am a Supernatural and Jensen’s fan and I can honestly and proudly say that I did not cheat with my votes ! I only used our computer and iPad ,I don’t have a twitter account, and I put in at least 1500 votes a day ! I also agree that those fans ( SPN or not ) who cheated shouldn’t be counted. Fair is fair !

  42. Lois says:

    A batb fan has 2 million votes alone on FB. Whos really cheating here.

  43. rknill says:

    The only way you could weed out the cheating is to look at the rolling sequential timestamp on each vote. If they were say .5 seconds apart or less then you know it was input by a macro bot. I doubt they will spend the money to firewall these trigger events when they occur.

  44. Yeah, no. says:

    It’s not just on twitter, people. Twitter is really the least of the problems. There was cheating on the Facebook app, too. There is no way one person can vote almost 2 million times.

  45. irene says:

    There’s no such thing as cheating in this voting process! We are allowed to vote more than once a day . Using multiple accounts on twitter or tweet deck or browser refresh software is not cheating, but SMART! Besides, this shows how much dedication the fans put towards their favorite celebrities.

  46. Anonymous says:

    How do you even know which fandom cheated while voting?? And what are ‘bot votes’??

    I voted on the PCA website as well as on Twitter via Tweetdeck (retweeted other votes). Absolutely no cheating was involved!

  47. irene says:

    There’s no such thing as cheating in this voting process! We are allowed to vote more than once a day . Using multiple accounts on twitter or tweet deck or browser refresh software is not cheating, but SMART! Besides, this shows how much dedication the fans put towards their favorite celebrities.

  48. Tweeted says:

    I voted on twitter. One vote at a time. I retweeted. I spent my time and energy to vote. I won’t even say who I voted for because really?? What the hell is deck or decking anyway? You must have done it if you’re accusing others of doing it. How the heck else would you know about it???

  49. Kayla says:

    NO. I voted 4350 times for supernatural and THAT JENSEN ACTOR manually. I spent hours voting, so it’s not fair to “throw out our votes” when thousands of us worked really hard for our fandom. Shut your cakehole.

  50. Dani says:

    I know a lot of folks are complaining ab cheating. I can’t vouch for every fan. I wanted to address the categories that everyone seems to have a problem with. I voted in those categories. By closing I had a total vote of around 10K votes (via PCA webpage, FB page, & Twitter). I voted legitimately. I only used my 1 FB account, my 1 Twitter account, & my PCA account. So I don’t know what number is too much, but I just wanted to let people know that some fans voted correctly and still had a larger number. As much as I want my favorites to win, I’m not going to impale anyone who cheated. Maybe a new system could help next year in making sure it’s legit votes only.

  51. Joshua says:

    I with everybody else on this one. There are so many cheaters on Twitter. Cougar Town is one of them. Cougar Town fans created 30-50 fake accounts and got thousands of votes in hours by using Tweetdeck and other bot related apps. Please look into this and discount the fake votes. This is not the “Peoples Choice” when one person is doing all the voting with multiple accounts.

  52. Shawna says:

    I am a Vampire Diaries fan and personally voted with my own hand in my spare time over 6000 times for Ian Somerhalder, Damon/Elena, and Vampire Diaries, both on site and through tweets on Twitter. I find all these accusations of cheating extremely frustrating. It’s bad enough that half the time the Supernatural fans spent putting down our fandom in their tweets, now they try to accuse us of cheating??? If anything I would say it’s far more likely that the Jensen Ackles fans were the ones cheating, considering the fact that Supernatural has over 100,000 less followers than Vampire Diaries on Twitter, 5 MILLION less fans on Facebook, and there were two actors from their show nominated which should have divided their votes a bit. How is it when they are outnumbered so much they still managed to keep ahead in tweet votes by over 40,000 most of the time? I was watching these hashtags daily. I didn’t see anything that would indicate cheating from my fellow fans. Suck it up Supernatural fans. We outnumber you!

  53. Mirry says:

    Yes,I’m sure there was illegal voting going on! Various accounts on the Facebook app. had suspicious amounts of votes for one account that couldn’t be possible without some type of help! But coming on here and throwing shady comments towards a certain fandom isn’t cool because it wasn’t only one fandom doing this,I’m sure all of them had something going on somewhere!

  54. devon says:

    Most fandoms voted Fairly but I did Notice TVD and SPN Fans where Using Twitter BOT software, some of them even tweeted it to there fandom. That wasn’t very smart But we will see on January How People Choice committee will deal it.

  55. Samson says:

    PeoplesChoice Supernatural fans cheated. They created multiple accounts on twitter and used Bots like TwitterDeck to exponentially increase their votes for Scifitv show and that Jensen actor. Other fandoms played fair. Please throw out their votes. It’s ridiculous and destroys the validity of this award show if those votes are counted. On SPN fan created over 40 multiple accounts on twitter to systematically vote w/TwitterDeck. Please resolve this.

  56. Lady Gaga says:

    Britney Spears & Britney Army deserves to win.

  57. Linda says:

    How many were cast by humans? Damon and Elena fans created hundreds of bots.

  58. Pinglu50 says:

    Lovatics #MusicFans #PeoplesChoice

  59. Desiree says:

    Demi Lovato

  60. m. says:

    Damon/Elena & Ian Somerhalder fans did a lot of cheating

  61. AJ says:

    I have an idea, just throw out all the tweetdeck votes, or all the tweets. Also we know for a fact certain fans were using browser refresh software to cheat, so hopefully those votes will be caught as well.

  62. SuperFan says:

    Will the instances of fans using Twitter bot software to send out massive votes be addressed? Is this a concern to the PCA because its really not fair to those fans that voted fairly. It would be sad to know that a category was won because of the use robotic software. It kind of nullifies the whole process.

  63. Karina says:

    I suspect the number of votes will decrease when you discount all the bot votes that were sent through Twitter. I think, we’re talking millions of fake votes in some categories.

    How do you plan to handle that?

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