Channing Tatum Spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme’s ‘Epic Split’ — VIDEO

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Channing Tatum took a break from filming 22 Jump Street to spoof the internet sensation that’s sweeping the nation, we are of course talking about Jean Claude Van Damme’s “Epic Split” video. While acting as his 21, 22 and probably 23 Jump Street alter ego Greg Jenko, Tatum attempts to mimic Jean Claude Van Damme’s unparallelled flexibility by attempting an “epic split” of his own. Was he successful? Watch below to find out!

First, let’s all give props to the soothing, docile tones of Enya’s “Only Time.” If you watched this video after lunch you’re probably not reading these words because you’ve taken up residency in Naptown, U.S.A. We rate the stability and precision of the 22 Jump Street food carts an 8.5/10 and Channing Tatum’s hilarious spoof a 10/10.

If you haven’t seen the incredible video Tatum is spoofing, we’ve posted the original below. Jean Claude Van Damme: action hero, flexible, cool name. You’re welcome, JVCD. We just wrote your next business card.

Is everybody excited for 22 Jump Street?

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