The 5 Most Heartwarming Moments From Make-A-Wish Foundation’s BatKid takeover

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Some stories just make you smile. The Make-a-Wish Foundation proved that dreams can come true today when they transformed San Francisco (with help from over 12,000 volunteers!) into a modern day Gotham City in order to fulfill the wish of a 5-year-old leukemia patient named Miles.

“Batkid” has had quite the magical afternoon. Let’s take a look at his remarkable adventure.

1. Batkid prepares for battle against his dastardly foe, The Riddler.

2. Per ABC News 7’s Ama Daetz: When the Executive Director of @SFWish asked Miles who he was this morning, #SFBatKid said “I’m Batman.”


3. Batkid heroically saves the damsel in distress from certain harm!



4. But then there was a reported robbery in progress in the Financial District! Would Batkid save the day?


You betcha! Not on Batkid’s watch, Riddler!


5. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Batkid continues his heroic adventure against the diabolical Penguin. You can follow along with his epic journey here.

UPDATE: We’re not the only ones celebrating BatKid. President Obama just uploaded a video to Vine congratulating Miles for saving Gotham.

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