Halloween Costume How-To: Olivia Pope From ‘Scandal’

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Olivia is known for not only her scandal-defusing, whip-smart political moves, but also her, um, intricate relationship with the President—but it’s her enviable closet of neutral blazers, trouser pants, and trench coats that get our sartorial hearts beating.

If you inspect her wardrobe for even just a minute, you’ll know that the base of every good Olivia Pope fashion moment is a structured blazer. Try this Target Oxford blazer and add to it grey trousers, a feminine button-down top, and this Forever 21 black top handle bag, which is a much more affordable option than Olivia’s trademark Prada purse. A to-go coffee cup or glass of red wine gets you bonus points.

But what’s an Olivia costume without her beloved wool coats? Her favorite is a pricey Salvatore Ferragamo wool-blend, but you can achieve the same look with the Tildon “Lofty” wool coat—for a fraction of the price.

What do you think of Olivia Pope’s TV wardrobe? Will you be dressing as Olivia for Halloween?


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