‘Breaking Bad’ finale: Our favorite pivotal scenes (Spoilers!)

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Our impossible predictions for Sunday night’s Breaking Bad finale may not have come true, but there were plenty of other terrific moments worth discussing. We breakdown our three favorite pivotal scenes below. (Warning: If you haven’t seen the episode, stop reading this post now!)

Favorite Bad-Ass Moment: With a flick of his keychain—and one very well-timed lunge—Walt manages to get Jesse out of harm’s way, right before killing all the Nazis with a massive machine gun hidden in his trunk. Pimp My Ride much?

Favorite Retribution: Jesse uses the shackles that held him captive to kill his captor—and Andrea’s murderer—Todd. About time!

Favorite We-Didn’t-See-That-Coming: We knew, or at least hoped, that Walt’s betrayer Lydia wasn’t going to make it out of the final episode alive. What we didn’t expect however, was that she would be the recipient of the Ricin. Death by chamomile tea…now that’s a twist.

What did you think of the final episode? Nominate your favorite (or not so favorite!) scenes below.


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