Zach Galifinakis takes Justin Bieber to task in new Funny or Die sketch — VIDEO

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Zach Galifinakis has quite a knack for making celebrity guests squirm on his Funny or Die show Between Two Ferns. His latest interview, Justin Bieber, is no exception. In the new installment, Galifinakis grills Bieber about being 7 (Bieber is actually 19), his rumored bad-boy antics, and yes, that hair. Oh, and he also takes him to task for having a “cocky” attitude.

At one point, Zach asks: “When you’re in the recording studio, do you ever think, ‘Hey, what if I don’t make something sh—y?” Bieber seemed to be in on the joke, but still, ouch! Take a look:

What do you think of Zach’s latest episode? Too harsh or all in good fun?


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