Jimmy Fallon hosts epic lip sync battle with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant — VIDEO

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Forget karaoke. Lately, it’s all about lip sync karaoke. Coming off the heels of the very viral #Hashtag video with Justin Timberlake, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is back with another gem, and this time it’s an epic lip sync battle. On the field is Office co-exec-producer Stephen Merchant, who created the game with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (!), along with Fallon and a very dapper-looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

There’s Beyonce, there’s “Take on Me” and there’s even some Fresh Prince. Watch the video to see the hilarious results:

Want more? You can watch Fallon’s lip sync off with originator John Krasinski here.

Who should Fallon compete against next? (We’re totally pulling for Mindy Kaling or Max Greenfield.) Leave your suggestions below.


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