‘Beauty and the Beast:’ Vincent in chains — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

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Courtesy of the CW

Courtesy of the CW

Beauty and the Beasts’ Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) may be set to reunite in season two, but it certainly won’t be easy.

In this exclusive photo from the premiere—which picks up three months after the finale—a scar-free Vincent is chained to a chair and surrounded by gunmen. Don’t expect much relief when he’s finally set free though. Vincent—who was abducted by Muirfield last season—will return as  a “supercharged beast on a mysterious mission.” Oh, and he won’t have any memory of his past. How’s that for complicated?
There is however a slight silver—okay fine, more like bronze—lining. With Vincent off the rails, it’ll be up to Cat to play hero. The detective will have to balance figuring out what caused Vincent’s change, and trying to solve the secrets swirling around her own life.
Luckily, our beauty has brains, so we’re hoping it won’t take too long for her to solve the case.

Beauty and the Beast returns to the CW on Oct. 7 at 9pm on the CW. Are you excited for the new season? How do you want this storyline to play out?


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