VMAs 2013: The 5 Best Moments

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From a long-awaited ‘N Sync reunion to Lady Gaga’s countless wardrobe changes, we break down the 5 best moments (both on the stage and in the audience) from Sunday night’s Video Music Awards.

5. You may or may not have loved Miley Cyrus’ performance, but thanks to this reaction shot we definitely know how Rihanna feels.http://24.media.tumblr.com/2c7359f5a1d4f95ab717d5c55f2dfb39/tumblr_ms47o4uGXM1qder2jo1_250.gif

4. Lady Gaga sets the bar for speedy wardrobe (and wig!) changes.


3. Jennifer Hudson makes a surprise appearance to close out Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ stirring performance of “Same Love.”
via http://bit.ly/15cUXeI

2. Justin Timberlake performs a spectacular medley of his hits, before being honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.


1. Timberlake may have owned the stage on his own, but the night’s best—and most buzzworthy—moment definitely belongs to ‘N Sync. The bandmates were only on stage for 110 seconds, but we still can’t stop talking about it.



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