Best. People’s. Choice. Awards. Ever.

By jjlovebradford | 10:21 am on January 10, 2013

39th Annual People's Choice Awards - Show

Oh man! That was the best People’s Choice Awards show EVER! I mean right? Kaley is so witty and funny, and how about that opening skit with the 2012 butt kickers?! I laughed out loud when Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss told Kaley to sell cheese from her goat. And oh man, I literally had tears in my eyes during both Christina and Alicia’s performances, and definitely did some fist pumping when Jason rocked out on stage. What a fun night. Did you enjoy? What was your favorite moment? If it is still sitting on your DVR or you were just too star-struck to pay attention to who really won what, here are some of the specifics that made it such a memorable night:

The Hunger Games was the night’s big winner taking home five awards including “Favorite Movie” while its star, Jennifer Lawrence, walked away with three of her own including “Favorite Movie Actress.” Katy Perry nabbed four awards including “Favorite Female Artist,” bringing her total People’s Choice Award count to twelve. With her win tonight for “Favorite Daytime TV Host,” Ellen DeGeneres has tied Julia Roberts as the winningest female in People’s Choice Award history, with a total of 13 crystal trophies.

The show featured the presentation of the first-ever award for “Favorite Humanitarian” to Sandra Bullock, in recognition of her generous philanthropic efforts, specifically her ongoing commitment to Warren Easton High School in New Orleans. In addition, Christina Aguilera was honored as the “People’s Voice,” following her performance of “Blank Page.” The night also featured performances of “My Kinda Party” by Jason Aldean and a mash-up of “Girl on Fire” and “New Day” by Alicia Keys.

Five awards stayed open through the show last night. The New Normal was named “Favorite New TV Comedy” and Beauty and the Beast was named “Favorite New TV Drama.” Twihards, KatyCats and SPNfamily received the awards for “Favorite Movie Fan Following,” “Favorite Music Fan Following” and “Favorite TV Fan Following,” respectively.

There is so much more good stuff that happened during the show, backstage and on the red carpet so you can catch up on even more PCA awesomeness at where you can watch the live red carpet stream and see all the photos. Now, tell us which multiple 2013 PCA winner is your favorite?

Jennifer Lawrence

Katy Perry

Robert Downey Jr.

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  1. Carole Ann Bollinger says:

    Beauty and the Beast for winning Favorite New TV Drama. I was so happy to see Jay and Kristin there. Believe they really deserve it.

  2. Vera says:

    ok, how old are you? If yout hought this was the best ever, People’s Choice has a serious problem in it’s future. First time I have seen the boopers voted. Come on. There are way better movies and tv out there than HUNGER GAMES and AVENGERS. I DON’T CARE how much MONEY they made…evidently, it is only the young going to the show, cause they don’t know any other kind of date to go on! I will not watch this award show anymore. The young voting have ruined it. Boring! Also, all the winners were told ahead of time??…boring again.

  3. Esther says:

    NO, IT WASN’T! I loved Alicia Keys’ performance & Sandra Bullock receiving a very well-deserved award, but other than that it was BLAH! You’re ridiculous and I’m pretty sure NO ONE reads this blog! By the way, I don’t read it, I just came by to disagree with your post’s title!

  4. Estelle says:

    I actually believe this years’ choices wre ridiculous! I mean the Hunger Games? Are you serious and other stuff also, but that is a highlight that shouldn´t be gratifying. I believe there were better nominees than the ones that won (generalizing). I can´t believe the people have such a bad taste.

  5. SinIntrigue says:

    Want can’t you tell us what show or movie these winners are from. I didn’t know most of the people that won cause I don’t watch those shows. Might also include a clip of the show so we can determine whether or not that person should have won or not. It’s just wrong

  6. Ludiyrs says:

    WTF twilight didn’t even get nominated for anything. Worst PCA EVER!!!!! I’m soooo mad right now.

  7. Ludiyrs says:

    WTF twilight didn’t even get nominated for anything. Worst PCA EVER!!!!!

  8. yo estoy votando desde nobiembre por JUSTIN BIEBER para nada…. GRACIAS KATY!!!

  9. Louie says:

    I really enjoyed the show this year. It was so much better than last year. I particularly liked the dog shaming piece. That made me laugh. Kaley nailed it! It really seemed as though people were genuinely grateful to receive their awards and it was a lot of fun to watch. Sandra Bullock was inspiring and I didn’t even mind the Walgreen’s advertisements. My absolute favourite though was seeing Jared and Jensen up on stage. It means so much to the SPNFamily to see them being able to thank the crew and their families on a global scale. Great job People’s Choice!! Loved it!

  10. Sherry says:

    I really enjoyed last nights show too! Kaley is adorable. I still have it on my DVR, so will watch some fav parts again later.
    Loved seeing Jensen and Jared on stage!!

  11. Bethanee says:

    I still think it was rude that Supernatural has won award two years in a row and they still havn’t been able to accept their awards on the stage. Jensen and Jared got to make acceptant speech, that seems like they were rushed, just so they could present an award. Bull, next year they should be allowed to be awarded on stage they have earned it and so deserve it!

  12. Sophie says:

    The worst prizes in the world because I do not win ONE DIRECTION OR JUSTIN? only because they were not the worst stupid prizes!

  13. Lisa says:

    Realy, IM SO MEGA HAPPY!!!!:-):-):-):-):-):’-):’-):’-)

  14. Lisa says:

    YESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WIN!! #TwihardsRulez :’-)SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS :’-) <3<3<3:-):-):-):-) OMG soooooooooo happy:-):-):-) #TwilightIsTheBest TWIHARDS!!!!!

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