Congratulations world, we’ve been sprung!

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It’s the first day of Spring! The birds are chirping, the dogs are taking off their sweaters and you just ordered an iced coffee instead of the regular hot stuff.  Now I know we’re just getting to know each other, but if there are two things you need to be aware of, it’s that I love Kookaburra Australian Strawberry-flavored Licorice… and Spring is my favorite time of the year. While every season has its charm – and living in New York City we definitely appreciate our hot summers, colorful autumns and slushy white winters – Spring definitely has the best qualities of each.  It’s not too hot, not too cold and people are generally in a better mood (at least by my standards). With that being said, I will now share what I think makes Spring so great, in the best way I know how: an Acronym (how else do you think I won the bid for 3rd grade class representative? E is for energetic! M is for magical! I is for icicle! L is for library! Y is for Y don’t U vote for Emily?) Without further ado..

Sleeveless T-shirts – Spring means sun, sun means less clothes, less clothes means more skin, more skin means tan skin, tan skin contributes to my overall attractiveness and ability to appear like a living, breathing human being. (Be safe, wear sunscreen!)

Parks – Grass to run in, lay on, and roll down.  Fields for flag football, fetch and frolf. Meadows for picnic baskets, checkered blankets and chicken salad sandwiches. Daytime people-watching and nighttime star-gazing.

Rice Cakes – Spring may be here, but summer is just around the corner and girlfriend needs to be on a beach in T-3 months! Rice cakes and Kookaburra Australian Strawberry-flavored Licorice, STAT!

Iced Tea – Specifically on a Sunday. Hopefully served at brunch. 100% at an outdoor location. Probably paired with an omelette. Definitely surrounded by fun people. Maybe followed by another glass of iced tea.

Netflix – Look, I never said that there wasn’t going to be rain, OK? Parks are great, but when it rains, movies are the best alternative and Netflix makes rainy days better (Good slogan, right? Don’t even think about it, Netflix, it’s already been copyrighted). (no it hasn’t).


What are you still doing here? Get offline and go play FROLF!  But wait — before you do, tell us your favorite season!






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