Was Dia Frampton Robbed? & Great American Movies

By People's Choice | 8:10 am on June 30, 2011

A fond farewell to the genuinely  kickass first season of The Voice.  Now I’ll stop talking about it. Right after this blog.

Another milestone is over. Who thinks Dia got robbed? I don’t, but a cursory check to other websites suggests many, many folks are muy hot under the collar because the newest member of Blake Shelton’s, em, family didn’t make the grade. And win the prize. Except that she will of course get to tour with everyone else (the other 7 top finalists) all summer and then I’m pretty sure she’ll get her own record deal if she doesn’t already have one. Sure looks to me like there are no losers here when they get to this level. Plus, the top 4 all have those newly minted celeb BFFs so they’re that much more connected, right?  Other questions that sprang to mind last night watching the grand finale include: why has Christina seemed so increasingly bored and withdrawn during the last two episodes? Is she just “exhausted”? Was Beverly using a cane because she hurt herself with those vigorous, high-voltage numbers, or was she simply rocking a “walking stick” to complement the rest of her Dickensian getup? Why does the (cute & very talented) lead singer form Train insist on that Edward Scissorhands hairdo? Also, will every member of the various teams get invited to their respective coaches’ Holiday Parties? And finally, who has done more for the Adidas brand – Jane Lynch or Cee Lo?

Other than the fact that I suspected Javier Colon was going to win about ten weeks ago, I did check the ITunes charts and noted that of course he and Dia were neck and neck.  Nor am I any kind of soothsayer – the guy has an astonishing voice and it stood out even then, and he had zero missteps. Plus two pathologically cute children. BUT: know how I knew he was going to win watching the finals? Because they put him with Stevie Nicks. Methinks you don’t just put an also-ran with Stevie Nicks. Then my friend said  “Yeah, but she probably wanted to do her duet with a guy” – to which I say, she wouldn’t have had to. If the winner had been a girl Stevie could have sung any old tune she’d sung with Christine McVie. Over even Lindsey Buckingham because his voice could go either way. Which is of course part of his charm. But before I get all sidetracked about Fleetwood Mac (one of my fave bands of all time, ever) I want to get back to The Voice. So the fact that they put Javier with Stevie let us know ASAP that he was indeed Top Dog. Sure, Dia got to sing with Miranda Lambert – another well known star and Mrs. Blake Shelton – but Senator, she’s no Stevie Nicks.

The show’s a massive hit and this is in no way surprising. It’ll continue on for many more seasons, although I suspect they’ll be hard-pressed to recreate the semi-awkward newness of the coaches which is what made them so charming and credible in the first place. Are you glad you watched? Will you watch it again?

Now – with the  Fourth of July holiday upon us let’s switch gears a bit and consider some of the movies that have made everyone feel glad (or at least vaguely omnipotent) about being an American.

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these proud-to-be-an-American movies is your favorite:

1) Independence Day

2) Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

3) Saving Private Ryan

4) Top Gun

9 Responses

  1. Chad Malsom says:

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  2. MJ says:

    Definitely robbed… Dia was more artistic and creative. Has a unique voice. Javier’s was generic, show-off and over-the-top. Dia did her original song written by herself. Javier did someone else’s.

  3. Esther says:

    Javier deserved to win because it was all about the voice! He has the best voice out of the competitors, plus great performances and charisma! I voted for him and I’m glad he won! I like Dia too and she has enough talent to have a great career! And, I don’t see it as “Javier won & Dia lost”; I see it more as the one who deserved the title got it, but in the end they’re both winners!

  4. H2o_no says:

    Definitely robbed! She doesn’t have a bff named Adam who’s connected to a beaver…robbed!

  5. Erin says:

    SHE WAS NOT ROBBED Javier was the best sorry to burst your bubble

  6. Mara Neal says:

    Okay, let me preface my remarks by saying I believe all four of the finalsts acquitted themselves and their coaches well and that the coaches’ investment into their task was all-consuming. Although I would be hard put to choose between Adam and Blake for “best coach”, I believe all four coaches were about equal in what of themselves they put into the competition. To me, though, Blake and Adam seemed to emit a deeper emotional connection with their assigned competitor. Case in point is the very viceral agony emoted by both Blake and Adam while awaiting the fate of their charge. Further, it seemed to me that, when given their last chance to speak to their charges, both Celo’s and Christina’s words were formed so as to let their respective competitor down easily. It was almost as if they KNEW their charge would not win the title. I think they had already resigned themselves to that fact and sought to spare their charge of some of the let-down that was to follow.

    I don’t think Dia was robbed. I believe the match-ups for the duets were absolutely spot-on. Both Dia and Miranda have an innocence about them that allowed them to blend their voices and emotions into a believable and passionate performance. I believe it was the bomb and the winner of the night.

    On the other hand, take Xavier and Stevie: while there IS an innocence about Xavier, struggling to make a good life for his wife and children has given him the essence of an “old soul.” Their duet emphasized Xavier’s innocence, while exploiting Stevie’s legendary status. This observance is conveyed with the utmost admiration and respect for both Xavier and Stevie. Their performance presented to us the story of an older and wiser Maestro guiding her young charge through the difficult transition from talented, but unsung, performer into a full-fledged superstar! The result emoted stunning appreciation!

    All that being said, let us not lessen the fact that both Beverly and Vicci and their coaches, Christina and Celo, gave it their all! Beverly and Vicci have great careers ahead of them. Christina and Celo will see to it that they do, and rightfully so. Neither Vicci nor Beverly should feel less confident in their abilities because they aren’t “the VOICE.”

    Wow, what entertainment! I enjoyed everything about the series, except I don’t see the need to bring in “stars” that had nothing to do with the Competition. The Coaches performances were way cool! The stars who performed with the competitors: hooray! Well done! I’m sorry its over.

  7. Michelle says:

    Dia was NOT robbed! Javier was the truly stand-out voice from day 1. Adam said it best, “one of the best voices ever.” Don’t like the KIND of music he sings, fine, but recognize the talent, please. Dia is extremely talented, but she just wasn’t tops over Javier. It’s over. Move on.

  8. Marcos R says:

    Well. Actually. Adam friend, Justin Bieber put on his facebook and twiiter for all to vote Javier…. Her 44 million followers. ^^’

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