R.I.P. All My Children & One Life To Live

By People's Choice | 9:19 am on April 15, 2011

Normally on Fridays we tend to devote this sheet of plain white, em, ether to look at movies opening in theaters. Which we’ll certainly do today, but first, I think it might be worthwhile to acknowledge the passing of two cultural landmarks: All My Children and One Life To Live. Now, even if you’re not a daytime TV watcher you probably know someone who is – or was, and it’s kind of hard not to since OLTL took to the airwaves in 1968 and All My Children began in 1970. AMC star Susan Lucci (who’s been aboard longest of anyone, ever) says the whole thing’s been “a fantastic journey” and the show will conclude in September; On Life To Live says farewell next January. Only four daytime dramas are left (they’ll make up today’s poll). Meanwhile, filling the gaping maw left behind by these two shows? Oh, what they now call “lifestyle programming” – two new shows called The Chew and The Revolution which have to do with a) food and b) how to diminish the damage it does us. Bottom line, all the execs say the times they are a’ changing on the teevee, only it sure is sad to see two wildly iconic brands bid us adieu.

Now, to movies. One film franchise that hasn’t – for better or worse – bid us adieu yet is Scream. Or, to put it more accurately: Scream 4 is in theaters today. With Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette. And that Ghostface guy who mixes all the mayhem up with humor – which is one of the reasons why this particular series of films is actually kinda important within the horror genre. It’ll do nicely at the box office, although maybe not as nicely as it would have if say, its target audience didn’t have two hundred times the number of technical and social media distractions than existed when Scream 3 opened.

For the less-afraid set (which includes me) and anyone else who’s just plain looking for something lighthearted and fun, you might want to catch the animated adventure Rio. It’s a fish out of water tale, only it’s a domesticated Blue Macaw out of Minnesota who winds up sampling the exotic wares of Rio De Janeiro tale. This one’s got the voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and George Lopez among others, and looks to be lots of fun. For everyone. Plus, it’s hard to call these new movies simply “animated” because they’re so gorgeous and the computer effects are so stunning. This looks like it’ll be very  popular, although it may not trump Scream 4.

Also opening in theaters we have a film called The Conspirator — directed by Robert Redford (who also made Ordinary People and A River Runs Through It so he certainly knows his way around & behind a camera too). This one stars Robin Wright as the woman who was charged as a co-planner in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Wright rounds out a top-notch cast that also includes James McAvoy and Tom Wilkinson. Looks interesting, if serious and thoughtful and the first in what is about to be an Abraham Lincoln movie onslaught (several are slated over the next two years).

Finally Keanu Reeves has a new movie out – Henry’s Crime – an indie flick with Vera Farmiga and James Caan – about a brand new ex-con who targets a bank he missed the first time around. Like The Conspirator, it’s in limited release so you may have to look around for it, although if the word of mouth is any good (and it is ) it’ll go wide.

As always, let us know what you see, and what you thought.

Today’s poll:

After Thursday’s cancellations, only four daytime dramas remain. Which of these is your favorite:

1)   The Bold and the Beautiful

2)   Days of Our Lives

3)   General Hospital

4)   The Young and The Restless

5 Responses

  1. MIMI says:

    PLEASE, don’t do this….I am 73 yrs old and AMC is the healing when sick, stressor when I’m stressed…I raised my children looking at this program. There is so much lewdness on tv and your programs I truly enjoy. Why can’t you think it over a little longer, try other avenues, do something but please don’t cut AMC. People my age look forward to 1:00p to see what Erica and Kendall are doing. I worked in a hospital setting and you would not believe the groups that gathered to watch, canceling off campus activities for fear of missing the program. Please have a heart, try for a few more years..Its such a cool show, its part of our lives…What part can the viewers play to keep it on? PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!

  2. Cindy McCaffrey says:

    I was sixteen when AMC started. I am so very sad it is going. I personally do not like reality shows, losing weight shows, or whom is going to marry whom. We have enough of these shows. I am going to give up TV all together. Nothing is worth watching anymore.
    There is so much advertising even when the program is running. This upsets me because my TV places the words right in the middle of the screen when it cannot use the bottom of the screen.Cannot watch the program but I can read the advertisements on the bottom of the screen and the words on the middle of the screen. Phooey.
    Then there is all that paid advertising. Who cares? There used to be a few channels that had all night movies. Not unless you pay for them now days. Like Starz,HBO,SHO, ETC. For people on disability or social security, that is not possible. Not if we want to eat? That is another thing. But I won’t go into that now.

    For those of us stuck in our homes 24/7, and a wheelchair all day. We need the TV and we need the stories the show us a bit about what silly things still go on in the rotten world. We can escape our own world, our painful world, our lonely world where our only friends are our soap buddies. Think about this again. Please!!! I am only 57 and that is all I have to look forward to each day.

    Why would I want to watch people doing exercise when I cannot move my legs some days. Why would I watch some one in the amazing race when my wheelchair will not go to 1/10th of the places they can go. Try spending a day or two in a wheelchair. Then do every thing you normally do. How fast would you be at work? I was an Executive Secretary for years.I feel like a snail.I was used to a very fast paced life.

    Please don’t take away AMC.

    I get overwhelmed sometimes.Thank you for listening.
    Thank you for all the wonderful years you gave us AMC. I have been watching since almost the beginning.

  3. elizabeth rupe says:

    Talk about anger I’m downright mad and upset cause I was really into the storylines from one life to live. I have watched young Starr become a woman and teen mother, I watched her in her high school and the problems her dad caused. I also liked all my children with Kendall and trying to figure out why the killed Zach off.ABC was a force to be reckoned with and so were NBC and CBS at one time NBC had 4 different soaps on a day then they cut back to 3 then 2 now only have 1. CBS had at one time 5 now they now have just 2 and ABC just one and I dont even like General Hospital with the crime stories and that Sonny who is just a lowly gangster.

  4. laura says:

    Regarding cancelling AMC…
    They say it was ratings, I find that hard to believe. A few months ago I read that the Disney Co said they were spending to much on props and outside filming, so lets just be honest and tell the world you don’t want to spend the money. Its cheaper to run a dime a dozen show then a Soap. RIP AMC I grew up with you and am so sad to see you go.

  5. Barbara says:

    General Hospital

    I am very angry that ABC made this decision to cancel the other soaps. What are they going to put in their place? cooking shows and MORE self help?????? We have enough of those, THank you very much.

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