The Hot Guy From JAG is Back…

By People's Choice | 8:21 am on April 14, 2011

Seems we hit a nerve in yesterday’s poll talking about movies that are getting remade or at least with “reboots” in the works. What I did glean from your comments is that everyone loved The Crow and also — a million years later —  even though critics weren’t kind to it and it gets huge Guilty Pleasure props, everyone really, really loves The Bodyguard. Its remake is, predictably, a whole nother story.

So today let’s talk about TV. Not remakes but brand new offerings. And there’s a movie showing this Saturday night on Fox called Truth Be Told, which might tickle your fancy. Now this one is also part of the Family Night Movie gang, who makes movies that we can actually watch together with our families. (I know, strange concept nowadays. But maybe if there was more of that kind of viewing going on –legitimate, intelligent, non-cheesy shows with good plots and believable characters  — it wouldn’t  seem like we we’re trapped nightly between bogus reality TV and ultra-violent blood-spattered procedural dramas. Just saying.)

So I’ll watch Truth Be Told. And truth be told, this movie did not catch my eye entirely out of the blue. I had a little help. That is to say, I was summarily and enthusiastically alerted to its broadcast by my own mother, who is beyond disdainful of TV today. She has however, some internal radar that automatically alerts her every time David James Elliott appears on the little screen. (David James Elliott and Candace Cameron Bure are the stars of Truth Be Told). See, before she began bemoaning the death of good TV, there was one show my mother watched religiously and discussed with her pals: JAG. It was – as far as my mother and her set were concerned – the most genius show with the sexiest and most appealing cast ever. David James Elliott was of course its star, and I was updated each week. I even watched a few episodes, and found it kind of charming – largely because there was just enough will-they-or-won’t-they romance thrown in. Plus, much as I hate to admit my mother is right about anything, there’s no denying David James Elliott is both a looker and a very good actor. The plot for Truth Be Told also seems to have a will-they-or-won’t-they situation happening as well (although given the sheer physical appeal of both stars in the trailer, I’d be surprised if they don’t). According to the filmmakers it’s about a famous relationship expert who gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in her own TV show – only she’s single. Panicked, she decides that she needs to enlist the help of a former pal to “pose” as her spouse. I’m pretty sure this premise opens us up for all manner of misunderstandings, and one thing I do know is that David James Elliott shines in those noble-but-bewildered-in-the-face of hi-jinks roles. So it should be a fun flick to catch. Plus, when’s the last time you could actually watch something with your family where you knew nobody would squirm or have to avert their eyes because someone’s being bludgeoned to death? If you want to catch the trailer just click here. Then check out Truth Be Told and let us know what you think. I’m betting it’ll be comfortably nestled into the fun romantic comedy arena, which is sort of win-win for me. So I’ll watch. Just don’t tell my mother.

Today’s poll:

Family Movie Night’s Truth Be Told airs Saturday night on Fox. Which of its stars are you most excited to catch?

1)   Candace Cameron Bure

2)   Ronny Cox

3)   David James Elliott

4)   Chris Brochu

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  1. Dana says:

    I, like your mother, LOVED JAG as well. I surfed all the Harm/Mac “shipper” sites, subscribed to JAG yahoo groups and really pulled for the two of them to get together. I remember when they announced that DJE would be leaving the show. We, the fans, were all up in arms. How can you have JAG without the MAIN character??? DJE was the ONLY character around from pilot to finale. CB joined the cast in season 2. So when the idea was pitched to continue the show without our lead man… the fans said NO. Fans actually rallied for once, not to save a show, but to END IT! There was an online petition that people signed to give us a proper SERIES finale and finally give us fans what we’ve been lusting for all these years.. HARM AND MAC TOGETHER FOREVER! Well, the petition got media attention and the show’s creator got wind of it and the fans got what they wanted. At the end of season 10, in the very last 10 min… Harm and Mac decided to get married. We don’t see the wedding and their future is left up in the air… who will resign their commission? Where will they live.. San Diego or London? It all felt a little rushed and slightly anti-climactic considering we’d been waiting EIGHT SEASONS for this but we were all happy that the show didn’t continue on with Harm and Mac separated and not ever seeing each other again. Here’s hoping for a JAG movie event somewhere down the line ;)

    The last ~10 min of the SERIES Finale :) (in 2 parts)

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