How Fun Was That?

By People's Choice | 6:50 am on January 6, 2011

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who voted and who tuned in for making last night’s 2011 People’s Choice Awards the massive success it turned out to be.

What did you think? Did you enjoy the show? We want your opinion. In fact, we love your feedback because, well, you’re the ones who put the stars up there and determine who wins what in the first place. For my part, I’ll just say that we had a blast and that the performers who showed up were just as personable as they could be.

I am a new fan of Selena Gomez, even though I only know the one song. I was on the Blue Carpet (so so much better than red. How about we always do that? Everyone looked cool -  literally and figuratively – which is a plus. Red carpets get really hot and the stars overheat and then everyone squawks about the temperature. Zero problems with temp this year).

I was backstage during the show, taking those grainy pix you see on our blog. (Although, to be fair, what I originally purchased was a cell phone. At the time it never dawned on me that I’d be snapping starlets on the fly, only to jettison them into the ether onto a waiting website).

The fact that Johnny Depp showed up for the second year in a row was astonishing, and it says something pretty powerful about the People’s Choice pheenom in the first place.

We’ll have lots more to discuss once the dust settles. Like who wore what – and why. For now, it was pretty grand and I think Queen Latifah did an awesome job keeping everything – and everyone – moving. Plus, I asked around and I’m reasonably certain that both a) The Stars and b) The People Who Chose Them were pleased with the result.

Let us know what you thought and we’ll discuss the whole thing in depth – with photos – in the coming days. More later. Cheers.

208 Responses

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  3. Katalin says:

    Absolutely horrible! Rambling, not funny, didn’t see half the awards, so what’s the point of an awards show?

  4. Roy says:

    reply to drich
    I agree with most of what you say, but Adam Sandler?

    Talk about moronic!!

    He looked hung over, bloated, and was prattling on about nothing, except his own ineptness

  5. drich says:

    Who writes these shows? They need to be fired! All the jokes were ridiculously corny, do they think the viewers are morons cause it sure felt that way. I love Kaley and she looked for comfortable up there but they didn’t give her much to work with.

    Seriously the worst award show I’ve seen to date they really need a new staff organizing it. I won’t even get started on the advertising from CVS and honey bunches of poop. Adam Sandlers speech was the only good thing to come out of this tragedy!

  6. Fabiola Turrey says:

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  7. dsouza says:

    it was ver disappointmed becuase yesterday night , was ver toture and not happy of shows happen in bad way.


  8. Mandy says:

    January 19, 2011 2:38 a.m.
    The People’s Choice Awars show was so NOT funny fha
    I completely agree with “RB’s” statement regarding the fact that the TV Drama House MD actually won several Peoples Choice Awards that night. Lisa Edelstein won for fav actress in tv drama and was “allowed” to say 4 or 5 words in acceptance; then they just thrust another award into her already full hand without a formal announcement that the show had won a PCA for Favorite TV Drama. It was ridiculous; and I was embarrased for her. Then to add insult to injury they never even revealed during the show that Hugh Laurie won the PCA for Favorite TV Doctor.
    And I agree that Greg Yaitanes, Director for House MD, showed a lot of class by tweeting a short thank you clip for the 4 PC Awards they took home that night. I know they did it for their fans; which shows how much their fans mean to them. I thought that was a slap in the face to the entire House cast and crew the way they gave Ms Edelstein her award and basically thrust another at her and gave a sort of “by the way the show won an award too, now get off the stage”. Obviously those were not the exact words spoken; but that was the feeling I got from that action. So kudos to Greg Yaitanes the cast and crew for House MD for their willingness to tape a thank you to their fans. I did not feel slighted at all by the cast or crew of House MD. I felt insulted by the Peoples Choice Award folks who thought I wanted to see Taylor Swift or Katie Perry ever win another award. I’m thinking of not watching award shows anymore just because I can’t even stand to see these same people trotted out on stage time after time after time; especially when I don’t think they deserve the majority of the awards they win. I can tell you this though, my husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but we “freak out” if we think we’re gonna be late for the new House show each week. And on weekends and Wednesdays they have House Marathons that we never miss. We’ve seen House episodes 10 times this way and we still watch them everytime they come on. We are both in the medical field; my husband is a Paramedic and ER Nurse, and I am an ER Nurse. My co-workers even call me “cut throat bitch” sometimes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, catch a re-run episode with the character “Amber” in it!
    As for the PCA show… complete embarrassing disaster. I love Queen Latifah, but I can’t believe she agreed to those set up, stilted and unentertaining “mini scenes” she did with the same old tired stars. Even the stars and musicians looked uncomfortable. All that time wasted doing those “scenes” could have been used to present Awards!!!! That’s why they call them Award Shows. What would have been funny is if they had gotten Hugh Laurie to treat “Queen” the way he treats patients on his show; and then give her some extremely rare diagnosis that takes about 60 seconds to even say the diagnosis. Now that would have made me laugh. I did not laugh one time during the 2 excrutiating hours of the PCA Awards.
    Anyway, don’t want to continue to “rag” on PCA, because the American Music Awards show was so bad that after I watched the Kid Rock and Bon Jovi performance, I turned it off. They were the only reason I watched in the first place. I never miss a chance to catch those two performing!
    Oh Yeah. It must be said “Paramore” for Favorite Rock Band??? I don’t even know who they are. Nickelback all the way baby. If they are nominated, they should win it!! Not to worry though, they will rake in the Juno’s again. I’m thinking of changing my citizenship to Canada. Lots of great bands coming out from Candada. My latest well likes one is My Darkest Days. But again people, put your 5 year olds w/ the “tweeting machines” to be at 7 pm like normal parents. They shouldn’t even be aloud to vote if they aren’t old enough to drive themselves to a concert. Nickelback will always be my one true love rock band. Them and Bon Jovi, and Kid Rock, and 3 Days Grace, and My Darkest Days…..OK I admit it I am guilty of commiting Rock N Roll Adultery. But the 2 I’ll always love the best are Nickelback and Bon Jovi.:))

  9. R B says:

    House director Greg Yaitanes recently tweeted that there will be a tank you clip from House for the four awards that their fans voted for. Only two awards were announced, and only Lisa Edelstein was given time to say thank you. The fact that the House series is willing to do this when they were not allowed to do so during the awards ceremony shows high class and appreciation toward the fans.

  10. Traveler says:

    I bought tickets, including “red carpet” pass and I flew from another state to attend. What a disappointment. They didn’t hand out 1/2 the awards, they rushed through with weird random videos etc. I had read that Elton John was going to perform, he didn’t….P Diddy was to perform, he didn’t. Selena Gomez…really?? Not ever Disney Channel actress can sing. the kids that watch Disney were in bed when the show aired so how about a grown up act? Red Carpet pass….wasted…saw 3rd rate people and never saw anyone worth seeing before they ushered us inside. I feel robbed.

  11. Mandy says:

    That was one of the worst award shows I’ve ever seen. I love Queen Latifah in movies, but she was awful as the host of the pc awards. Everything was so stilted and fake. I also did not like the fact that they didn’t even present awards on the show for some of the nominations that I felt were important. And I just have to say this… how did Paramore when Best Rock Band? I’ve never even heard of them. I can’t believe that Nickelback didn’t win that award. I probably won’t be watching again in the future. Man, that show mad me mad. Again NICKELBACK SHOULD HAVE WON THAT AWARD HANDS DOWN.

  12. Jackie Chan Fan says:

    Seems a lot of people are upset that some winners were just ignored and left out. Let me add one more to that list. Jackie Chan. Even though he was not there to collect his award it is incredibly disrespectful to both the star and the fans and even the other nominees in the category to just entirely leave it out. For all the fans who voted winners in the various categories that were just left out I want to say – wake up and smell the roses – without us voting you wouldn’t have a show at all. Please respect our choices. If you have too many categories for the show – cut them entirely.

  13. Jewelz says:

    The show has lost all creditability with me, It will be difficult to get me to watch next year. Mostly was a total waste of time, not funny, not professional, just painful and insulting. Hosting was terrible. It seemed thrown together & winged. We are an intelligent audience, where were the laughs, the stimulating dialog, the smooth transitions? Everything was Awkward. They need to find a way to broaden the demographic, and collect votes from all ages. I felt like I was watching a much less exciting teen choice awards. Almost two weeks later, and I still felt compelled to complain ~ THAT BAD!!!

  14. K Blackiston says:

    So, were ballots only sent to tweens and those under 25? There certainly wasn’t anything really great about the show, especially Queen L. Blah, blah, blah. Yak, Yak, Yak. What – we needed that much filler space. Waste of time and effort. Heck – had more in common with some of the guests presenting the awards, than the nominees.

  15. RachelMina says:

    I just want to say that the PCA was indeed burned out. I don’t know what happened, the show just fell apart. Number one, it was missing more categories, two, Queen Latifah was probably forced to say all of those crazy jokes that fell flat that night, and third, everything about it felt weird to me. She was trying to keep the show in one piece but, it wasn’t working. There were 2 actresses on the show that had bad colds, they could have kept them home. And Angelina should’ve won that award that night, sorry. So, let’s just hope that the PCA learned something from this mistake.

  16. Chris says:

    Really? like we need to hear people clap for gay families? really? why do they try to shove unnatural and immoral acts down our throat?? I will tell you why: it furthers an actor/actress’ career when they appear ‘politically correct’. What they seem to miss is that most of us find it revolting and are silenced when we speak out.
    get over yourself hollywood….you aint that cool.
    12 year olds voting on twiiter. What mature individual even has a twitter account? none.
    PCA…..your results dont really count anyway. Its the blind leading the sheep. The world is made up of followers that enjoy pop music and commercial watered down entertainment.

  17. Natalie L says:

    I got tickets to The People’s Choice Awards as a present for Christmas. I was super stoked but after going, I was disappointed. The show was short, boring and even cheesier than what you see on tv. Everything is completely staged. The celebrities only sit and watch when they know they are going to win something. Once they receive their award, they leave. It was awesome seeing Johnny Depp on stage since he’s one of the only celebrities who actually deserved an award for his talent. Other than that, it seemed like almost every winner of the night was chosen by seventeen year old girls and younger. Zac Efron as best young actor under 25? Seriously? WOW. He looked horrible in person too which was disappointing as well. The hype about the twilight crew was disturbing as well. And as for Queen Latifah, you tortured viewers watching you on their tv’s but listening and watching you in person was agony I never want to endure ever again. Stick to your silly comedic roles and leave the hosting to someone else.

  18. Shannon says:

    This was by far the worst award show I’ve been to. The whole reason the celebrities are even there is because of their fans and the security wouldn’t let anyone even near them. They were ridiculously rude and were pushing people and screaming at people when no one was doing anything. There was this one girl like 12 years old that was absolutely dying to meet Taylor Swift and the security lady would grab her by the arm and drag her away when Taylor Swift wouldn’t have even cared to take a picture with her. No fans were out of control or anything and if they really didn’t want to meet fans they wouldn’t be there. I’ve been to a bunch of award shows and they all let fans meet the celebrities and everything goes fine. My friend was about to take a picture with Queen Latifah and the security grabbed her and said no pictures and blocked her off from Queen Latifah and she was like “woah, it’s fine” and grabbed my friends camera and took a picture together. Honestly, even if I got free tickets I wouldn’t go back to this awards show.

  19. aleishas says:

    when is it on tv and what channel?

  20. PattyM says:

    Worst awards show I have ever seen! What no one seems to have learned yet is that an awards show is just that – an awards show. No comedic skits or musical numbers needed. Present the awards and allow the winners to give a little speech.

  21. rbrown205 says:

    I think that the idea of letting the people directly select the winners in an award show is a GREAT idea. In fact, television programs who over the past year had consistently high viewer ratings should be publicly recognized, not just acknowledged in articles and reflected in renewals/cancellations. Maybe that will happen one day.

    Queen Latifah was really in her element when she sang, I think, two songs, and the skit was cute. I was also proud to see Vanessa Williams’ announcement about PCA’s as well as her own association with Special Olympics.

    But I think that People’s Choice should really consider some of the suggestions made by the blog commenters here that could improve the awards show and make it more relevant:

    Represent. Andreina offered a really great idea – for the top 6 categories, let regular people do a 10-15 second video that expresses why they chose these winners. Let the producers pick out the best six of the videos that the fans send to them.

    Make it fairer. Several posters referred to 12 year olds voting hundreds of times using Twitterbots. The technology is there to prevent more than one vote per ISP or email/twitter address. If it were used, we won’t have 175 million votes anymore, but PCA will have a better idea of how many are actually voting, and the more technologically challenged fans will feel like their vote will count more.

    Less Ad-libbing please. It seems like a lot of unrehearsed commentary that wasn’t funny. That feels like a lot of adjusting of the show’s events took place while the show was going on, and it looked unprofessional. I blame, not Queen Latifah, but the producers for that, and it should not have been that way.

    More surprise. Most of us would rather be surprised to see who won the award rather than have off-the -cuff conversation with the winners-to-be, or, it could be rehearsed or better prepared – please make the effort so they have something to say.

    Announce the winners, PLEASE! The voters have gone through a lot of trouble to select them, and the least that the show could do is announce their name and what they won, whether or not they are present. A lot of winners, even major ones, weren’t even mentioned on the air, making it necessary to look around to find out who they are, and that is just plain wrong.

  22. Jane says:

    The majority of these comments say all the votes were mainly teens. Teenagers do not know who Conan O’Brien is let alone vote for him. I am an older lady who voted every day and yes I voted for Kristen Stewart. She has been around Hollywood acting since she was 9 years old and I find her to be the most grounded young actress. She is the real thing and I feel that she will go far in her acting career. She doesn’t party or feel the need to enhance her looks. All she wants to do is act and I admire her for keeping true to herself. AS for Twilight receiving best movie, well, it was. I am sure a lot of people thought Inception should have won but the movie was so far out, it was hard to understand. I agree that Rob was robbed.

  23. Brenda says:

    First let me say that I am not 12 years old (50] and I did vote in all catagories.
    This was THE WORST AWARDS SHOW EVER! I used to love the PCA’s, but this was just awful. I really feel bad for the stars. This was our chance to show them how we feel about the wonderful work they do and you people ruined it. I do not blame the stars that did not show up. In my opinion they saved themselves some embarassment.
    One question. Why would you not air awards catagories for a show like [H]OUSE that won four awards? That is just wrong.

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  25. James says:

    What made this award show bad was the omission of some of the winners in major categories. For example, Hugh Laurie winning both awards that he was nominated for

  26. Grace says:

    This, by far, was the WORST award show I have ever seen. Terrible writing, producing, hosting, just everything was wrong with it. I spent a lot of time voting and I at least expected to know who the winner was before the show ended. This was not the case. This is not fair to the voter. CBS and the show need to apologize to the PEOPLE and EXPLAIN why many award winners were not even mentioned on the show. Re:HUGH LAURIE for one. And just so everyone knows: HOUSE, LISA E., and HUGH LAURIE all won a People’s Choice award. In fact, Hugh Laurie won two.
    I never could imagine how awful this show was. SHAME!!

  27. no name says:

    I do not enjoy award shows where the winners already know and have never liked the “Queen” – why that name – she is a legend in her own mind.

  28. Someone wrote that the majority of voters were about 12 (aged). All kids have B/berries & I pods. I didn’t know hardly ANYONE ie: celebrities. I used to love this award show because it included the well known stars & shows. What happened to Modern Family, The Middle? Oh well, Queen was embarrassing to watch (way over the top)& she was grilling people who clearly didn’t want to be grilled. Twilight over Inception??? Please! Jolee & Roberts.. a shame they were overlooked. I commend Johnny Depp for daring to actually show up. All I can say is next year, leave it up to the adults. or change the network to Nickelodeon. Really a shame.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    I really have to agree with everyone, it was hard to watch because I felt embarrassed to watch it myself. O was looking forward to watching it for a whole week and it turned out to the worst thing I saw since the New Year. I also think it is not all the Queens fault, someone writes the script that they are supposed to do, but I am very confused weather it all of it was supposed to be in there or people were just being stupid. I feel that the show should be more organized, and please do not give out more than one award at a time if you do that then please make sure that we understand what else they have won versus just saying it as they are walking up.

  30. Deb says:

    I usually love watching the PCA. This year however was by far the worst I’ve seen amongst awards shows. I mean, given the fact the celebrity already knows they have won and that is why they are there (takes the surprise out of it), this year between the microphone malfunctions, Queen Latifah in the audience taking up time instead of the awards…and the worst part of all..when a person one and then lets say a group or picture one, by the time the rest got up there it was over. The logistics of it all were awful and not fair for the other winners.

  31. The great thing about Neal Havener and the Dragonlore Trilogy Pitch for AFM and The People’s Choice Awards, is that Neal has an excellent backstory of his life. He has been just 1 degree from fame and fortune for about 25 years now. In addition to his outstanding script writing abilities he is a fantastic musician and film scorer. He has an MTV Basement Tape Award Winning Video titled “Be By Yourself” with his band “Oswald And The Herringbones”. He has written and directed musicals, short films, and even podcasts on of “Mike And Neal’s Happiness Workshop” which was a Performance Art piece rather like “Barat”. He is slightly behind in the voting for the movie pitch with TPCA, but even if he does not win he is getting the attention of some serious Hollywood movers and shakers. Look for Neal Havener to either win this thing or come out smelling like a rose, because the boy has got talent and his star is on the rise!
    Michael A. Barone

  32. Arthur says:

    If the movie Titanic would have aired at the same time as the People’s Choice Awards I probably would have watched the movie instead. It would have been far less painful to watch than the awards show.

  33. Debbie says:

    That was truly embarrassing and painful.. No one was funny that thought they were funny..the worst show ever.. Felt sorry for so many of the people.. The Queen was really awful… We left it on and watched because we could not believe it could get worse..but it did..For some reason people get really stupid when they get to the mike.. The writers need to be fired for all the lines the hostess and the presenters had to say..shame..I really cannot say strong enough how really bad this show was..we were all sitting in our living rooms in shock at how horrible..

  34. Renee Rosser says:

    It’s the Peoples Choice Awards and the people want to see all of the awards, even the 6 that were given out later. We don’t care about the make-up, or all of the hooha backstage and in the audience, we want to see our favorites get their awards!

  35. Kim says:

    This was the worst show I have ever watched as far as awards shows. I like Queen Latifah and I respect her work but she was so over the top that it wasn’t even enjoyable. I am a part of the “older” group and I watched for my favorite people in HOUSE. You advertised Hugh Laurie would be there and he wasn’t . Only Lisa Edelstein was and thank goodness because she was one of the most graceful winners you had. Johnny Depp showing up was great but the rest of the show was horrible. I won’t be watching next year I can assure you and I doubt I will take the time to vote.

  36. Stephie says:

    There was something else I noticed during the first 20 minutes of the PCA’s, and that was that none of the celebrities in the audience really wanted to be there. Many of them were uncomfortable being there, but it was difficult for me to figure out the source of their discomfort. Were they uncomfortable being among the “people” who supposedly voted for them, or were they uncomfortable about having to attend a meaningless dog-and-pony show where they were voted for by 11 and 12 year olds with unlimited text messaging and Twitterbots?

    And as for Queen Latifah… I love her dearly, BUT… she really should stick to movies, music and selling her line of fragrances and cosmetics. Being an MC is NOT her strongest suit.

    The PCA’s either need a new host and a more comprehensive, streamlined format, or better yet, strip the show down to the bare minimum; no host and no audience, cut out the stupid monologue and bland musical numbers, cut down on the number of commercials and relentless promotions, have members of the American public announce the nominees and winners via satellite uplinks from various parts of the country — that way, a real cross-section of all ages, races and regions of the nation would be given adequate and fair representation — and allow all of the winners in every category to give their thank-you speeches via live satellite or pre-recorded segments. Then, the PCA’s would truly be THE People’s Choice, because it’s the people who make the PCA’s possible to begin with.

  37. CAEdge57 says:

    This used to be my favorite award show because it reflected the opinion of normal people as opposed to a bunch of SICK Hollywood snob/critics. I HATE the Academy Awards and stopped watching those years ago… But now I think the PCA is a waste of time too. It’s not a matter of who got the most votes, but who is willing to show up for ratings. BTW – Rob was robbed.

  38. Sarah says:

    I was really pissed off after I watched this. Eminem was nominated in 4 catagories, and he won all of them but he didn’t even show up!! He was the one person who i was excited to see!! or maybe i just missed the part when he came up,, but i don’t think so

  39. Jane says:

    Whoa, Jadon. Sounds like you have a lot of anger issues. Now, I don’t want to hear of you going to see Breaking Dawn. I bet if you had gotten the role of Edward, you would be eating your words. The PCA was more than just Twilight.

  40. Karen says:

    Very disappointing! Did not seem like a professional job at all. Felt like I was watching the amateur hour. Sound system sucked big time, host was horrible, stars did not even seem excited to win. You should be embarrassed!

  41. Jadon says:

    I’m upset with the year’s PCA. Feels like we didn’t even vote. i HATE Twilight and was really upset that it won Best Movie compared to actually good movies like Toy Story 3 and others. the Twidiot stars of that movie don’t deserve their fame and fortune. They acted really stupid and didn’t even thank the fans! All Twilight is is Devil worship and the Occult dressed up as a drama to attract teens and others. I feel sorry for the fans. Anyway the rest sucked! From what i saw there was too many ads, horrible hosting, bad winnners, bad preformances and many other terrible things and people. i hated most of the people on and i was only happy about 3 or 4 of the wins. i’m young and i hate a lot of the people the teens of my generation like. It’s a popularity contest nowadays, talent isn’t a factor. Feels like i didn’t even vote. Please do better next year PCA!!!

  42. Jaueene says:

    Well, all of these negative comments regarding the show can’t be wrong. I agree with everyone rating this show as one of the worst award shows ever. I cringed everytime Queen L spoke, especially the travesty of the Twilight kids. That was excruciating to watch. Speaking of Twilight, I am a grandmother and am completely captivated by the Twilight saga and its actors. Kristen is a very grounded young woman who is real in every sense of the word. It is refreshing to see these young women win over the older, heavy weights that need to step back and let these younger actresses take over. People who bash Twilight but still see the movies are hypocrites and I guarantee they will go see Breaking Dawn. Remember, Eclipse made more domestically than Inception and Leo was nominated for best actor but didn’t get it and how good was Johnny Depp’s last movie? PCA just didn’t want Twilight to take it all which they deserved. 1.7 Billion dollars speak volumes.

  43. annabella says:

    Thank you Dave for liking my “own it” comment.

    I never, ever read these blogs but I had to respond to Liz’s “How Fun Was That?” piece. I’m back here today to see if Liz has followed up and intends to “discuss in depth” that PCA fiasco.

    I’m sure she’s thinking long and hard on how to spin it but there’s just no way to do. The show sucked – plain and simple.

    I’ll keep checking to see if they do come back and own up to their failure or continue spewing BS to the fans who they obviously think are idiots.

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  45. KYAwardsShowFan says:

    Absolutely hated the awards show last night. What happened to all of the other awards? I think it’s time for a new format … Make it more with awards and less of the BS.

  46. theresa says:

    I just want to say that this year’s awards was a terrible show to watch . Turned it off after 30 min. Queen Latifah was terrible and after Adam Sandler stood up to give his speech I quit watching . He was a terrible speaker and I don’t think I will ever watch it again . I enjoy the soap opera awards a lot better .

  47. Esther says:

    I never, ever read the PCA Buzz Blog, but this time I had to make an exception so I can express how disappointed I was with the show! It felt like the Teen Choice Awards! Ew! I spent the whole 2 hours in disbelieve talking with my boyfriend on the phone and pressing “Mute” as many times as I could!

    You need to make some big changes if you want people to tune in next year and, even though I know from experience that you don’t listen to us, PCA, I think you should start now! Adreina (in her comment below) has probably the best idea ever, so PLEASE, LISTEN!!!

  48. Carol says:

    That was one of the worst shows I have ever seen. The dialog was amateurish and the show didn’t flow at all. It was like the local high school was putting it on for a class project. I absolutely LOVED Queen Latifah before that show but not now. She lost mega points with me for that terrible hosting job. And giving an award for a show at the same time as the individual actor’s award?? What’s up with that? Were they on a tight budget or something? Sheesh…this is why I don’t normally watch these stupid award shows!

  49. tee33 says:

    The PCA was awful, boring and not as entertaining as it has been in the past. Had to turn it off at the sight of Queen Latifah. She’s gross, not funny, loud and the worst host ever! Hope they carefully pick next year’s host.

  50. Katie says:

    p.s. chelsea handler is the shizz

  51. Katie says:

    are you kidding me. kick ass should have definitely won. and what little kids are going to actually watch the pca’s for twilight to win. twilight is the worst series of movies i’ve ever seen.

  52. sara says:

    Disappointed with the pca show! There was other (what I thought) big catorgorys that were not on the award show like action movie, action star, fav horrior movie, tv crime drama, tv fantacy. Did not need movie previews. Need longer show showing more catoragorys!

  53. Lisa says:

    Responding to Christina’s (1/6/11 @ 7:45pm) comment. It’s no wonder that you’re the only one that posted a comment not understanding why everyone “Dog” the show. You wonder why this country is going down the drain? It’s because of idiots like you. You can’t spell or compose a sentence. You are Obama’s favorite person. Do you even know who he is? Can you spell ‘communism’? Try using spell check before posting anymore comments. Oh, and stop ditching school!

  54. Lisa says:

    An award for the Kardashians? Why? They’re nothing more than the children of the defense attorney who got a guilty wife-beating murderer, Ojay Simpson off for murder. Wow, that’s something to be proud of!! At least Karma dealt it’s hand to Ojay. He’s in prison now & still in denial.

  55. Janet says:

    I watched the first 45 minutes hoping things would get better. I use to love peoples choice awards, watched it from the very beginning and it was pretty accurate. Whether it was technical difficulties or bad directing, I don’t know. What the hec was going on when Conan O’Brien took the mic. After that I switched to another channel. May I add my dissapointment that Adam Lambert wasn’t nominated in any category.

  56. Lisa says:

    In my opinion, the People’s Choice Awards is the ONLY awards show with any credibility. The people (fans) decide the fate of a celebrity’s career & any celebrity worth an award knows this. I like Queen Latifah as a singer & actress but as the host for this show, OUCH! She came off tacky, cheap & very unprofessional. The entire format was an embarassing joke and an insult to the legacy of the show…no class. The audience was rude, yelling over the winner’s acceptance speeches. Finally, I’ve been an Elton John fan since 1973. He’s a musical icon. Still, Taylor Swift congratulating him becoming a father was offensive to me. Seriously, a 62 year old homosexual paying a woman to be a surrigate for him is nothing but selfish. Think about the child. At best he’ll reach 20 years old when his dad dies leaving him rich with no dad & an unknown mom who was paid off to give birth. All of you out there who have a family with real parents who love & care about you will agree.

  57. angela says:

    i was so pissed that that zac efron won the something under 25 award. i mean emma watson or robert pattinson or kristen. zac looks like a faggot and does not really have that many good movies. and they shouldnt do queen la-something all over again.

  58. didn't like it... says:

    no offense, but half the people who voted are like 12, so thats why we ended up with stupid eclipse/twilight poop all over the place and i was ready to punch someone-people need to learn how to get good taste honestly. i just think some of the choices were really stupid.

  59. Ala says:

    The show was awful. Selena Gomez’s performance was beautiful and she’s a great, humble person so I enjoyed that. I loved that Elton John was there and handed an award. Then I think that twilight gets too many awards for no reason except that people think the trio is cool and hot. Harry Potter should have won some awards, as well as Emma Watson. Ellen DeGeneres should have won best comedy talk show 100%, and LADY GAGA should have won EVERYTHING she was nominated for!!!!!!!!!!!! She deserves it most! Those results were tampered with for sure. So I just turned off the TV at some point, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

  60. Raquel says:

    I thought the whole show sucked last night. You need a new host. The Queen just doesn’t have it anymore. It used to be my favorite show to watch, but I turned in early last night and didn’t care who won.
    All those silly give aways. You should have used that time and handed out the awards you grouped together. Most of the people who won more than one award, didn’t even know they won again. It was just a bad show. Please do better next year.

  61. Glad I did not watch only agreed with 3 Mark Harmon is the Best of everything as is the ret of NCIS

  62. Tina says:

    I have read some of the comments on here and I gotta agree with most of them. I like Queen Latifah but she was not funny at all she sucked! I still can’t get over twilight getting the best movie of the year what the ??? there is no way that it’s the best movie of the year. Especially over inception. I hate twilight and Kristen Stewart..all that girl knows how to do is mumble…she needs to learn how to talk..That show has to be rigged to vote her best female actress or these teenagers don’t know what a good actress/actor is. Come on Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts is better than Kristen Stewart.. This is my first year watching it and it will be my last! I am a big Harry Potter fan and I would love to that movie win a award or at least some of actors but I know that will never happen..which sucks! this show was a freakin joke!

  63. Rondingo says:

    I knew, from the moment that Conan was announced as “Best Talk Show Host”, that my old Uncle Ed is right!! America must have lost its MIND!! And “the peopel” chose him, then maybe we need to run for the border! Either one!! So sad!

  64. Glenn says:

    Very disappointing. The worst produced, directed, organized, and MC’d award show I have ever experienced. Queen Latifah compounded the train wreck, with her brash, obnoxious self-absorbing performance. I may consider watching the PCA next year if they have announced an different MC… anyone but her.

  65. Kathie says:

    I think the Queen needs dethroned. She was awful and NOT funny. In fact, half the time I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. She should not try to adlib. If she wasn’t then the writers also need replaced. And what was with those cell phones. Pretty lame. I don’t know how much it cost to produce that show but it was money wasted. Please, please, please rethink program for next year.

  66. Andrea says:

    I feel bad writing this but the last night’s show was truly awful. I am a big Queen Latifah fan but she completely lost it last night. The crazy interviews with the Kardashians and the Twilight Trio came across as deeply disrespectful, no matter if you are a fan or not, they were guests at the event and should not have been put in such embarrassing situations. Major rethink required for next year.

  67. Deb says:

    From the opening number I knew we were in trouble…as the camera panned around I saw hardly any celebrities. I remember saying out loud “who are these people?” It was a truly awful show. Queen Latifah was not only not funny but was incredibly annoying. I did not tune in to hear rediculous banter and craziness. You asked us to vote and we did- is it too much to tell us who won! I could not believe how many catagories were not announced. I don’t plan on watching this show again.

  68. Dan says:

    This had to be one of the worst award shows ever televised. Queen Latifah sucks as a host – not funny, not entertaining. I turned it off after 30 minutes – terrible.

  69. Chris LHeritier says:

    And the show was horrible. I agree with everyone. Why give out all those awards if you are not going to announce them on the show. What a shame and what a dishonor to the winners of those awards and to the fans who took the time to vote. It was the worst awards show I’ve ever watched!

  70. Chris LHeritier says:

    I saw the comment about everything Twilight is all that wins because of the teens out there. Well, guess what! Twilight wins because it deserves to win! And if that it was an “everything Twilight” night, Robert Pattinson would have won those two awards which he deserves! By the way, I’m a working mom with 3 kids, and I found time to vote! Frankly, I think PCA fixed the votes so that it wasn’t “everything Twilight.”

  71. Christina says:

    Wow I am really surprised that is seems like no one had anything good to say. No wonder why our country is going down the drain everyone is just looking to “Dog” anyone and everyone else. Have people herd of constructive criticism. I liked the show but yes last year show was better put together. I Love Queen in almost whatever she does.

  72. briteeyes says:

    I usually like Queen Latifah, but I have to admit her skits/jokes fell flat last night. I felt each award should have been presented separately. Sometimes you could not hear what other award was being announced, even the stars got confused. I was surpised by some of the winners, but that happens with award shows.

  73. Mary 23 says:

    We went to the show last night. The thing that disappointed us the most was the fact that many of our favorite stars (if they didn’t win or present) didn’t show up. There were exceptions, but we thought we would see many more stars. This is one of the few award shows that fans can actually purchase tickets for. It is a shame some of the stars forgot that their fans are the reason they are stars. This should be the one award shows that they all make an appearance. Some of them understood that(like Johnny Dep), where others didn’t. We did enjoy the show. Just disappointed in some of our favorite celebrities!

  74. Edward Mikinka says:

    the real crime was that NCIS didn’t win and that show averages 20 million viewers and is the number 1 scripted drama on tv as for the rest of the show it totaly sucked no humor in the skits and the hostess was lousy the only good thing is when Abby from NCIS was on stage to present an award

  75. JS says:

    Kristin Stewart over Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie? What a freaking joke!!! QUEEN LATIFAH YOU SUCK !

  76. Tito says:

    Kristin Stewart, Selena Gomez and Queen Latifah were all stoned…big time. Latifah sucked the most…period!

  77. Profiler95 says:

    This was sooooo lame. I couldn’t believe Twilight won for best movie, and I can’t believe that Kristen Stewart won for best Actress. I wanted Criminal Minds to win for Favourite TV Crime Drama, but Lie to me….seriously? Criminal Minds had 9.3 million viewers, and Lie to me had 3.9 million viewers, and Criminal Minds was a rerun. I hate when these stupid shows and people win, when good shows and people could win instead. Criminal Minds better win next year, because I will be super mad if they don’t.

  78. Jose S. says:


  79. Linda says:

    OMG,I watch shows like this to get away from politics, to be entertained…this wasn’t the show to watch this year. Kristen Stewart, is a little snippy thing and can’t act, had no business being nominated. Conan? Puleeze…don’t you people get it? he is terrible. By the way, Oprah’s new network, stinks. shows how narcissistic she is. Doubt if I will watch this show next year.Put some good TV on…I would rather watch re-runs of Touched by an Angel, Bewitched, Dallas, Knots Landing, Golden Girls, etc…those were the days, please bring them back. get rid of the “ignorant, stupid reality shows. Hot in Cleveland, really good. nuf said.

  80. T.S. says:

    The show was very entertaining and beautiful, but honestly Queen Latifah sucks as a host. Would never watch another show if she is the host. She was very loud, stupid, and made no sence all night.

  81. Edward Mikinka says:

    I would like to get your opinion on the fact that hollywierd is being run by anti-American anti-family anti-military anti-morality politicaly correct communist sympathizers and I think that’s why NCIS dosen’t get the awards this great show deserves I started this topic knowing I will be getting all kind of flaming arrows shot at me but I’m sick and tired of that kind of mentality saying what is and is not a good show and anything people who don’t watch what they want us to watch are know nothing fools so if you disagree with me try to convince me with facts and nothing els but facts I can take it

  82. JAC says:

    First let me just say that I am an awards show junkie! I wait for awards season like a kid waits for Christmas. I am not usually excited about The People’s Choice Awards, simply because you can tell that everyone in attendance already knows they’re going to win. They’re the only celebs that show up! But, since it’s the first awards show of the season, I tune in. After last night’s show, I will no longer be tuning in. Yes, it’s always the lamest of the awards shows, but Queen Latifah has taken the lamest, and somehow made it even worse. I was actually cringing in embarrassment for her last night. Does she really think she is being entertaining the way she carries on with her repetitive “jokes” and screeching? She was absolutely the most horrendous host I have ever seen! I honestly hope she DVR’d herself, so she could go home and see just how awful she was! Sorry to sound so mean and negative, but the People’s Choice Awards just lost you this viewer!…and you can blame it solely on Queen L. Buh Bye!

  83. Chris says:

    Not sure I can add anything new here… I’ve watched some parts of PCA in the past… sure glad we DVR’d it this year. If I wasn’t able to fast forward through it, I would have turned it off in the first 30 minutes.

  84. Lisa says:

    Horrible horrible show, horrible horrible host, horrible horrible jokes – I quit watching after 15 minutes. And, I really like to watch award shows :(

  85. Randi says:

    Things I liked about the show were Selena Gomez performing. Taylor Swift winning an award I love her songs and Zac Efron winning over Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson though would have liked Emma Watson to win. Then things I didn’t like were all the rest of the show. I was twilight but only because I read the books. I’m not a fan of the movies as the only good parts in them are Jacob and the werewolfs. I cant believe Kristen Stewart own favorite movie actress over the other woman. The only thing she’s good at is acting uncomfortably awkward and biting her lip. I’ve seen it in a lot of the movies she’s been in and when ever she’s in a scene its hard to watch. Even watching her in interviews she got lucky with twilight and teens who don’t know good acting if they saw it. So in all wast of time watching it. Also I agree with other people about everyone only getting one vote per category. Then someone more deserving then Kristen Stewart would win.

  86. Laura says:

    I have never seen a worst-written, produced or directed show in my life! And to have to go online this morning to find out who all the winners were–that was downright ridiculous. And it also makes me think that someone with computer skills hacked and bombarded the voting website to get the results he wanted. For the number 1-watched show, NCIS, to NOT receive the PCA and Lie to Me TO receive it, although FOX is cancelling the show, is an absolute CRIME!! Shame on everyone!

  87. Joyce K. says:

    People’s Choice? Really? It should be renamed the twitterbot awards. Did anyone check the hashtags on twitter during voting? There were bots out there voting for specific nominees in different categories. If PCA is going to allow multiple votes, at least do something to verify that someone isn’t ‘stuffing the ballot box’ with a bot and there is someone actually pressing the keys.

    The awards show was a disappointment. To have categories and not even mention who won is an insult to all who took the time to vote. I know time is limited, pick key categories and present the award, and for the other categories, announce the winners during airtime.It works for the Academy Awards. But then again, they are a class act. PCA was more like a playground at a trailer park.

  88. Lew says:

    Last night’s awards ceremony was the first I have ever watched in its entirety. I don’t usually get involved in all the media frenzy, but I was excited that some of my favorite actors, musicians, and TV shows were nominated. The categories I had eagerly waited for and voted for (especially best rock band and best TV sci-fi/fantasy) weren’t even presented!! What’s up with that?! Why put a category in the polls if it’s not going to be properly presented, or in some cases not presented at all? I didn’t like how the awards were presented in a group-this actor won and her show won best whatever. I felt that each and EVERY award should be presented individually, so the stars we love can accept it. Some stars didn’t even get a chance to say a word of thanks to the people who voted for them! How sad:-(! There was also way too much commercialism that took up our time. There would have been plenty of time to present ALL categories, had there not been so much CVS/promos/skits. Seriously, why were all those such a huge part of an AWARDS ceremony? Sad and very disappointing! An awards ceremony should be mostly awards and acceptance speeches! I do think voting should be changed, also. Each person should only get one vote in each category, so that the outcomes reflect a better cross-section of the PEOPLE, not just the teenage population who have no other responsibilities and unlimited texting. Seriously, it felt as if people over 25 weren’t even represented. And that microphone was so distracting because everyone had to stoop over to talk into it. Through no fault of their own, the presenters and recipients looked terrible hunched over the microphone. Though I am disappointed that none of my choices won, I am even more disappointed at the commercialism of last night’s show. I am not sure I will watch it or waste my time participating in polls again this year.

  89. txwidow says:

    I’ve watched alot of awards shows – and I’m old. Last nights broadcast has to be the worst ever seen. From the opening number to the end. It didn’t seem very well produced. The award announcers either over acted or seemed lost. I felt embarassed for the winners. I had to look online this morning to see who actually won.

  90. Roy says:

    Hallelujah to those who thought Queen Latifah had no class; the script was written by high school dropouts; most of the “celebrities” acted stoned, like Kristen Stewart: she could not keep upright, and kept sucking her fingers!

    What a waste of time. If anything half-good had been on TV, I would have watched it, even cartoons: I hate cartoons!

    This show demonstrated people who should be ashamed that they don’t know how to dress, or conduct themselves: what outfits! Cocktail dresses! Please! Doesn’t anyone DRESS anymore?

  91. Ann-Marie says:

    when will the people’s choice awards 2011 be aired in the uk and what channel

  92. Carm says:

    I was soo disapointed last night and I see I was not the only one.
    Half of the Categories were not mentioned and double awards were given without any explaination.
    What happened?
    I could not wait to see PC awards and I was disapointed.
    I think you need to apologize to the 170 million people that voted.

  93. ttboy says:

    Just a question.. Who was that mammoth beast standing between Kourtney and Kim last night??? WOW she can’t be from the same litter..She is soo disgusting and trashy, lamar odom deserves that “prize.”

  94. Dave says:

    So Liz, who put you up to writing that crap in your blurb? You couldn’t possibly believe what you wrote. I just simply can’t believe you’re that stupid. Please say you aren’t. I love the person who said “own it.” I think the People New Choice is to have you guys publicly apologize for that disaster last night.

  95. Stephie says:

    I also share the disappointment of many concerning the show last night (I turned off the show after a tedious 20 minutes). It seemed more like the “Kiddies Choice” Awards than the “PEOPLE’S Choice” Awards, because of the honors for Twilight Saga: Eclipse, while other, more worthwhile movies that also got the public’s attention last year — namely, The Social Network and Inception — were shut out, and other categories which I’d hoped would be mentioned weren’t even mentioned.

    If I may, I’d like to suggest some ideas to make next year’s show more interesting. First, all the categories which were voted on should be mentioned during the show, so we’ll know who won in the categories we voted for, and we can see the person whom we voted for get the honor due them. Mentioning winners in additional categories during the show as though they were an afterthought, and then not seeing them be honored, seems like a very rude gesture to both the voters and the nominees.

    Secondly, when it comes to voting for the nominees, it should be one vote for each nominee per person, period. Allowing people to come back to the website and vote again and again defeats the whole purpose of the vote, and makes it seem more like a popularity contest where the “flavors of the nano-second” are honored, to the exclusion of others who’ve worked hard to get where they are, and are often pushed aside for the “flavor of the nano-second”.

    Third, I like the idea which one poster had of getting the public more involved by inviting them to introduce the nominees, and explaining why they voted for this particular person. After all, when you get right down to it, we are paying the salaries for these entertainers through movie ticket sales, DVD and Blu-Ray sales and rentals, and purchasing products which are advertised on the TV shows we watch, and it’s only natural that those who entertain us should know what we think about them both as performers and as people.

    And finally… how about broadcasting the show on a Sunday night where we can have (if necessary) a show which runs longer than three hours, and we don’t have a muddled, confusing mish-mash where everything is going on at once. That way, every category could be announced, and all of the winners would have the opportunity to receive their awards and be able to thank the public for voting for them.

  96. c.a.vincent says:

    i loved the awards this year,so many talented people the awards need to be bigger. i would love to go to one before i die,, lol i’m am old. ty

  97. annabelle says:

    How Fun Was That?

    That’s what you want to know? You’ve got to be kidding me! Not only was it NOT FUN, it was horrible and a waste of my time. Whoever wrote that – understand this….you can’t possibly put a good spin on it. It sucked from beginning to end.

    The write-up ended with “Let us NOW what you thought and we’ll discuss the whole thing in depth – with photos – in the coming days.” That typo is just like the show – a huge mistake!

    After reading these comments to do you still intend to discuss it in depth? I hope so and don’t talk to us like we’re idiots. Read the comments here. The show was terrible. Own it!

  98. june says:

    Just terrible! The corniest jokes, and Queen Latifah with no class. Wont bother watching again.

  99. Jessica says:

    I just wanted to say I have watched PCA in the past. I dont think I will eveer watch it again it was a train addicent waiting to happen. Queen was not funny, she made the actors uncomfortable and you could see it!The sound for the performances sucked. it just sucked. Half the catorgories you have no clue who won!!

  100. Carol says:

    I think this years awards were the worse ever, Queen Latifa is horrible, all she does is scream, she was so annoying they need to pick a new host. I waited to hear the award for Dexter, I guess they did not want to be their either, It was cheaply done. I love awards, but will not watch again, unless they change the host and make it more interesting!!!!!!

  101. Dave says:

    Last nights show was a complete disgrace and it centered on the host. It was awkward and painful to watch. I spent most of the time watching with a look of agony or disgust on my face. It was nearly unbearable, but I kept watching, I guess in the sort of way that you watch a train wreck or a meltdown. Besides the worst performance of any awards show host in history, the results of the “voting” were, in most cases, suspect. I agree with the comments about voting standards for next year.

  102. Cathy says:

    I love award shows and I have always liked this one because it is voted on by the people. I understand that some people don’t understand that that means people of all age groups including those that have made Twilight and its actors and actresses as popular as they are. The problem I had is that I thought Queen Latifah was embarrassing and painful to watch. She was loud, obnoxious, and very unfunny. Also seemed to like to pump up herself more than was needed. The skits were not funny and not one interview was worth watching.
    I would have much preferred to just have the categories read and the awards handed out. Not even having a large number of the awards presented or mentioned was ridiculous since it was supposed to be an awards show not an advertisement of everything else during the show.
    Each winner should have been introduced with the nominees separately instead of as an add on, oh by the way, which no one heard.
    Even though I loved that Hawaii Five O won, the other nominees weren’t even mentioned. Had to go on line to find out who won a lot of the categories that I was the most interested in.
    Even the Teen and Kids Choice Awards have been better than this. It was absolutely horrible.

  103. Very Disappointed says:

    This show was NOT fun. It was painful to watch. Groanfully painful. So bad that over 100 people have taken the time to comment here on how Bad the show was.

    To the people responsible for this show: Did you all run out of money or just not start out with enough? It was obvious you were trying to save airtime. Does it really take up too much time to allow the microphone to be adjusted to the recipient’s height for an awards speech?

    Why didn’t you tell the nominees that they would have to share their acceptance stage with their show if it won? Did some just come up with that on the spot? Bad form. Just ask Jane Lynch, Adam Sandler or David Spade.

    You put Queen Latifa in an awful spot having to do all that ad-libbing. You saved so much airtime by NOT letting people accept their awards that you probably had to whisper to her “Fill in! Stall for time,” didn’t you? She should be furious with you. You made a great entertainer look bad. Everyone thinks she did a bad job, but it wasn’t her fault, was it?

    This was not the People’s Choice Awards. This was a poorly conceived Advertiser’s showcase. I won’t bother voting or watching next year.

  104. Nancie says:

    I didn’t watch the entire show, thank goodness… saw the last 15 minutes and thought Queen Latifah was having some kind of attack… she acted like a goof… what is she, 12 years old? OMG what an idiot… screeming at the Twilight Stars, they looked so embarrased they could not even say anything…. is she high on something?

  105. Marie says:

    I commented earlier…still reading the feedback. Interesting. Liz, I guess to answer your initial question “How fun was that?” I guess the concensus is “Not so much!” Your question and comments sound like post marketing. Come on, stop the false sales hype and get real. To be fair, you weren’t in charge of the fiasco-ridden show right? So, I know you’ll have people available to disect the feedback and the ensuing responses…but please don’t further insult our intelligence with a whacky hopped up response. Give us something real and get the team together to do this right next year or put your money into something worthwhile.

  106. Dominick says:

    I attended the awards show last night, to be honest they left out a bunch of categories that I was actually looking forward too like Best on screen team, family movie, etc. Felt like this years awards went towards Twilight a lot…

  107. kk says:

    I thought the show was painful to watch. Choppy, lacked format (I STILL don’t know who won in the categories I voted for!) and childish (?). I wonder if the celebs were squirming and as uncomfortable as I was. I gather this is a show for kids? I posted to Facebook while watching:

    If there is intelligent life out there in the cosmos, and they are monitoring our radio/electronic signals, how embarrassing that they could be judging us by The Peoples’ Choice Awards. Was curious about some of the categories, but this is a painful show, with absolutely ridiculous categories. Sure doesn’t say much for the average intelligence of the average viewer – IMHO.

  108. Dona says:

    BTW… The Kim who’s on here raving about how great the show was must be Kardashian

  109. Kenny says:

    What a terrible show. I taped it so I could fast forward through the commercials, but the whole show was just one big commercial. QL was so unprofessional and not funny. Who dressed her – ugh? Whose idea was it to announce the winner of one category and then adding,” oh by the way”, the show they were in won too???? Everyone involved with this production should be fired.

  110. Sue says:

    That was the worst award show I´ve ever seen and why did Zac Efron won??? Emma Watson deserved it more than him and Twilight sucks more and more–I think every show goes by Twilight right??? It´s so sad for Emma and just UNFAIR

  111. deestea says:

    Last night’s People’s Choice Awards show was the worst awards show that I have ever seen. It was choppy and disconnected. Queen Latifah acted like a fool. The whole thing was a hot mess!

  112. Lorraine Eger says:

    PS to my above comment. The blatant advertisements sprinkled through the entire show were horrible!! I understand product placement is sometimes part of the industry but this was ridiculous!

  113. Lorraine Eger says:

    This was the worst People’s Choice Awards I have ever seen. I tune in to see my favourite actors and shows, but, as someone said above, with the current online voting, it was the Teen Choice awards, Part II. I was really disappointed in the format and the silliness. Poor Kristin Stewart was so uncomfortable, I felt horrible for her. Sorry – I guess I’ve outgrown the People’s Choice Awards (but then again, I’m likely not part of your demographic either)

  114. Lilliana says:

    You know I watched it all and I was not impressed at all this year. I think it was so stupid where people were saying silly things. Queen Latiffa was good before, but she disappointed me this time. The people that won, other than Johnny Depp, he was the matured person that spoke with class.

  115. IsaB says:

    Truly an embarrassing show!

    1. Queen Latifa’s jokes were all cheesy and unfunny. Her interviews with the celebs were terrible. The writers and she herself totally dropped the ball there. Not to mention that dreadful opening number!

    2. Advertisement after advertisement.

    3. The show was a mess when it came to handing out the awards, etc.

    4. The celeb’s acceptance speeches were poor and awkward as if they couldn’t take the show seriously. But I wouldnt blame them, who would take that show seriously?

    5. and on the same token, with such a poor show, it’s not surprising that they hardly get any of the stars to show up for the show. Only a few who’re told they’ve won, or the ones who came out to promote upcoming movies like Natalie Portman and Adam Sandler…

    The producers should be embarrassed. When Queen Latifa mentioned something about “the rehearsals”, I was so surprised, “this mess was rehearsed?”

  116. Paula says:

    I love Queen Latifah but last night she was horrible. I watch this every year and the producers/directors seemed to “dump down” the program. It used to be classy and it was just a waste of time.

  117. Marie says:

    I like Andreina’s response feedback. Interview some articulate and polished fans to present the awards.
    To take a quote from you Liz “In fact, we love your feedback because, well, you’re the ones who put the stars up there and determine who wins what in the first place.”
    I don’t think all of the “stars” actually realize that.
    Less marketing filler and more award time. If there are actually stars that truly can’t be bothered showing up, the fans’ feedback should be directly sent to them after the awards…like the comments you’re seeing here. Looking forward to your response to what is so far 83 negative responses out of 84

  118. Austin Texas Sense says:

    Now my question is, after seeing a consensus the show sucked, will any of this be taken to heart and will next year’s show benefit? My guess, corporate ears remain deaf and focused on what they consider their bottom line. (sigh) Too bad, improved entertainment will draw a larger consumer audience, ya dolts!

  119. Jessica says:

    Les gens, arrêter d’être si haineux.

  120. Sue M. says:

    For the umpteenth year in a row The People’s Choice awards becomes The Teen Choice awards part deux. I didn’t watch. Will never watch again & will never again bother to vote in this fraud. If you allow anyone with an email addy to vote an unlimited amount of times, this is what you will get: Twilight or any thing Twilight oriented due to the fact vapid teenage girls have the time & the obbession level to vote over & over again while we adults have to do things like work, pay bills a& feed the vapid teenagers and pay for thier internet bill so they can vote over & over again. Regulate the voting system or lose the other non-teen demographics.

  121. Ann says:

    Now I remember why I hate award shows. That was one the worst and maybe even THE WORST one I’ve ever seen and a complete waste of my time.

    The only good thing about it was Hawaii Five-O winning best new drama. Everything else was just awful.

  122. Jessica says:

    Ok soo i watched the show and it wasn’t that bad but they did leave some catergories which i was dissipointed by but other then that i loved it espacilly when selena gomaz sung a year without rain!

  123. Dona says:

    Not much! What a disappointment! Obviously TPC producers think “the people are idiots”.
    It seemed like the whole thing was thrown together in 15 minutes. Hello! The presenters were lifeless. The winners were brain-dead (with a few exceptions) Obviously you knew you won or you wouldn’t be there. You made me feel like you didn’t care enough to prepare a Thank You or at least form a full sentence. I feel QL undid years of work to establish her image as a refined and respected artist and actor. She was dressed like a lady but acted like a punk. Next year save us all from suffering and just post the winners online.

  124. Tonya says:

    Last nights show was awful. I sat through two hours of torture to see who won favorite scfy show, and I still don’t know! Please quit making our culture all about idiots and fifteen year olds. Must The”Queen” sink to interviewing three twits. I give it up to Neil Patrick Harris for being very generous giving her a B. She deserved an F!

  125. Allison says:

    I got on today and looked at the winners of the categories and I can’t believe how many categories were left out and not even shown on the show!!! So disappointing.

  126. JACK says:

    the queen didn’t have it,it was a chore from the start.

  127. Dissapointed says:

    Andreina: I love your idea about having people give the awards and saying why they voted for them. Great idea.

  128. Dissapointed says:

    I was very excited to watch this show. I have never seen it before, but I voted several times and I loved the categories and nominations. I also love Queen Latifah very much and always have. But I cannot believe how bad of a host she was. I was very surprised. It was like she never rehearsed. She messed up several times. She made jokes that were not even close to funny. I felt bad because no one ever clapped or laughed. She even had to tell the audience to clap at one point. And the song that she sang in the beginning, she was leaving out so many lyrics. She kept starting and stopping and it sounded awful. And the Queen Latifah and Kathy Griffith rehearsal parody was not funny at all.

    The celebrity interviews were embarrassing as well. When she was talking to the Kardashians and kept passing them the microphone for like two seconds they tried to say something and couldn’t because she kept taking it back. It just didn’t work well. The celebrity interview bits weren’t funny at all.

    The microphone couldn’t be adjusted? It was way too tall for so many people. It just looked ridiculous.

    I agree about Selena Gomez’s performance being too quiet. It was hard to understand her.

    As for the winner’s being fixed, I can’t believe anyone would do that. I’m not sure I believe that you did, but I find it hard to believe that Conan won best Talk Show Host. He wasn’t on the Tonight Show that long and other Talk Show Host’s have way more fans and have been on there show for much longer. And how did Kristin Stewart beat out Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Roberts? And how did the Twilight Saga beat all of those other fantastic movies in both categories? If those really were the winners then I think the show should appeal to a wider range of voters. I also think you should have in some way showed the number of votes for each category or at least how many votes someone won by. This could be a fun integration into the show and would help people to not think the show is fixed.

    Also, I think a couple of your presenter couple choices were bad. Zachary Levi and Emma Roberts were so awkward up there. They just read off of the teleprompter and did not look like they wanted to be there at all. Miranda Cosgrove and Jim Parsons were also a weird couple. They did better at presenting, but I was thinking “Why are they up there together?” I also didn’t like Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman together. The rest of the presenter couples worked pretty well together and had good chemistry, but some of the individual presenters didn’t do very well and made mistakes when speaking. Overall I liked when couples presented the awards better.

    One thing that I absolutely hated was the fact that not all of the categories and nominees were shown. When Jane Lynch was up there and they said “Glee also wins for best comedy TV show” Chris and Cory got up there with her and didn’t get to say anything. And David Spade and Rob Schnieder didn’t get the chance to speak either for Grown Ups. We also didn’t get to hear the other nominees for those categories. I don’t want to have to go back online to check all of the winners and who the other nominees were.

    It seemed like there weren’t a whole lot of celebrities there. On other award shows you see way more people get up there to accept an award. Hugh Laurie wasn’t there, only three people from Grown Ups were there, only three from Glee, and only three from Twilight. It also seemed like there just weren’t a lot of celebrities there in general.

    One thing that I did like was that the attire was more casual than some of the fancier award shows. I liked getting to see people in cocktail dresses rather than fancy ballgowns and I loved Queen Latifah’s first outfit. I liked the idea that this is still an award show, but less fancy. Like a cocktail party rather than a ball. It was nice for a change.

    I’m sorry to have to post so many negative things against this show, but for my first time watching it I was not impressed. I hope you guys will read all of our comments and take some of what we said into consideration.

  129. Andreina says:

    I entered a negative comment before, but I now I have a constructive idea to share. Maybe it is good?

    *Normal people could introduce the winners and explain why they voted for them. (By having a contest where fans submit their introductions, you could easily find people who would be interesting.)

    That way ORDINARY PEOPLE would be involved . And isn’t the show called Poeple’s Choice? I’m sure the actors and singers would like to hear comments from their fans.

  130. Synd says:

    I think the format for the award show needs to be better. I was very confused when Adam Sandler received is award and then they annoced that Grown Up won as well. It would be nice to have each award be called at a time. I had to look on the web sited to see who won what because of the mess. Not good. I think Queen did the best she could with what they allowed her to work with. I do think that the by play between the host and audience should be cut maybe without that we could have had a more organized award cerimony. I enjoy watching this every year. This is the first year I was disappointed.

  131. Wallace says:

    The show was one of the worst award shows I have ever seen. Queen Latifah was a horrible host. The winners and presenters for the most part were silly acting and trashy looking. Lots of immature so called stars who have no clue what is going on in the world.

    The show had no class at all. Boo to all that were involved.

  132. Robert says:

    This is the worst P.O.S. I have EVER seen!! WTF?!! I could have done a better job with one week, 4 retarded midgets and a bus full of deaf kids!! No one wanted to be there! The recipients didn’t put any thought into acceptance speech b/c they didn’t give a S***!!! what a waste of time and DVR space!!!

  133. Lydia says:

    That was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve always liked Queen L, but her material last night was awful – very unfunny. It should have been about “People’s choices,” but instead it was all about the sponsors and advertisers – couldn’t they have been more in the background? The comments and forays about hair and makeup were a bore and detracted from the show. What did they have to do with the People’s Choices? If the goal was to talk about hair and makeup, then that should have been a voting category. The redcarpet wasn’t fluid – it wasn’t the fault of the 2 interviewers on the carpet – they did the best they could under the circumstances. It just seemed incredibly poorly planned. I should have guessed that the show would follow suit. There were too many awkward moments, one of the biggest cringe moments was with the Twilight cast. I am in my 40′s, but I am a huge fan of the Twilight movies and the cast. I felt so bad for Taylor, Kristen and Rob being put on the spot by QL. It was so embarrassingly awkward. I just wanted QL to stop torturing them. It was so painful to watch and couldn’t be over soon enough. I specifically wanted to see them, but not that way. It was so obvious that they didn’t know what to expect. I would think that the intention of the show is to honor the stars/celebs that the “people” have chosen, not to embarrass them. Isn’t the whole point that it’s our chance as fans to show them our appreciation for their work and how it enriches our lives – not to create awkward circumstances for them. All of the awards should have been clearly announced. All of the awards should have been presented on air for all categories that were voted on. We took the trouble to vote. Our votes should have been stated. How many votes were received by whom? Were their any wide magins? Any neck and necks? There would have been enough time to actually present the awards in that 2 hour period if all of the poor jokes, detracting infomercials, and meaningless promos were stripped out. It would have been better just to show us the results of our votes.

  134. Austin Texas Sense says:

    The absolute worst awards show I have ever seen in my entire life: Sound * sucked; Skits (whatev) * sucked; Ad Libs * yeah right; Content * flow * hello: Product placement otherwise, ad nauseum; Queen Latifah * Love you, the pink/rose morass vomited on you made gurl look horrible; you scared NPH into an A, you are MUCH better than this, please RUN AWAY FROM THIS EVER AGAIN!!!!! Love you, hated what you had to become tonight for, P&G and Summit, blech, all that crap PCA * 15 min of content, the rest was commercial crap and product placement. CVS * Shame on you! Extreme Home Makeover set you on a pedestal. PCA knocked you lower than the Enquirer and TMZ. Fire the idiot that suggested you do this. Taylor Swift * Really? Twilight * Watch Vampires Sucks and you’ll never watch Twilight again and keep a strait face. (Vampires Suck FTW) Johnny Depp * Yay! Katy Perry * Yay * though Lady Gaga is on ur butt, though in a good way for us listeners. Crap, my tivo needs a tivo after that.

  135. Hannah says:

    Are you kidding me. Kid rock sucks, the so-called Queen was painful to watch, and Kristen Stewart over a seasoned actor such as Angelina Jolie. Are you kidding me!!!!

  136. Jennie says:

    That was NOT good! I love Queen L, but I had to mute the TV a few times out of embarrassment.

    And it’s VERY DISSAPOINTING to watch for two hours and only have half of the awards presented. If the celebrities can’t be there, have them accept via satelite or pre-recorded message. We vote for our favorites in hopes of showing them recognition. Having it posted on the website after the show is not the kind of recognition we want for our favs.

    I was incredibly disappointed last year when my fav won for Best SciFi/Fantasy Show but it wasn’t even announced on the show. I gave PC another chance this year, but was sorely dissapointed again. Believe me…I will NOT be watching next year!

  137. Carmen says:

    Queen Latifah ruined the show. She is too old to act so stupid. Why did so much of the show focus on her? That dream scene portion was so boring. All that screaming cause she touched some celeb was so unnecessary. The only reason I didn’t change channels was because I was taking down Christmas decorations so I wasn’t give it my full attention. I think she was either drunk or on some meds. It was embarrassing to watch Queen make an idiot out of herself. Nobody made her do it. Next year they better find an appropriate host or hostess who is entertaining and worth watching.

  138. Renee says:

    People’s Choice Awards 2011 were so awful. The point of an award show is to see the winners but we only saw a few it was mostly filled with bad jokes that i cringed at. It was painful. I love Queen Latifah but she was an awful host her little “interviews” were horrible and painful to watch. If your going to interview someone then give them the mic to answer. The celebrities were uncomfortable which made it so uncomfortable to watch. The opening number was so bad. It was all around one of the worst award shows i have ever watched. We watch the award shows for the Celebrities and the Winners and we saw only a slice of it.

  139. Julia says:

    I thought the awards show was awful. The Queen tired but with no success. Stick to movies Queen Latifah. Why have Selena Gomez sing? Torture. The mic issue not needed. CBS really with so much money you couldnt have the guy under the stage taking care of mic height… what a horrible show and i will not be watching it again next year it was a waste of time.

  140. Mary says:

    I’m with the majority. The show was painful and embarrassing to watch.Dethrone the queen and get her a new outfit, that pink thing was awful to look at. And who ever said the Kid could sing should be put out their misery. And yes change the show’s name to “The Teen’s Awards”.Worst thing I’ve ever seen. Really sad.

  141. canada3dayer says:

    1 – too many commercials. I didn’t time it and can’t now cause I deleted it from my DVR, but I would be willing to bet that, timewise, it was more commercials than awards show.
    2 – why weren’t ALL the nominees/categories presented? I didn’t see ANY of the ones I was interested in.

  142. Debbie says:

    I tried to watch but I couldn’t take Queen Latifah. Why would anyone want to be poured into a dress and then go out in front of that many people? She couldn’t move and she’s not funny on the show. Please get someone new to host the show.

  143. Monica says:

    Great show!!!

    I was shocked when Johnny Depp won over the Twilight kids. WOW!!!!

    Go Johnny!!!!

  144. Sandy says:

    I was extremely disappointed in the show. This show had the most votes of any time in the past and it sucked. Too bad. The show announced “House” and “Glee” winning but never gave the chance to show any of the cast. I watched it because I thought Hugh Laurie was going to be on. The only celebs in the audience were the ones that knew they were going to get an award, anyway. I joined this website to vote on my favorite people, but didn’t really get a chance to see any of them.

  145. sandy Hatfield says:

    I have always enjoyed the People’s Choice Award Show…. last night, I didn’t! I thought it was poorly, directed and poorly produced. I like Queen L. but I didn’t want to see more of her than anyone else. The skits were clever in a cutesy kind of way but not on award show level. I really think the voting was askew as well. Conan O’Brien over Oprah and Ellen….not in a million years. I’m sorry to say, I went to bed at 10:30…. couldn’t bear the last 30 minutes…. hopefully they weren’t the BEST 30 minutes.

  146. Vicki says:

    Queen Latifah should have been more biz and not so much off the cuff – it just didnt fly!!

  147. Gene says:

    I thought this was the worst awards show ever. Just plain boring for the most part and I definitely did not like the double-awards part at all. Give them one at a time so the right people get their honor.
    Also can’t possibly understand how Conan Obrien could have won anything unless he forced everybody in his audience to vote for him at least 10-times…or more.
    Too much unnecessary stuff…spend more time on the awards!

  148. Toughestfrail says:

    It really sucked that [H]ouse Fans took the time and effort to vote and LE was the only one to turn up. We understand Hugh Laurie might not have been able to attend, but everyone!! The Best Actor & Favorite Doctor Categories weren’t even announced on the Broadcast For [H]ouse Fans it was a slap in the face & a PR mess.

  149. JoAnn D says:

    The worst People’s Choice Show. And, what was with the Microphone situation. My Husband’s profession is in Stage and he said, there normally is someone under the stage operating the height of the mic according to the height of the talent. WHERE WAS THAT PERSON. I turned off the show midway.

  150. LMG says:

    Phuleeeze dethrone The Queen…I was embarrassed for her and the stars of Twilight. Hey yr cough up some $$ and get Ellen, Chris Rock or somebody. Heck…anybody! That screaming was the worst. I also thought some of the winners got awards b/c others had not shown up yet. If you really looked around in the audience it was hard to find any stars! Bring on THE GLOBES!

  151. Kyle says:

    Glad I dont watch these things often because that was painful. Needed a different host, should have put Kathy Griffen up there like your skit joked about. Need a new production crew for next year too, awful format for the awards, I hope they aren’t all like that? Doubt I will tune in for future shows, bad first impression with me, shoddy production.

  152. Carolyn says:

    How Awful!!!
    I am embarrassed for the People’s Choice. It was the worst awards show I have ever sat through. The scripts were terrible, and the attempt at being ‘casual’ didn’t work. Poor Queen Latifah……..I adore her, but her first two outfits looked like they came from Goodwill. the last blue was the most appropiate. She’s too big to wear skin-tight. And, once again, the writers were awful. And, lastly, I have a difficult time believing that Conan O’Brien won for the best late time host!!
    A very disappointed viewer!

  153. Christina says:

    Worst peoples choice show ever!!! What a mess it was all over the place and looked like it had been planned by 15 year olds. What a mess! Was not a classy show at all and the comedy was horrible!

  154. Michele says:

    This used to be my favorite show but last night’s offering was not entertaining or even interesting. Love the Queen but she over the top without being funny. I recorded the two hour show and flipped through it in 30 mins. I thought it was insulting to fans because it was just a long commercial with small slices of awards thrown in. Won’t be watching it next year.

  155. PCA Fan says:

    I thought the show could have been better with a different host and better writers. Jokes were appalling and embarrassing the stars, excruciating to listen to QL during her commentaries.

  156. Joan Romph says:

    I used to love watching The People’s Choice Awards and last night’s show was HORRIFYING. Queen Latifah was a terrible host. Love her outside of the show, but she was terrible last night. Her impromptu interviews were awful and drawn out…like she was being told to stall for time. Selena Gomez was singing so quietly you couldn’t hear her. It was terrible. A big jumbled mess. All my friends on Facebook were posting about how awful it was. Microphone height couldn’t be adjusted??? (for Conan). Then Latifah’s microphone was going in and out? I ended up turning the channel as did many of my other friends – MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

  157. coco says:

    Who ever wrote the “Queen’s” material should be fired. It was an awful show. Hated the star interviews – stupid and not entertaining. Every time Queen L. came on, I turned the channel.

  158. Judy Conner says:

    The 20ll show was painful to watch. I like Q. Latifah in general, but she was shrill and off the rails for most of the show. Just dreadful. Fix that!

  159. Ellie says:

    It was the worst award show i have ever seen!!!wtf happened to all the others, I mean I voted and I was waiting so bad to see who won!!! you guys really sucked this year!! They said they had the most votes this year and yet they don even show our votes and we have to see stupid jokes and singing, love u QL but the things they gave u to say or wear really made u look stupid!! also whats up with the mics being so damn short! you all embarrassed everyone!! Johny depp was the only one worth watching!! everyone go vote for your favorite actor, actresses, movies for Critics Choice Awards before its to late! here is the link :

  160. Bonnie says:

    This was the worst People’s Choice award I have ever seen. Neil Patrick told Queen he was giving her a C+. I give her an E. She was not funny.

    Not only the host was bad. There were a couple of times when the awards given out was weird. Would give an award to someone, then forget to give another award to the same person, but for something else.

    Very sad.

  161. Michelle says:

    Really would’ve liked to have seen all the awards be presented. When some of them were presented, they didn’t even say who the other nominations were. Just think the whole show should be all about the awards, with no other crap in between. It’s why we vote.

  162. Leslie says:

    En realidad esto fue un gran chiste me rei mucho de la gente que voto estas porquerias osea la pendeja de CREPUSCULO ACTRIZ PREFERIDA JAKAJKAJAKAJ nisiquiera llega a actriz secundaria me decepciona en grande la votacion de la gente pero en fin, como dije esto es solo un chiste los premios reales son los globos de oro y los oscar donde ni por asomo entrarían actrices tan bajo como la saga de eclipce.

    Por suerte que no los vi^^

    Lo unico bueno fue Depp al menos un poco de gente tiene sentido comun.

  163. Lauren says:

    Ridiculous. I wanted to leave half an hour into it. The whole thing was just painful in every aspect.

  164. Alison says:

    I watched this horrible awards show just to see my favorite TV star HUGH LAURIE. Not only was he not there they did not show any of the 3 catagories that he won.

  165. Glenda says:

    I thought the Award Show was great!!! I love that it is
    a little more laid back than other shows. I read some of the other comments about the advertising. I work in advertising and I know that without Advertisers their would not be a show! Thank You CBS great job!

  166. ayequetony says:

    WORST AWARDS SHOW EVER!! I like Queen Latifah but you should have got another star to host. I kept changing the channel to watch something else and then would change back to the show with the hopes that the show would get better. It didn’t. Please do a better job in the future.

  167. Gman says:

    What a load of commercialized crap!!!! There was not one displayed ounce of talent in ANY of those that performed. If Kristen Stewart really thinks she can pull of being drunk/stoned and getting away with it at a ceremony like that — boy is she wrong!!!

  168. Never Again says:

    IMHO, it wasn’t worth watching. The show was mostly commercials and not centered around the awards and people who won. The transitions were terrible and boring with lulls that made one want to change the channel. The integration of technology in announcing the winners was misplaced. The show isn’t about Sprint or the sponsors, it’s about the people’s choice and the winners. I’ll not watch again.

  169. tara says:

    WORST AWARDS SHOW EVER!! I dont understand why all the awards werent handed out, the PEOPLE are the ones who voted for there favorite so it would stand to reason that we the PEOPLE would like to hear from our favorites that we the PEOPLE voted for. But instead we get tons of unfunny jokes from Queen Latifah, some crap about hair and makeup and before every commercial we get a 30 second preview of whats coming up in 4 min. REALLY!! I voted for Lie to Me and Tim Roth for the best tv crime show and actor but did they have Tim Roth on the show, noooooo, I had to get on line last night just to see who won in all the categories that I voted for that were NOT SHOWN on the show. I would rather see all the categories that to listen to unfunny jokes from the host. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  170. Linda says:

    I DVR’d the show because I’m usually up late and most of the time late night TV isn’t great. Man was I disappointed!

    The opening, sucked!!! I thought Queen could sing better than that! And her little jokes and phony smiles when they bombed were just sad. And all the pitching for up coming TV and movies was a pain in the butt. Was this an awards show or one long infomercial? After about 20 mins I turned it off and deleted it and decided to look up the results the next day.

    A lot of the categories seemed fixed as well. And I voted. You better start appealing to a wider variety of audience or you might as well call this the teenager version of the people’s choice.

    I’ll watch and participate next year…give you guys one more chance. If you fail again, I’m on to other things.

  171. Andreina says:

    Yikes!!!!Those are 2 hours of my life I will never get back.
    I should have known better, but I wanted to see my favourite actors. The red carpet show was even worse than the actual awards show. This is all really a shame because it is a worthwhile thing to find out who the public really likes. Sure it is a popularity contest, but that’s OK. Let’s face it tv, movies and music are written and performed to entertain and delight us.

    Advice for next year:
    Have a RED CARPET show that really shows all the stars coming in. THAT’S WHAT WE WANT TO SEE.

    Get a different host. What a humourless woman!!!

    We all know that there is no surprise. WHY PRETEND!!!!
    Have a true celebration next year. Don’t embarass the stars.. or forget the whole thing.

  172. Linda says:

    I agree the show, and Queen were awful. But what really made the show horrible for me is that within 30 seconds of the beginning I knew who 90 percent of the winners were. They pan the audience, and since they inform the nominees who won, only the winners are in the audience, with the exeption of the two awards people were still voting on. They didn’t even announce half of the winners, and the winners were obviously picked by teens with unlimited cell usage.

  173. ka says:

    This show stunk. I missed watching SVU because their show and Mariska were up for an award. The favorite crime show category wasn’t even mentioned. But they had time for singing and stupid jokes. Leave the joke telling to the comedians, leave the singing performances (of the same songs weve heard all year) to the VMA awards and you will have time to show all categorys. Such a waste of my time. Oh and who voted for Conan. PLEASE. FIX. FIX. FIX.
    People and shows I never heard of won.

  174. Sharon says:

    The people who voted in this must be all under 18. These results are pure youth.


  175. kim says:

    The only persons who deserved awards were Jackie Chan and Johnny depp.

    And can you please stop putting the Twilight and Glee people on the ballot so no more 10 year olds can’t vote for them?

  176. Kim says:

    o.k people if you have nothing nice to say/write then don’t write it cause it could offend people who acutally like watching the peoples choice awards… >:|

  177. Robin says:

    Kristin Stewart is horrible. She acts like she’s on drugs and has mental problems. It is just plain painful to watch this sad girl.

  178. Kim says:

    no i don’t think its gonna play agian but it might be on the internet already cause people will like find it on youtube or something! :)

  179. jeanne says:

    i missed it, is it going to play again?

  180. Kim says:

    I loved the show all the stars and nominees and all the awards given and such like that oh and i loved the performence by selena gomaz and i loved every minute of the show :D this was the best show yet!!!!!!!

  181. tammy says:

    That absolutely stunk!!!

  182. Rhonda Birtles says:

    I thought the show was horrible. Queen Latifah was bad and the host is usually what makes the show. This one did not. What were the people thinking about voting for Taylor Swift and Conan O’Brian. Taylor Swift can not hold a tune, she is the worst country singer ever. Conan O’Brian is the worst talk show host also.

  183. Arthur says:

    I expected better out of this awards show and to be truthful, I didn’t think Queen Latifah was funny at all. Betty White would have done a better job as host.

  184. Jim says:

    I am a fan of Queen Latifah. But at the Peoples Choice Awards my advice would be, Honey, don’t quit your day job. Although not all her fault for such a disastrous award show, she looked great.

  185. alan says:

    people’s choice and cbs own the viewing public an apology. what a waste last night was. not because of the winners, but because of the hosting, commercials, and the likes of selena gomez as supposed talent. the whole evening was painful.

  186. pelin says:

    could someone write what did Queen Latifah say to kristen and robert at the beginning of the show? I can not understand her joke bec i am not native english! pls! thanx

  187. Dot says:

    Horrible. This was the worst year ever. I like the Queen in her movies and she should stay with that. She sounded like a boxing announcer trying to rally the troops. It went down hill the whole night. People looked embarassed to be there. The people winning the awards couldn’t even give a some what good speech. A piece of crap broadcasting and all of the advertising during the awards. Save them for the commercials. Horrible show. The people getting the awards did not deserve them if they can’t accept them with grace or at least speak correctly. Queen, you are out of your league.

  188. zoe says:

    are you kidding???? the show was a resounding embarassment — to everyone attending and watching. i actually feel bad for the likes of johnny depp and the twilight gang for having to be part of this. the only success this show had was to turn people off!

  189. Antonia says:

    I agree with Will. The show was awful. Queen Latifah sunk to a new low – worse than her movie, “Taxi” – when she practically had her head up the Kardashian sisters ample backsides during her “spontaneous” interview with them on the floor of the Nokia Theater. All respect I had for Queen was lost when she abased herself to three women who’s only claim to fame is that one of them made a sex tape, another is a hideous beast (why is Khloe so ginormous and yeti-like? Shudder.) and the last one is just another talentless remora?

    I’m sure the paycheck for doing this show was the reason for Queen to do this show but please! Stick with work that shows your integrity and talent (e.g. “Chicago,” “The Secret Life of Bees”).

  190. francie says:

    i thought it was one of the worst awards shows i have ever watched. the hosting was horrid/lame. presenters and winners alike seemed embarassed to be there – regardless of who won. awkward show. too many awkward moments. music poor. too much commercialism. too many categories. played to the dumbest viewing denominator. won’t watch again.

  191. Sherry says:

    This was by far the WORST award show I had ever almost watched. I saw about 45 minutes, and that’s all I could stomach. I think it would be wise to pursue another Host for next year….Hey, I know let the PEOPLE decide who can be the HOST! And as far as some of the winners like…Conan O’Brein,…really? give me a break! Glee over Modern Family….really? terrible…just terrible!

  192. Will says:

    To piggy back on what SHIRLEY said, unfortunately, this IS where we are with entertainment in this country. Didn’t you see how the audience was eating that crap up? A standing ovation for the cast of VAMPIRES R US? COME ON! Favorite Break Out Artist, Selena Gomez? COME ON! I guess these are the same folks that voted for Barack Obama! Figures!

  193. Shirley says:

    When the producers watch the award show back, they will want to go and hide I am sure. I am still trying to figure out why or HOW I sat watching until 11:00. The more I watched the more in disbelief I was. I was actually embarrased thinking other countries could be watching this crap. Is this where we are now with entertainment. If so, I might as well go ahead and jerk the TV off the wall.

  194. Billiebob G says:

    Would have liked to have seen more of the awards given during the TV broadcast. I also found it unfair to some of the award winners how they were grouped together. Liked the personal interaction the Queen Latifa had with the “people”

  195. Christy Zachman says:

    I normally do not watch award shows and watching last nights Peoples choice awards reaffirmed why. It was boring and there was too much nonsense chatter and unnecessary so-called comedic spots between giving out awards. It seems that thaw the shows are more for showing what the hosts do rather than giving out awards. I like Queen Latifah but the show is about giving out awards not her or any host. It was uninteresting and I won’t be watching any other award shows because none of my favorite shows and people were nominated in anything. I look forward to watching a new episode of Criminal Minds next week on CBS,

  196. larry says:

    This was by far the worst show I have ever seen. Acting like a street person was degrading to the average viewer.

  197. thomas says:

    I couldn’t stand that person who goes by queen…She was HORRIBLE. NEVER will I watch again if that wanna be hosts.. Oh yeah when she had that red “dress” on..she looked like the kool aid man..I’m just saying.

  198. Janice says:

    HORRIBLE AWARDS SHOW!!! Painfully awkward all the way around. The flow of the show was awkward, the forced conversations were awkward…the presenters looked bored. The celebrities say that they appreciate the fans and yet they act like the People’s Choice Awards are “small change” compared to the rest. Too bad…I was looking forward to it…so disappointing.

  199. Mary Beth says:

    Too much talking between awards! Not enough awards shown, we voted for many awards that the winners were not shown and that was a big disapointment. I understand the advertising for CVS but too much!

  200. Patricia says:

    From the opening number until I could stand no more of the MC, the show was embarrassing. We watch award shows to see who wins, not to endure the crap that was televised. I love Queen Latifah in movies but an MC she is not. The whole show, from the microphone that was too short to the stupid interviews, was terrible. Can’t say much for the CVS bits either. Why the stars even made an appearance is a good question. Why associate yourself with as someone said, “The cheesiest award show ever.” Everyone associated with this production needs to find a new job.

  201. Mary Ann says:

    Was it necessary for Queen Latifah to yell? I do believe the mikes were working. Glad I didn’t stay up to watch it after reading the blogs, I can go home and watch the commercials. Only good thing was that Hawaii 50 won best drama. Good going

  202. Angela says:

    People choise people you really need to find a new host that will keep us the people more entertained. More than half of what queen latifah did, I wanted to cover up myself with embarrassment for her. I don’t think she is funny enough to carry it through. Check out the Golden Globes, they have Ricky Gervais. Lets not forget the Oscars with Billy Crysal! The show couldn’t have gone any faster for me to get through the given out awards. Sorry Queen thats how I feel.

  203. BOB says:

    are you kidding me conan obrian was the only good person who got voted this year you citysid are probly just mad cause he made fun of opra wich was hillarious

  204. Will says:

    The cheesiest award show just got cheesier. Horrible. Queen Latifah should sue you people for what you made her do. Better yet, the PEOPLE should sue Queen Latifah for stooping to such levels. Get it off the AIR!

  205. BECKY says:

    I thought Queen Latifah pushed it for laughs. Also some
    of the winners comments were really stupid. I acutally
    turned it off.

  206. BOB says:

    that was crappy di they even show a best animated tv show thats what I was waiting for didnt see the whole thing cause I was wathcing Canada vs russia hockey game

  207. Citysid says:

    I can not believe that some many people voted for that sorry a$# not funny conan obrien he is a real jerk. So I know now that show is a joke. Not to be watch ever again

  208. Cindy says:

    didn’t like format for the show last night…too many things going on at once.. just give one ward at a time so we can enjoy the moment with the stars!!! I quit watching after 45 minutes and watched HBO

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