They’re Really Here…

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So today’s the day. Or tonight. Well, late afternoon really is when they kick everything off at the Nokia Center so you can see all the stars in their frocks and best threads, strolling the Red Carpet enroute into the People’s Choice Awards. I’ll be lurking somewhere in there too, and believe you me, if yesterday is any kind of indication, tonight will be beyond beyond.

Show starts at 9p on CBS…

Yesterday I went to the rehearsal. Selena Gomez strolled into rehearse… and just tore the roof off the place. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and just stared at this kid. The song is my new fave (I can’t tell you what it is – and truthfully, I hadn’t the faintest idea what it was called because I’d never heard her sing. Oh now I know what it’s called – because I purchased it before Miss G. even left the stage – that’s how catchy).

The point is, these people are gathering tonight because you love them; because you chose them; because you wanted them to be there. Shepherded along by Queen Latifah. (Class by herself, that one). So I’m here to tell you that – having taken quite a long gander at tonight’s 2011 People’s Choice Awards Schedule —  you chose very wisely indeed.  And I suspect we’re all in for one hell of an evening. More later…


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