Thanksgiving Flicks

By People's Choice | 4:25 am on November 24, 2010

So it’s almost Thanksgiving…time to think about food and football and family and friends and somewhere along the line how cool it is to have them …as we kick off the holiday season, for real. Nip in the air, end-of-the-year stuff.  Before we do however, let’s talk for a moment about Buffy – because you all had quite a bit to say yesterday about the “reboot”, and even though I knew Joss Whedon was key I didn’t think his absence on a remake would cause people to abandon their beloved pheeenom forever. Maybe Warner Brothers Pictures ought to get Mr. Whedon on the line,  toute de suite.

Today we’re also going to discuss movies in theaters this weekend, because several of the hotly-anticipated ones have arrived, simply reinforcing the fact that movie studios aren’t stupid — they know exactly when we’ve had enough with the food and the naps and when it’s time to hit the cineplex.  Maybe more than once over a 72-hour time span. I’ll do it. And, as is frequently the case there’s something for everyone opening up. Kids, tweens, 30-somethings and even those folks in their silver years. So here goes: according to pundits one of them’s reportedly going to win its English star his first Oscar, another one may establish its star as a permanent leading man, one of them will give us an opportunity to watch Cher (in my mind, always a treat) next to Christina Aguilera (in my mind, maybe a possibly potential treat ) and finally, an animated flick that’ll draw big crowds  (and make the adults present want to check out the TV series Chuck).  That’s on top of Harry Potter which is expected to lure more millions and make more millions.

First up, we have The King’s Speech – based on the true story about King George the Sixth who ascended to the English throne with a speech impediment and zero confidence – and the guy who got him all pulled together in the public speaking & comportment  department. They’re saying this may be an Oscar win for its star, Colin Firth (who got lots of attention for A Single Man last year). Also in theaters we have Love and Other Drugs which is getting incredible word of mouth. It stars PCA nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway (coincidentally also a couple in Brokeback Mountain) and this should solidify Jake’s leading man status (this in addition to his newly minted “action star” status on account of Prince of Persia). Love and Other Drugs looks really  smart and I’m guessing it’ll start slow and get more and more attention. Curiously, I did read somewhere that the movie is set in the “cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales” which gave me pause.  You know, it probably is like that but it’s hardly something I’ve given much thought to — so there’s a cool new factoid; who knew such a sterile community was so vicious?

Also playing we have Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera which looks delicious although the reviewers are using words like “fun” to describe it, which means that critics are less than enthused. I’ll still go, because who doesn’t love Cher?  Then there’s Tangled from Disney, based on the Rapunzel story and featuring the voices of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore and which looks positively delightful. Finally The Rock’s got a picture out called Faster which will surely satisfy any and all post-Turkey adrenaline cravings.  So what’ll it be? Which movie will you catch first? They all look pretty interesting and I’m thinking maybe there’s a double feature in there somewhere. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I thought Love & Other Drugs was a romcom but I was disappointed as the movie was depressing. The only good thing was that Jake was an eyecandy. -Riza Hollister

  2. gigi says:

    hi like your music my friend’s talk about you 247 avery day and does not stop. chloe has poster’s of you all over her wales. and she is 10 and i am 11. what is the most odd thing that happend to you? oh my friend toled me to do this i love you j.b xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. not me.

  3. becky says:

    well i certainly hope that the studio will reconsider and get Joss on the phone!! i think that just about all of the fans would truely love a rboot of Buffy!!! i certainly would, i’ve been waiting 7 years for this news!! BUT ABSOLUTELY ONLY if Joss is involved (preferably leading) and the ORIGIONAL cast from the show!!! otherwise Buffy will not be Buffy!!! it will be ruined!!! and that is an absolute heartbreaking tought!!! so please studio execs, i implore you!!!!!!!! BRING JOSS ONBOARD!!!!!!!!!!! AND GET THE CAST FROM THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take your time with it, let Joss do it, because we know he’ll do it right!!! ONLY he can!!!!! proofs in the pudding!!!!

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