PCA Nominees: Favorite Depp Film?

By People's Choice | 9:32 am on November 15, 2010

So now that the PCA nominations are out, hopefully you’ve begun your own personal online voter assault to let us know who you want on that stage winning that “Favorite BLANK”  trophy come January. And if you’re the slightest bit tech savvy you’re Tweeting your votes like crazy. Today, let’s begin a closer inspection of some of our nominees. For purposes of balance and fairness, let’s look first at one of my favorite categories: Favorite  Movie Actor. The nominees are Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. I think it’s fair to say that there’s a healthy age spread among PCA voters, on account of the even healthier age spread among nominees. Ever notice – with few exceptions like when they throw in a Tatum O’Neal or an Anna Paquin  — that Oscar nominees tend to be far more closely grouped in age? This is because Academy voters tend to like many of the same things, and lots of them tend to have been born around the same time. Result? Less diversity. Less of what fans like. Nothing on Oscar – it’s absolutely my second favorite awards telecast of the year. This does however, tell us a bit about what Hollywood likes vs. what the people it creates entertainment for like. Now each of the five guys in this category has any number of elements in common. They’re all ferociously handsome, they’ve all starred in movies that a) make tons of money, b) make tons of girls scream, and c) make tons of men feel hopelessly inferior /super-envious, or both. People around the world have seen their films repeatedly, and most of the fellas are behind massive movie franchises involving sequels that won’t ever die.  None of these men can walk into a restaurant without inciting anything from furious texts to all-out riots, no matter how hard they might try. All of them have adorned bedroom walls around the globe. Collectively these five elicit more fan mail on an annual basis than most heads of state have in all of history. Two of these actors have children (that we know about). One of them cannot vote or drink alcohol yet. So let’s take a peek at the first one in today’s poll. In case you’re wondering, we’re going alphabetically. Johnny Depp goes first. Wildly popular for decades, he’s starred in countless movies and he’s not afraid to take chances in any of them. He has the respect of both peers and fans, and he is as solid on dramatic ground as he is atop a swashbuckling high-seas comedy. He appeared at last year’s People’s Choice Awards and you could feel the electricity in the air (and hear the deafening roar) the second he walked on stage. He’s starred in so much that there is literally no way to toss out a sampling of four movies without glaring omissions. Which is why we have a comments section. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Johnny Depp films (or series of films) is your favorite:

1) Alice In Wonderland

2) Edward Scissorhands

3) Pirates of the Caribbean

4) Sweeney Todd

11 Responses

  1. kayli says:

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  2. Betty-2206 says:

    Me gusto enemigo publico

  3. zaiuuuuu says:

    genialllllllllllll nice ..love johnny deppp

  4. suzybunny says:

    Mr. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors to grace our theatres. I enjoy each and everyone of his films. He has given us great shows and he knows that we the people keep him there and he let’s us know. I am glad that he cares for his fans !! Maybe a few of these new actors/actresses need to look and learn from him !!!! Go Mr.Depp !!

  5. Bhadra says:

    Edward scissorhands all d way!!

  6. Chloe says:

    Mr. Depp’s morphing abilities are par for the course. Edward Scissorhands hands down.
    Actually it might be refreshing to see this sumnambuleut polymath stretch himself down to realism!

  7. Anne says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean hands down, but he’s truly amazing in anything.

  8. Anne Francis says:

    It has to be Pirates of the Caribbean!

  9. LioRed says:

    Sweeney Todd – something about it reminds me of the 90s genre of movies.. dark, stinging of morbid misery.. it’s beautiful

  10. Patina says:

    Sweeney Todd would be my choice. I only enjoyed the first Pirate movie, Scissorhands was ok and I disliked Alice.

  11. CarlyG (heavenly37) says:

    Hard one but I’d say the best looking would have to be The Pirates of the Carribean series. I love his work from Nightmare On Elm Street to 21 Jump Street and so on…

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