2011 PCA Nominees Announced Today

By People's Choice | 11:21 am on November 9, 2010

The wait is over!  The results are in! The math’s been done! You voted, you waited,  and today you get to find out just who got nominated for the 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

Joining us at today’s Official PCA Press conference in Hollywood we have  PCA’s own glorious host Queen Latifah,  along with Jeff Probst, Michael Chiklis, Zachary Levi,  AnnaLynne McCord,  Malin Akerman,  Audrina Patridge and the show’s executive producer Mark Burnett.  And of course there’s no telling who else might show up. Now depending upon your time zone, you’ll know just who’s an Award Nominee as soon as they’re announced in the A.M. (Pacific Time)  at which point some level of technical wizardry will occur, the polls will miraculously open right here, and then you’re off to the races. After that of course it’s between  you,  your friends, your friends’ friends, and everybody’s keyboards to determine just which peeps will get to take the stage alongside the Queen on January 5th. And remember, this is your chance to take a stand and tell Tinseltown precisely what you think. People’s Choice Winners get to be that way because you put them there. Without any further ado – let’s get to the nominations!

134 Responses

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  3. Bute says:

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  4. Lisa says:

    All you Glambert fans who are ticked off about the PCA not supporting gays. You do realize that Neil Patrick Harris won an award last night… his 2nd TIME if you were paying attention and that he KISSED his MALE partner in the audience before going on stage and THANKED not only HIM but their two children in his speech!

    He is not only OPENLY GAY but supports and helps with causes all the time for gay rights. Did ANY of you hear him speak out on anti-gay bullying back in Oct.? You know why you don’t know this? Because your defending a guy like Adam who yes MIGHT be talented (and I say might in capitals because it’s questionable) but he ruins any chance of being heard about how “honest” he wants to be about being gay or helping anyone because he screws up on a live tv show and does something that was bound to offend Millions of viewers and did! If any of you wonder why he got passed over… he did it to himself!

    Personally, I don’t think he is all that talented. He’s a performer (like Cher herself would say only he looks like Liza Minelli) but he doesn’t have any real talent.. he’s got STAGE presence that’s all. It’s also why he didn’t win idol LOL Kris Allen did that year why? Cause HE’S got talent and guess what? He got passed over too this year by the PCA because that was 2 years ago that they won NOT last year.

    Pay a little more attention to how things happen.

  5. Dr. Tim Miley says:

    I just finished watching PCA 2011 for the last time. I am positive that the voting is rigged and a scam. The winners are the ones that show up to this farce. The winners are notified before the show if they decide to apear. Queen Latifa is the worst host of any awards show. I am tired of watching such a low class production and I wish that PCA would tell the truth about their deception to the public.

  6. whatnow says:

    Adam Lambert got a Grammy Nod…SO HE DOESN’T NEED YOUR STINKING MEANINGLESS NOD…You guys look real stuipd now snubbing him…HAHA!!!

  7. Zach says:


  8. mimi says:

    The nomination process must have been advertized on sites that cater to young people. I don’t know hardly any of the nominees or the shows. Movies also seem like the ones for under 25 yo. I wonder how they used to do it. Probably mail, which would give all people a chance to vote. As it is, it only applies to the very young, and they only account for 1/4 of the population. No on I know in their 40′s watch those movies or shows. So much of it is reality based also. They should have one category for that only. Goes to show, the young people of today have nothing better to do than sit at their computers and get fat.

  9. person says:

    Leighton Meister should have been nominated instead of blake lively for tv drama actress.

  10. rick says:

    PCA must show some proof that online voting is not rigged. At least show some figures on the top 10 of each category. Some music artists have big fan bases as evidenced in other web sources and online polls.

    Adam Lambert and Charice are two of the hottest talents now and had produced incredible armies and brigades of internet fans. Show some credibility PCA!

  11. Really? says:

    It takes a lot of nerve to advertise an awards ceremony category for ‘Favorite Video’ on a video site (VEVO) highlighting the video of an artist who wasn’t even nominated,yet mentioning the artists who are in contention for the award. Nice one PCA!

    How low can you go?

    Here’s proof:

  12. Cindy says:

    Adam Lambert needs another shot at Primetime Greatness. He is an incredible singer, a magnetic performer and downright sexy. OK, the PCA is too chicken to be the “ones” to give Adam to the American viewing audience. I certainly will not be watching their lame show.
    I can say that whoever/whenever Adam is given a chance at Primetime again, it will be unprecedented. All of us Glamberts will tune in out of pure unadulterated joy—-others may tune in out of curiosity or fear——but Adam will give a performance that will ROCK THE WORLD. He knows it and I am just waiting for it…….

  13. christina says:


  14. Patti says:

    ADAM LAMBERT. Where in the Hell is his nomination??? What a FARCE! Let the BOYCOTT BEGIN. Homophobe Awards Indeed! I personally know HUNDREDS locally who are aware of the snub, and WON”T BE WATCHING.

  15. zpblpst says:


  16. jonathan says:

    pink <3 pink to win!!

  17. Demo says:

    Pink should win those two awards! Make sure to vote for her everyone!! xoxoxo

  18. Aooo says:


  19. ChristinaR says:

    This will be my first time voting for the PCAs, and I’m glad quite a few of my favs are nominated–made it very difficult to vote in some categories (House, L&O:SVU, Lie To Me, Smallville, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Eminem, Mary J, Beyonce, and so on). The nominees chosen seem to cross (are well-liked regardless of the fan’s) socio-economic, color, gender and sexual preference lines–I’m sure that’s why some performers were not included. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins!

  20. Afrobelle says:

    Every one should realise that the organisers of PCA would never leave the choice of nominees in any1′s hands, people’s choice or no. Politics is the same everywhere. They chose these people for reasons that will never be known to us. Adam Lambert is a great singer, but let’s rmbr he has pissed people off this year. He sort of rubs his ‘gayness’ in our faces, has a lot of attitude, which I hate, and I’m sure some of the PCA people have taken umbrage at, amongst other things. Katy Perry’s good too, but Gaga? Justin Bieber??? You Americans should learn to tell the difference between popular songs, and music.
    And the people who take the time to comment, only to ask us to get over it?? Someone said earlier that a lot more important things were going on in the world. Thank u for letting us know. We had absolutely no idea.

  21. Afrobelle says:

    Every one should realise that the organisers of PCA would never leave the choice of nominees in any1′s hands, people’s choice or no. Politics is the same everywhere. They chose these people for reasons that will never be known to us. Adam Lambert is a great singer, but let’s rmbr he has pissed people off this year. He sort of rubs his ‘gayness’ in our faces, has a lot of attitude, which I hate, and I’m sure some of the PCA people have taken umbrage at, amongst other things. Katy Perry’s good too, but Gaga? Justin Bieber??? You Americans should learn to tell the difference between popular songs, and music.

  22. lb says:

    Do you people at people’s choice awards (what a joke that name is) even listen??? It’s blantly clear Adam Lambert should of been nominated and did have enough VOTES. No one believes that he didn’t! you’ll see when AMA ratings go down when we are all watching THS of Adam Lambert same time, same night on E channel. Same thing’s going to happen to your scam of a award show. Always watched not this year.

  23. Gaga monsTer says:

    VOTE 4 GaGa!!!!!! She is the best!!! I<3 GaGa!!!

  24. hitechpet says:

    There are so many great shows and movies that never make it here, also wonderful artists. It’s really a very base, common name, crap guess. I’ve never even heard of half of this stuff. I DO watch a lot of TV and movies and am very well read. I choose class and craft over young and crappy.

  25. SajiNoKami says:

    A bit bummed Adam Lambert was not nominated for anything. That kid is amazing in concert. I am pleased with a couple of nominations: Favorite Rock Band – Linkin Park [Been listening to the last decade and still love the music] Favorite Song – Love the Way You Lie [This is a good song.] The rest of the categories I don’t really care about.. definitely have not watched enough new tv or movies to vote effectively.

  26. karentprstories says:

    How do we vote AGAINST something? Private Practice needs to be heavily voted against in every category. There isn’t one character who is even worth watching after an unforgivable decision by Shonda Rimes to bring back Del’s daughter and then have not one of the characters willing to adopt her, willing to take her in, willing to support her financially or willing to find her a suitable home. Unforgivable and unredeemable. One episode ruined future episodes ( I no longer watch Private Practice, but have learned that The Mentalist is on at the same time.), and even all previous episodes as the history of the characters did not come into play in this episode in any way. It was horrendous. There has been no move to fix this and make the characters repent for being hideous and inhuman. Why would anyone choose to waste an hour on these characters? In any case…. where is the place to “unlike” every actor, character, writer and episode in this series? Is there a People’s Choice Award for worst decision by a writer and producer? This one should win.

  27. trish says:

    Katey Segal was TOTALLY overlooked. She is amazing in Sons of Anarchy. I never knew she was so incredibly talented. It’s a shame. That is a great show.

  28. candela says:

    drama serie: gossip girl
    comedy serie: glee
    best actor: ian somerhalder, hugh laurie
    best actress: lea michele, jane lynch

  29. Michelle says:

    I would have prefered voting fore Paul Wesley on Vampire Diaries, (not that I don`t like Ian Somerhalder), but I like Paul Wesley just a little more. And: Go Smallville!

  30. Glambert5042 says:

    The problem is Adam was overlooked,,, When it comes to voting Glamberts Rule!! now you cant tell me that Bieber got more votes i dought it!! Its not Fair,,,,,Adam is getting Snubed becaue he is Gay Guy!!!ohhhhhhhhh no but its ok that Gaga is WTFFFFFFFF Im asking for 1 nomination GAWD he doesnt even have to win it ! People choice could at least nominate him,,,,,,Its not the Peoples choice,,,,i dnt believe that all the people in da world loves Beiber Gaga an perry,,jezze :(

  31. BlueBloods says:

    @JEKitten The CBS Drama BlueBloods was a write in nomination. It was never on the offical ballot and it is now a nominee. You cant tell me that write in nominations did not count because BlueBloods prove it.

    As for all that are freaking out that Adam Lambert is not on the list, the vast majorty over ride a minority regardless of twitter or not, he may be talanted but obviously the majority do not feel he has enough musicality. Chill out as the Rolling Stones stay “You cant always get what you want”. There are many talented actors and singers that desreve to be recognized but not all of them will be, that is why there is a vote. Majorty will always rule.

  32. number8gurl says:

    I have unsubscribed from the PCA polls and e-mails that I’ve been receiving over the past year due to their snub of Adam Lambert. I have not read the nominees nor do I care to, but even without doing so I can surmise that the majority of them are a joke when it comes to real singing and performing talent (2 examples: Katy Perry and Kesha are extremely weak singers yet they receive all these accolades because they shake their t&a at the world….puleez). This year you MOST DEFINITELY did not represent the people’s choice.

  33. Alison says:

    Where is Parenthood! I love this show and can’t believe it isn’t on the awards anywhere.

  34. danice says:


  35. britfans says:

    Helo peopleschoice. . .u are all unfair! We are looking 4 the winner of. . .best guest star and best song! We is it? Britney Spears is nomited in that category. . .why u did’nt show. .who’s the winner? Plz show that. . .

  36. KatieGlambert5042 says:

    Glamberts——–Whats the CMA Vocalist of the year award,,,im new to this site?? Is there a way to vote for Adam To get it??

  37. KatieGlambert5042 says:

    Im disapointed in the nominies for Music,,,same old same old Beiber Perry Gaga! why the hell didnt Adam get nominated for music video! Whataya Want From Me Was #1 Several Times on Vh1 Top 20 Countdown! But For The Haters! Go hate on Someone else! You will get the hate thrown back in your face someday! Adams gonna be around for a long time and theres nothing you can do about it!

  38. mm says:


    I really don’t think @GlitteryandProud is an Adam Lambert fan. It sounds to me like this person is being overly sarcastic and trying to make a joke out of the comments other Adam Lambert fans had made.

    If this is the case that person is making a joke out of themselves instead, but if it is a fan they need to chill out!

  39. Jo says:

    I have read every comment and I don’t see Adam Lambert fans bashing any of the nominees, what I do see is that he has a very loyal fan base. I have read some negative comments about him that were completely unnecessary and negative comments about his fans. I am truly disappointed that he wasn’t nominated and I am even more disappointed that I have to read such negativity. I have my own opinions about some of the nominations but I would never say something just to hurt someones feelings! What is wrong with our country, if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing.

  40. Maria says:

    Can some of you please chill? With all that is going down on planet earth, these award shows pale in comparison. Go get upset about the state of the world, not if Adam Lambert or whoever, isn’t getting nominated for something. My understanding is that most of you are grown ups. Act it!

  41. VictoriaW says:

    Blue bloods is like no other, the characters capture us the viewers in a way where it’s like watching a real “normal” family ! I luv the fact I can watch it with my son age 15 n husband!

  42. Streets ahead says:

    very disappointed to see Community shut out :(

  43. Julie says:

    I see all the OTT Adam fans are here.

  44. glamgirl215 says:

    I am once again perplexed by an award show not showing Adam Lambert the recognition he so greatly deserves. I too will be boycotting the show as I beleive it is a farce. I know that our voices had to be heard by the amount of twitter votes and the write in votes. We were heard, we were just ignored. What goes around comes around and you won’t be my peoples choice. Adam has endoured many snubs and he will rise above this one as well. Funny thing is that he will rise above and sooner or later all the haters will be knocking on his door…I hope he gives you the snub just as you have done to him. That isn’t his style though, he will be all accepting as he always has been. We love you Adam and will continue to support you all the way. Glambert for life!!!!!!!!!

  45. Sharon says:

    I am unable to see the nominations yet. Did Sons of Anarchy make anything?

  46. tracy says:

    It’s interesting that the same Adam haters are here doing their usual schtick of berating Adam and his fans like it’s their job. Do you all have google alerts on so you can be sure to not miss an opportunity to bash Adam? What a sad and lonely life if all you do is spread negative energy.

  47. AnnieWT says:

    My spirit has been broken once again. I was tricked into believing that Peoples Choice was a show about awards given to artists who were voted by the people! Hahahahaha, how foolish of me!!

    There were hundreds upon hundreds of votes for Adam Lambert on a daily basis, we twitted so many votes for him daily that many of us landed in “twitter jail” on a daily basis but we didn’t care, we were voting for the one TRUE music artist performing today!! The percentages were so high that many magazines were already giving Adam the nod, he was a shoe-in to be nominated by PCA. What a joke! You have proven yet again PCA, that you are all about who’s paying the most in promotional fees to win your award, you are NOT about the people at all! You proved it today with your announcements and your complete dismissal of our wishes to have Adam nominated! You can guarantee that I will not be watching your show, and although this may not seem like a big deal to you in the scheme of things, my “snubbing” your show will matter, the people’s voice will be heard and the trickle down effect will be your downfall!

  48. midnytgirl says:

    I can’t believe Lea Michele is not nominated!!! THis is very disappointing!

  49. jomeni says:

    24 and Kiefer Sutherland were not offered as choices to be nominated this year, even though 2010 was the last season for this ground breaking show. Since they were overlooked, my family, friends and I will overlook voting and watching the PCA. BTW when we tried to write in various nominees, the categories remained unchecked on the list. Did such votes really register?

  50. To @Reese and others says:

    I don’t see any Adam Lambert fans singling out a certain artist. In fact,I don’t see anyone dissing one artist in particular. The Adam fans are simply perplexed and upset that he didn’t make the list. He should be on the list.

    You,however,have done a great job of showing your ‘ugly’ side! Yeah,you’re proving your point by resorting to name-calling and nasty remarks….**rolls eyes**!

    Perhaps if your nominee didn’t make the ballot list,your tune would change?

  51. CRAZY says:

    GlitteryandProud! says:

    OMG!! This is blatant HOMOPHOBIA!!! I’m contacting GLAAD RIGHT NOW and FORCING ADAM LAMBERT to be included! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    ADAM is the most talented performer EVER! HE will be bigger than the Beatles or Elvis! HE is totally new and fresh and innovative!!! and on top of that HE’S the only openly gay entertainer EVER!

    YIKES!!! You have got to be kidding…….
    1. ELton John
    2. Lance Bass
    3. Freddie Mercury
    4. Rufus Wainwright
    5. Clay Aiken
    6. Pet Shop Boys
    and……so many more…..

    Keep it up.people are laughing at you!!

  52. Lizzie says:

    I WANT LEA MICHELE!!!!!!!!!! DX

  53. Zip It!! says:


    Why don’t you stick a sock in it. Your jaws are flapping and you don’t even know what you are talking about. I like Adam, but I also like alot of other artists and I am happy for their nonminations. The difference between us is I don’t bad mouth the ones I dont like as you are doing!!

  54. Mindy says:

    Where is Charice!!!!! the very talented girl….GRRRRRR….

  55. Lori says:

    Where is Survivor????

  56. mmull5 says:

    Really upset that MUMFORD & SONS are did not get a nom for best new artist they had the best album of the year/the last 4 years I can’t stand the artist that are nominated it only shows me how horrible everyone taste in music is.

  57. Jenny says:

    What channel is it on?!?!?

  58. Karlee says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh how funny. The Glambert’s are striking again and are as over the top as he is. They haven’t figured out that not everyone, not most people, like anything about him or feel he should be nominated. Far more talented people are nominees. Give it a rest, it’s not homophobia if he isn’t nominated. Many many gays have been nominated before. It would be a farce if he was nominated.

  59. Reese says:

    LoL at Adam Lambert Fans. The story about the sold out tour is so funny, it’s easy to have sold out tours when most of the places you play the capacity is only 700 people and even like that he had trouble to have sold outs in other countries.

    And the story about Europe is false, he’s not even well known there or not known at all in most countries there, he only had a hit like in 3 of those countries and that’s all, but he’s album was a flop there and most people don’t know who he is and those who know don’t care about him.

    And his voice is very annoying, he’s ugly, his music suck and he’s nothing special, he copies other artists’ style too. He’s always namedropping famous artists to make headlines or doing desperate things to get attention. He sucks and that’s why nobody nominates him anywhere! He doesn’t deserve it.

  60. Let it go says:

    I really don’t think calling GLAAD makes any sense. YES, I think it is a shame that Adam Lambert was not on the ballot, but we just have to accept that the US is not ready for such a performer. In my eyes he is the best, but in others there is just fear of him. They don’t get him the way we do, but over time I hope he will be judged on his talent and not his sexual oriantation!

  61. lucy says:

    Lulu, people’s choice is meant to be people’s choice, which means that the majority of people don’t have Lambert in their minds. Enough said!

  62. karen says:

    So, Adam Lambert was not nominated. One more proof that his fanbase is pretty limited, not enough to get the nomination even when they were voting their fingers off the whole time.

  63. GlitteryandProud! says:

    OMG!! This is blatant HOMOPHOBIA!!! I’m contacting GLAAD RIGHT NOW and FORCING ADAM LAMBERT to be included! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    ADAM is the most talented performer EVER! HE will be bigger than the Beatles or Elvis! HE is totally new and fresh and innovative!!! and on top of that HE’S the only openly gay entertainer EVER!

  64. lulu says:

    i am very very disappointed adam’s name is not on the list. people’s choice is meant to be the peoples voices but it does not look that way.

    hang in there adam, we are here to support you all the way.

  65. AdamAddictGirl says:

    Wow. I am really shocked. I am a huge Adam Lambert fan, as is THE REST OF THE WORLD. Uh, hello!!! Is America’s media completely insane?? Adam has a sold out World Wide Tour, he’s number 1 in countries around the world, the hottest thing to happen, and he’s not nominated? Are you guys that clueless? #1 in Switzerland, hot in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the rest of Asia, Europe including Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, you name it, he’s HOT HOT HOT. But the US is absolutely clueless. I am absolutely ashamed that he is not getting the attention he aweseomely deserves!!!

  66. Tina says:

    You people need to get over the fact that Adam Lambert wasn’t on the ballot. Yeah, I’m a fan of his, but I’m not going to boycott something because he wasn’t on the People’s Choice award ballot. Get over it. Who I would have voted for hasn’t been on the ballot in years, but am I boycotting it? No. I’m over it. And you should grow up and get over it too.

  67. corinne says:

    Perhaps those who are responsible for putting on the Peoples Choice award show don’t trust Adam to behave well enough to take a chance of having him on their stage?

  68. Jadon says:

    Yay!! finally, i get to vote!!!

  69. diane says:

    SCAM! No adam lambert!!! Let the boycott begin!

  70. Debbie says:



  71. [...] Chiklis, Zachary Levi, AnnaLynne McCord, Malin Akerman, Audrina Patridge and the show’s Read more Share and [...]

  72. [...] Chiklis, Zachary Levi, AnnaLynne McCord, Malin Akerman, Audrina Patridge and the show’s Read more November 9th, 2010 | Category: [...]

  73. Kate says:

    Something is wrong.

    Adam Lambert is not on the 2011 list.

    This contest is fixed because it’s the same old people and I know the fans were voting for Adam Lambert like crazy.

  74. what a joke says:

    Don’t even try and tell me these award shows aren’t fixed!! Granted some of these people deserve to be nominated, but what is up with the constant snubbing of Adam Lambert! Well there’s go’s another award show I won’t be watching!!!!!!!!!

  75. TXsunshine says:

    After looking at the nominations in the Music catagory I can only figure out that the twitter votes were not counted. Some of the people in the Male Music catagory did not appear to have generated any twitter votes but there they are on the nomination list. I think the whole twitter vote thing was used to deter us from writing in votes on the main site. They knew upfront that Adam Lambert had a lot of fan support. I am sure they will come out with a good ” reason” they were not counted if enough questions are asked. Shame on you Peoples Choice!

  76. Terry Simmons aka MomTerryLady says:

    I’m terribly disappointed that Adam Lambert was not nominated for anything on People’s Choice. He is my favorite singer/artist of all time! Incredibly talented, sexy & entertaining! His voice is amazing! I’ll be a fan of his for life!

  77. damn says:

    haishhh…so those are the people’s choice?? i guess i am a nasty alien then…very disappointing indeed…i have had enough of these force-fed celebrities….good bye award shows~

  78. wendie says:

    you cannot tell me /us that adam lambert didnt get enough nominations ,everyones been voting for him ,well u miss out then ,your awards would have been alive with glam ,magic and pure genius talent that is our star adam lambert……there is no one in the world like him ….shame on you pca …..this awards farce is a waste of time…do you not read the peoples comments…..

  79. Michele says:

    Another scam. People Choice don’t you realize that since you allowed twitter voting that we could see the # of votes being cast? If you were not going to count the votes via twitter why waste our time! Votes for Mr. Lambert were overwhelming. We know it and you know it. Just take a look at the twitter feed!

  80. Robin says:

    Bullshit! Bullshit, bullshit! Did you get that 3 times? Sorry, this is bullshit! Where are the total tallies and votes? If you’re taking this anywhere seiously into the public–on TV or whatever,then publish the totals. Otherwise, this is just crap–sorry,but I’m tired of this malarky being handed out as legitimate public opinion. Who do you think you’re kidding?

  81. Diana says:

    I cannot believe The Karate Kid didn’t get more nods. Congrats to Jackie and Jaden but their movie should have gotten a nod. I guess it doesn’t matter because those Twilight brats who can’t act will win every freaking thing because of the 12 and 13 year olds who vote all freaking day and night because they are so cute…NOT, they look like freaks to me.

  82. BB says:

    I demand to see the # of nomination votes. There is no way Adam Lambert did not garner enough PC nominations. Adam Lambert fans were out in full force.

    Unless this is rigged too?

  83. JEKitten says:

    What was the point of allowing votes for write-in nominations if you had no intention of including any of them? Very disappointed.

  84. wendie says:

    omg ,what is going on ? this is a total farce ,i read the comments before the 9th and adam lambert was mentioned 100s of times .why are you ignoring this great talent? you should hang your heads in shame ……..

  85. Robin says:

    WTF—no Fabulous Beekman Boys? You guys are full of crap. There were thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets and on-line votes–and I don’t believe for one minute that this is a legitimate count. Sorry, but you guys are full of it and we’re just not believing this is legitimate. Maybe there’s a channel owner with some payola involved.I want to see a total count of all the votes placed. Otherwise, you guys have a big farce going on.

  86. itsajoke says:

    Words of advice to the amazing Adam Lambert.

    This is what I think you’ll have to do to get a nomination next year. Seems to be the criteria for the selection process (yes selection,not voting – right PCA?:

    Learn how to:

    1) lip-sync
    2) auto-tune like crazy
    3) sing out-of-tune as often as you can
    4) use swear words in most of your lyrics
    5) wear some meat to an event,and
    6) stop being so fabulous (it obviously doesn’t count!)

  87. Carin says:

    WTF’s going on????
    We Glamberts, Lambskanks, Lambrets, etc. have voted our ears of for Adam Lambert not just because he is the most talented musician out there today but also the most “alive” performer and not even beginning to describe those gorgous looks
    If Adam gets snubbed again like at the AMA’s , EMA’s, VMA’s (should I go on?) there’s seriously something wrong within the american “democratic” system

  88. Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein get vited in

  89. jk says:

    Where is TOKIO HOTEL?

    Almost all the tweets for #RockBand was for them!

    We also voted on the site!

  90. diane says:

    what kind of joke is this! you mean to tell me adam lambert didn’t win one of these categories! not buying it

  91. WshUpnASta says:

    I find it truly hard to believe that Adam Lambert was not nominated. I’m very disappointed that people have voted and no one listened.

  92. bonnie hawkins says:




  94. Andrew says:

    I’m glad Ellen Pompeo got a nomination!

  95. CZ says:

    ARE U KIDDING ME?? Adam Lambert was voted many many times. Are you NOT LISTENING to the people?? OMFG!!!

  96. Larry says:

    Is Adam Lambert on the list?

  97. Fran says:

    There is something horribly wrong here

  98. Cindy says:

    Adam Lambert!!! Hope he gets several nominations, he deserves them. GO Adam!

  99. Devonaire says:

    definitely Charice will get a spot this year, or else this is a scam

  100. It's raining glitter! says:

    I hope Adam Lambert gets nominated!

  101. jonathan says:

    wow seriously the website is down? 0_0

  102. Fran says:

    Anyone get an ADAM LAMBERT update yet?

  103. Norma says:

    Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. His Eric Northman is the best vampire!

  104. tara says:

    Adam Lambert better be a nominee or this is a SCAMMMM!!!!

  105. MaRiA30STM says:

    30 Seconds To Mars!!!!!!!! #Echelon 4 Life! <3

  106. HuddyHotness says:

    Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie and House for the WIN! I hope Lisa E. gets a nomination this year for the 1st time as TV Show Drama Actress! She so deserves the nomination :)

  107. Avery says:

    Hilary Duff’s movie better be nominated!

  108. G says:

    Paul Wesley please! Ian and Nina too.

  109. diane says:

    Adam Lambert Please!!!

  110. Melissa G. says:

    Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood!

  111. Galena says:

    grey’s anatomy please!
    Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo FTW!

  112. jonathan says:

    come on 30 mins late!!!

  113. Emma says:

    If Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan dont get in atleast one categorie each, im gonna go ape sh** !!!!

  114. Mimi says:

    Alexander Skarsgard for Favorite TV Drama Actor!

  115. Lisa says:

    Why is there no live feed for the announcements?

  116. AH says:

    announced where?
    seen on tv – live on website? any info PCA, please

  117. ali4adam says:


  118. ali4adam says:


  119. Lisa says:

    The Vampire Diaries – Ian Somerhalder – Nina Dobrev in every category possible. The most incredible show on TV hands down.

  120. lori cronk says:

    IAN SOMERHALDER….. And not just because he is a cutie! Actually, the whole cast and show is great..Nina Dobrev is so young, and talented!! Love the Vampire Diaries, and i am not a teen!! :O)

  121. Fran says:

    ADAM LAMBERT better be on the list!!

  122. Laura says:

    “Legend of the Seeker” please!!

  123. dempeo says:

    where are the results anw, arent they supposed to be up?!

  124. wantabevamp says:

    It must be Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley , and Nina Dobrev for The Vampire Diaries to win all there categories

  125. jonathan says:

    come on where are they???

  126. ohyestvdboys says:


    Alright The Vampire Diaries!

  127. Julie says:

    GLEE!!! Lea Michele!!! Jane Lynch!!! Cory Monteith!!!!

  128. jonathan says:

    come on Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard!!!

  129. IAN SOMERHALDER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  130. Doma says:


  131. Gilbert Castro says:

    I believe Charice — the very talented girl must have won something ….right ?

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