Daytime Emmys: Did You Watch?

By People's Choice | 8:28 am on June 28, 2010

Part of why I asked you to vote on Grown Ups, Knight and Day and Toy Story 3 on Friday was because even though the new movies boasted big stars, I sorta thought TS3 might prevail at the box office again, which it did. This weekend I caught a bunch of movies at the Los Angeles Film Festival and as I waited to enter screenings for (important, vaguely artsy but very good) movies, I couldn’t help noticing all of the kids at the concession stand jumping out of their skin to catch TS3 (which happened to be playing in the next theater) for the second, third and fourth time. Don’t get me wrong – the films at LAFF rocked, but it made me feel vaguely nostalgic for the days when you just couldn’t get enough of a movie. So much so, that you saw it over and over and over.                                                                                             

Also this weekend, PCA’s own Queen Latifah hosted the star-studded BET Awards — anyone want to weigh in on Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson? He broke down while singing Man in the Mirror which seems in no way surprising since I couldn’t get through the video when Michael was alive and singing it himself.

Who caught the Daytime Emmys? It was good Sunday night TV. Plus, it turned out to be a fitting farewell to As The World Turns. Did you think Regis did a good job hosting? I don’t know what it is about Reeej, but if anyone else said nine of ten things that come out of that man’s mouth I would accuse them of spewing of disingenuous platitudes. I’d call that person an affront to sincerity and all who practice it. For some reason, however, I totally buy Regis. Always have. I watch him and there’s something about his wide-eyed good nature, combined with his if-you’d-seen-what-I’ve-seen-in-this-biz demeanor that makes him, for me, ultimately charming. And he made the show move along nicely. Plus he weathered insults from David Letterman (who’d obviously hired a twelve year-old boy to author them) and that’s never easy. The Dick Clark tribute was excellent, peppered with acts whom Dick brought to American Bandstand just after World War 1, singing abbreviated versions of their songs. Now let’s take note here, because I think from now on this should be the super-smart way to go with musical numbers. If we agree that the best tip in showbiz for any live performer is “leave the audience wanting more” – let’s also agree that everyone should follow this mantra. Shortened songs are perfect! We get the taste, but we don’t have to regret having ingested the entire meal. It’s win-win. We all have YouTube. We can all watch extended versions of anything we want, any time we want. But here’s the what – when time is of the essence – like it is on these shows, let’s create musical numbers that keep everyone desperate for more. Then they went and honored the lovely Agnes Nixon –  queen of daytime drama, who happens to live in suburban Philadelphia, where I happened to grow up. Did she base characters and plotlines on that area? Nobody knows for sure, but there are an awful lot of familiar family names getting tossed around whenever I tune in. Just saying. The show was good, nobody talked for too long, and ATWT Best Actress winner Maura West brought her pretty adorable kid on stage, which kinda got me too. I’m not quite sure why David Copperfield was there, unless he happened to be walking  by (or I guess levitating near) the venue before they began the show. But if the inclusion of David Copperfield is the least interesting part of your awards show, you’re definitely doing something right.

That said, let us know which of these was your favorite part of the Daytime Emmys:

1)    Maura West (& kin)

2)    Honoring Dick Clark

3)    Regis

4)    Honoring Agnes Nixon

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  10. Sara says:

    David Copperfield blows.

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  12. Shiley Marten says:

    I loved Cash Cab winning for Game Shows. He’s quite a comedian too.

  13. Cherilyn says:

    I watched bits and pieces I really watched the baseball game….but I liked the segment where they honored Dick Clark…that man is a legend…..I watched American Bandstand on Saturdays in the ’70s and ’80s (I was born in ’69)…….I watch him every New Year’s Eve…to me it’s not New Year’s Eve without Dick Clark even though he has Ryan Seacrest to help now….it’s inspirational he came back from a stroke……like I said that man is a legend in music I hope he keeps going as long as he can…I like Dick :””)

  14. Jeanette says:

    Victoria Newman is an over-sexed woman, just take a look at her roles lately, the writers have taken her and made her to look like a woman who has no morals, she has striped her clothes off and jumped into bed with Billy Abbott at a drop of a hat, Nickie Newman is a control freak, always looking like the queen, but far from being one. This whole day time drama has to change their scripts and writers, at one time Young and the Restless had Awards and more awards, not anymore.

  15. Jeanette says:

    I did watch the Emmy awards last night and I was very, very disappointed. The Young and the Restless had only one award and that was to a young man who acts as an Abbott.
    The owners of this show, Y&R need to take a closer look at their product, their writers for the show need to get their act together and begin to write really good scripts, scripts that will bring out the very best in the actors and actress’ or they will lose all of their fans. I mean, take a look at their past and present scripts, they are repeats, like the kid-napping of Janna, the other lady, and of course, copying the make overs to make the other woman exactly like the other, that has been done before, so let’s move on please. The actors like Kane and Lily I truly love these two, the others like Victoria Newman, heck, her role is that of an over sexed woman ready to jump into bed with Billy Abbott. I am not impressed. I have been a fan for many years but now I don’t like what I see.

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