Dancing With The Stars: 3 Stars, 1 Mirror Ball Left

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It’s Tuesday. And on this night, Dancing With The Stars struts to a glorious and drama-filled end. You’ve  endured    less-than-great dancers, older American heroes waltzing around the stage with remarkable pluck & attitude, scene-stealing gossip magnets, hot athletes, saucy vixens and daytime drama dreamboats – and then there were just three really good dancers left. But much like the Lost finale, you have to deal with some true characters and even less appealing situations before you get to the end with good old-fashioned closure. It’s the same with DWTS. The only difference is that these stars get to bathe and shave frequently, with far more costume changes. By the way, guess who else showed up at a finale? Bret Michaels – who’s had a pretty bumpy road healthwise – managed to show up at the Celebrity Apprentice finale – which he then won. So there’s a little good news for a guy who can certainly use some. Congrats, Bret.  Now let’s get back to the dancing. Will it be Erin, Evan or Nicole? Kate Gosselin’s back – this, one would assume, is just part of her newly alleged $500,000 paycheck for DWTS. Last night there were more perfect scores and today, people are saying that it’s not as slam-dunk as they’d originally thought. Do you agree? Is it still Nicole’s to lose? Here now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know who will take home the mirror ball:





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