DWTS Loses Another; Idol – Who’s Going Home Tonight?

By People's Choice | 8:41 am on April 28, 2010

It’s Wednesday.  Did you watch  Dancing With The Stars?  Did you know this was going to happen?  More importantly, did you think he was actually going to cry?  We’re talking here about (Warning: spoiler ahead!)  Jake Pavelka, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time (except last night).  Here’s a guy who finally knows what it feels like to get sent packing – although, like so many of the others, this fellow looks to me like he’s going to be just fine.  And let’s not forget, he got the girl too.  It also looks, judging by your voting & comments, like you were not particularly surprised.  But now it’s probably going to get tricky, because we are left with a) raw talent,  b) genuine fan favorites,  and c) very few ‘easy targets” – so next week will be anyone’s guess.

Now  here’s big music news…the summer always means huge concerts and presumably, lots ofoutdoor fun.  We already know about the Warped Tour, Rihanna & Ke$ha, Lollapalooza, etc., but now Adam Lambert’s going to put on the dog as well.  Having sold 600,000 copies of “For Your Entertainment” he’s planning on entertaining us just a little bit more – with his very first solo tour (kickoff date? June 4th. Starting venue? Wilkes Barre, PA,  of course.)  Lambert will play at least 19 US dates, and he’s going to get a little help from another very hot Idol also-ran, 18-year old Allison Iraheta. Guitarist Orianthi will also warm up for Lambert on the tour.

Now on to American Idol: the show itself. So it was country night …did you catch the Big Six taking on mentor  Shania Twain’s  songbook?  The consensus from last night was that everyone did a nice job (and let’s face it, country music can be deceptive in that it usually looks easier to sing than it is) but nobody blew anyone away.  Which makes tonight that much trickier. Is it still Crystal’s to lose? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know who you think is going home tonight on Idol:




4) Michael

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  1. Shania Twain for me is the best country music singer of all times, I also like Taylor Swift but nothing will beat Shania Twain ‘`;

  2. wow! Shania Twain is still one of the most beautiful country music artist today,*,

  3. the thing that i like Shania Twain is her very emotionally driven songs–*

  4. what i do love shania twain is that she has a very pretty face and a good voice`**

  5. Louie Holmes says:

    she can really make great music and oh by the way Shania Twain is also very beautiful with perfectly sculpted teeth-”;

  6. Lexi Adams says:

    Shania Twain is way better than taylor swift when it comes to country music.;~”

  7. Darla says:

    I hope it is Aaron or Siobhan. I am ready for both of them to hit the road…

  8. lori says:

    Sorry to say that it will me Michael

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