Who Will Be This Year’s American Idol?

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It’s Wednesday, and we’re halfway there. First up, yesterday’s elimination round of “DWTS”. Well, you finally got what you asked for! Kate Gosselin will now return to her children, her authoring duties, and, if I had to guess, quite a bit more than one brand new reality show. No doubt in my mind we have not – no way – seen the end of this gal. Irritating as some people find her, you have to admit there is something kinda mesmerizing about her – which translates to “she gets people to tune in” – and isn’t that what TV is all about? Something to captivate and hook us? Speaking of what hooks us, just flew back from NYC to LA, and on the plane read the vaguely shocking results of a brand new study that says texting has now officially become the preferred communication of choice among teens. Way more popular than chatting on a cell phone. Which means they’d rather text than talk – can’t figure out whether this is a good thing or a bad thing as far as human interaction goes, but found it interesting nonetheless. Will this mean the end of “talking” as we know it? Moving on, we also have reports that Leonard Nimoy is planning to retire. After a very long, and verrrrry illustrious career. Which means that after he finishes his stint on “Fringe” he’s going to relax …no word yet on what this means for Trekkies and the whole convention business. NBC says they’re willing to give the freshman show “Parenthood” a chance and they’ve agreed to renew it for another season. Do you watch the show? Is this a good move? And finally, it’s now time to take your “American Idol” pulse. The top 7 sang inspirational songs under the guidance of one Alicia Keys, and everyone thinks they know exactly the two-person showdown that awaits. So, let’s say you have to had to pick an “Idol” winner TODAY. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us now which of these 4 will be the next American Idol:

1) Lee DeWyze
2) Siobhan Magnus
3) Crystal Bowersox
4) Casey James


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