DWTS is Tonight (Who’s Your Top Pick?)

By People's Choice | 8:39 am on March 22, 2010

Happy Monday. And Happy Birthday William Shatner, Reese Witherspoon, and Lena Olin — just to name a few of Hollywood’s finest — who are a year wiser today. Hope you had a good weekend. Seems Alice in Wonderland‘s done it again – Tim Burton’s 3-D fairy tale walloped everyone else at the movies and brought in $34 million more dollars. Now here’s something – Diary of a Wimpy Kid (remember, based on the book plus this movie got super-fantastic word of mouth) also scored big with $22 million bucks. They actually beat out the movie everyone thought would win – The Bounty Hunter. And Repo Men, which many thought would do very well (including this blogger) brought in a disappointing $6 million. (Disappointing to the studio that made the film, no one’s saying that $6 million clams for a weekend’s work would be a bummer for anyone else). Now for TV news. Did you know Rosie O’Donnell’s planning a TV comeback in the form of a brand new talk show? She is, and with all the speculation about Oprah’s departure in the fall of 2011 there’s now talk about whether Rosie will be able to take up some of the post-Oprah slack. Meanwhile Ellen  DeGeneres is apparently committed to her show til 2014, although as we’ve just seen with Jay and Conan, you never know where people will end up. But now let’s talk about the TV show you’ve all been waiting for, the one that’s FINALLY kicking off tonight at 8/7 central on ABC: “Dancing With The Stars”. To recap, we’ve got reality stars (Jake Pavelka, Kate Gosselin), athletes (Evan Lysacek, Chad Ochocinco), actors (Shannen Doherty, Aiden Turner, Niecy Nash, Pamela Anderson), TV personalities (Erin Andrews), hot singers (Nicole Scherzinger) and one very, very cool astronaut (Buzz Aldrin). Now you might be aware (I wasn’t til recently) that folks take betting on this show very seriously and that various sources have already handicapped the whole thing. They’re convinced they know exactly who’ll win, place, and show in this 10th season of DWTS. Without having seen anyone strut their stuff, the word on the street is that these 4 stars have the best shot. Do you agree with these odds-on favorites? If so, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these 4 will walk (or dance) away with the mirror ball this year.

1) Evan Lysacek

2)Chad Ochocinco

3) Nicole Scherzinger

4)Erin Andrews

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  1. Linda M. says:

    I think Nicole should win……I have to laugh when I read the comments. Just who do these people think are “A List” stars & who do they think is going to be on DWTS? Brad & Angie?? The question was who do you think will win, NOT if you’re going to watch the show. If you don’t like a poll go to another one.God knows they have enough of them for everyone. Just like change the channel, what does the average person have 150 channels? Move on or stay with the program. It’s funny what people take the time to say & do.

  2. gypsycat says:

    none of the above–i think aiden turner will leave them in the dust! go aiden!!

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