Oscar Snubs & Your Favorite Hosts?

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So now that SOME of the Oscar smoke has cleared and Kathryn Bigelow’s week is probably off to a pretty good start, a couple of items remain. First of all, there was a huge outcry over the fact that both Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur were omitted from the “In Memoriam” section of the Academy Awards’ broadcast. People were furious. Celebrities and fans alike tweeted their outrage (because nothing confers outrage like a ‘tweet”) The producers explained that it’s very tough to fit everyone in, and that time was running out (really? Looked like the show took its own sweet time). Lots of people quite disappointed about that oversight. Now John Hughes on the other hand — the man who brought us the Brat Pack and essentially defined a cinematic generation — was lauded with a very special presentation which this blogger (who fits into that very demographic) really liked. But Sandy B. was certainly the  big winner – did the People’s Choice voters see that coming or what? In other  news, seems Brooke Burke got the nod as Dancing With The Stars’ brand new co-host, as announced by her partner-to-be Tom Bergeron. Remember  DWTS kicks off March 22nd. And we have reports that Idol judging/empire-running/collarless-shirt-favoring Simon Cowell is getting married, and his hot GF Mezhgan Hussainy has the ice to prove it. Speaking of hot GF’s, lots of curiosity surrounding George Clooney’s sour puss scowl during the Oscars (even before he didn’t win the award nobody thought he’d win anyway on account of ole Jeff Bridges). But it turns out the frown was in fact scripted.  Here’s hoping his lengthy locks were somehow scripted too. As for his GF, no excuse was given for her frequent pout. Now yesterday we asked about the ladies and their dresses, and rather than ask you about the men (whose only creative fashion outlet is frequently facial hair)  let’s get to a non-clothing-related question for today’s poll. Let’s talk hosts. New and old. And who did the best job. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these host(s) from the past 10 years is your favorite?

1)    Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin

2)    Whoopi Goldberg

3)    Billy Crystal

4)    Ellen DeGeneres


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