Who Should Guest Star on Glee?

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It’s Tuesday. Of a short week. Which is awesome. And judging from your comments on yesterday’s poll, none of you were particularly surprised by Sunday’s Golden Globes…and from this I wonder: maybe if the folks who chose those “surprising”winners consulted with “The People” first, maybe there’d be no surprises at all. Right? Because let’s face it: at this moment in time, who doesn’t think Sandra Bullock has charm and talent coming out of her ears? That’s right. Speaking of Globe winners, Avatar just crossed the $500 million dollar mark here in the US…that’s an awful lot of green getting shelled out on an awful lot of blue. How about the late night wars? It turns out, Jay Leno has “no animosity” towards Conan O’Brien. Am I missing something here? Talented as Leno may be, hadn’t he pretty much said “good night”? The prime time thing was more of a “thanks for everything” from NBC, right? Wasn’t Jay basically going to go home and tinker with all those thousands of cars? So…why would he have animosity towards Conan? How mad can you be when, in order to accommodate you, the execs at your company bump somebody else to some weird TV-watching graveyard time? Tell me I’m missing something here because it’s puzzling. Of course all of them are going to be just fine. Now to the important stuff. After Glee’s Golden Globe triumph, everyone is abuzz about big celebrity guest stars…as in Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Lopez. Who are reportedly on board…plus there’s going to be an All-Madonna show. Now, if you’re a fan (and even if you’re not) who would you like to see tapped for the show? I am including people who may or may not have signed on the dotted line. Thus, for today’s featured poll voice your choice and let us know which star you’d be most excited to see as a special guest on Glee:

1) Adam Lambert

2) Queen Latifah

3) Madonna

4) Beyonce


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