Awards Recap # 1 – Pick Your Best Moments…

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Wow…what a show last night. The 2010 People’s Choice Awards pretty much owned the evening. Did you catch it? I was there, alongside a zillion other screaming fans and I have to say that, pretty much, the people got what they asked for. As in, two words: Johnny Depp. Among other things. I was there blogging in the audience and I have to say I was pretty blown away by the talent in attendance and on stage. Queen Latifah ran the thing beautifully, I thought.Twilight & New Moon’s Taylor Lautner & Kellan Lutz made sure nobody’s lungs were malfunctioning  in the audience.  Carrie Underwood was on fire, Cobra Starship RULED I felt  (even though I was pretty unfamiliar with their work until somewhat recently) and the most embarrassing thing for me to admit? Mary J. Blige…what PIPES! (Duh). And then there’s Glee. Did we mention how great it was that the People Chose Glee??  I was over the moon with this. What were your highlights? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which PCA 2010 moment was your own personal favorite. Was it:

1) Hugh Jackman

2) Sandra Bullock

3) Johnny Depp

4) Mary J.  Blige


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