What’s your favorite moment?

By People's Choice | 11:45 pm on January 6, 2010

So far…who of the presenters have you guys liked the most? How about the winners?

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  1. Billy Bomb says:

    I am very impressed with PINK’s songwriting/singing/acrobatics/and NEVER lip synchs set the bar higher for the music industry of those that lip synch (Britney Spears, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, etc). PINK’s concerts are Amazing and you never leave with regret for seeing her give her Fans everything she has as she is the Real Deal.

  2. Jonis says:

    Good Post. Can you email me back, please. Thanks so much.

  3. The part I remember most is the Taylor Swift moment.L.L. Cool J walking down to help her up the stairs. Then claping as he steps aside.Sowing the classy was to announce a winner at a awards show. Class Acts both of them. BRAVO!

  4. SarahLee Flanagan says:

    I am sorry to see Simon leave. I will probably not watch it again. I am not sure I will watch since Ellen D. is on there. The show will become a joke because that is her. Everything is a joke and all about Ellen. I feel bad for the contestants they don’t have a chance to be taken seriously. Couldn’t they find a good retired musician to be a judge??

  5. We went to the award show all the way from Casper Wyoming and had so much fun but the highlight of the show was for sure seeing Jonnie Depp get the celeberty of the decade award. He is one of the sexiest men alive!!!!!!

  6. kusjan says:

    My favorite moment from the People’s Choice Awards was when Keith Urban won for Favorite Male Artist. Great moment for Keith. He has such great fans that follow and support him.

  7. Ashley says:

    Johnny Depp was the best part of watching the awards, save the best for last!!!

  8. Marie says:

    I HATE that Twilight won THREE awards and Harry Potter (the greatest in the world) did not win any!! =[ Harry Potter is way better! Twilight was a HORRIBLE movie (but i have to say New Moon was way better because of Taylor Lautner!!!) <3

  9. Jessika says:

    I am so happy Mariah WON! She has been in the industry for a very long time, she has put in her hard work, and she deserved it! Yay Mariah!

  10. sheryl says:

    Johnny Depp really seemed humbled by the adoration. I know this is not his thing but I think it was important for him to be there for this. Let the fans know they are important to him. Anytime you have this much talent in a room it is a good time. Jackman is absoulutely the action hero for me.

  11. SureShot says:

    That angie and brad did NOT win!!!!!!!!! ANYTHING

  12. suu22 says:

    little less cvs a little more awards people

  13. EllP says:

    The cast of ‘Big Bang’s’ acceptance. They all looked and acted great, and I’m glad they won, because that show really is funny, and the Emmy’s snubbed them last fall. Also, Sandra Bullock, she’s really a people person and does alot, happy for her.

  14. Kalysa says:

    While I enjoyed the show with Queen Latifah as host and understand there is only so much time. I personally was really, really looking forward to seeing my favorite show, Supernatural, winning in their catagory (which they did!). They’re only in their 5th year. It’s too bad it wasn’t aired (or did I blink and miss it?)!! They were around before the current popular vampire hits.

    Congratulations to Johnny Depp too!

  15. Carl says:

    Hugh Laurie’s and Steve Carell’s speech FTW! Funny guys

  16. david says:

    i am looking for the name of one of the presenters
    it was a female with a black dress probably black and white mix heritage.Beautiful girl
    i didn’t recognize her name and now i’ve forgot it
    went to bed at 10:30 est
    driving me crazy

  17. Joann says:

    I thought the show was a huge disappointment. They could of had some of the awards they presented done earlier and had the main ones presented live. Until today I didn’t know who had won in alot of the main catorgories. I could of cared less about online catorgory, didnt even know about it. But favorite movie I did. Come on guys get your stuff together and put the awards right. It’s what the people want to see, not that other junk

  18. TREESA18 says:

    JOHNNY DEPP BEST ACTOR OF 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re the best Johnny Depp.

  19. Mary Ellen says:

    Oh gosh! It would have to be the horrible and poorly written Cloris Leachman skit. Who writes this crap? Obviously, people who have never worked their material in front of a live audience and only have other sophomoric colleagues to try their stupid ideas on. Please, PC Awards, hire real writing talent!

  20. Lisa says:

    They saved the best for last. Johnny Depp is truly a great actor and winning the decade award is icing on his cake. He really has portrayed an array of different characters on screen that is to be recognized and tonight he was. Another favorite moment was when The Big Bang Theory Won. Love the show; it is well written for one actor more than the others. Spread the love. Ashton Kutcher mentioning that he was posting his video online. That is why I logged on to post my comments on People’s Choice Awards. I guess he is posting his video on his website. Kodak making a comeback…

  21. TrueBloodLover27 says:


  22. Megan says:

    thank god Johnny won ! Robert Pattinson has only been around and well known for a year.. no way he should have won actor of the decade! Johnny has made a tremendous amount of fantastic work and he deserves the award!! I love you Johnny!

  23. heather says:

    i was can’t belive robert didn’t win. so sad

  24. Deivondre says:

    hey the new moon invitation to robert pattison was cool

  25. karolin says:

    who were the presenters for the award to the “breakout artist” ?? thank u

  26. lara says:

    Yeaaah!! Thank you DJ_Spike… Was Johnny there?

  27. Bunny says:

    JOHNNY DEPP Actor of the Decade now that is a fav. moment

  28. Lisa says:

    Love ya Johnny Depp… You rock… Great work… Truly a winner…beginning with 21 Jump Street….

  29. Yay! says:

    Greg Grunberg was a terrific presenter!! He was funny with truth. HEROES needs to be put on top again its such an AMAZING show!!

  30. DJ_Spike says:

    @lara — Johnny Depp.

  31. lara says:

    Hey, I’m from Germany so I can’t watch the show… but can someone tell me who did win the category favorite male actor? Sorry for my bad english :D

  32. Mark says:

    why are there so many commercials within the show. It’s bad enough we have to sit thru the regular commercials, but do we have to be bombarded with more during the show.

  33. Dancing says:

    ummm…an ad during a thank you speech? Yea, I’m done with this awards – that’s taking it too far

  34. DJ_Spike says:

    I don’t know about fave moment, but whoever wrote these so-called “jokes” for the presenters should be fired. None of them are even remotely funny!

  35. Celinda says:

    LL Cool J….Sexy

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