Best of: Your Fave Music Phenoms of 2009?

By People's Choice | 11:25 am on December 30, 2009

It’s Wednesday…midweek of the holiday week where you’re either a) in the workplace and not paying too much attention b) learning to snowboard with kids who make it look far less treacherous than it is or c) in the workplace doing something diligently, wishing you had the kind of job where you didn’t have to pay too much attention during this weird holiday week. Well,  the good news is that it’s almost over  — and New Years’ is almost here. So sit tight and wait for it because you’re about to relax, if you aren’t already doing so. We got tons of feedback from yesterday’s poll (thank you) and I now know just how you feel about the various big movie multi-part sagas that pull at our collective heartstrings. (And I think Daniel Radcliffe will be happy too). In entertainment news (and you’ll see by the looks of it that it’s a slow week in Tinseltown, too)  Taylor Swift and Twilight/ New Moon’s resident hunky werewolf have “split up”. I wonder now, what is it that should make us believe that they were actually together in the first place? It all seemed too easy with the impossibly cute matching names and all. Sounds like somebody’s PR dream to me. In other we-don’t-need -to-hear-about-it news, Denise Richards is threatening to “tell all” about Charlie Sheen which seems particularly, er,  well-timed. But back to the week…and back to the whole “Best Of” thing because you know the People’s Choice Awards are getting closer (we’ll all be there –live –  so tune in) and in the spirit of celebrating the just plain amazing people who have touched us this past year, let’s continue in our “Best of” poll series. Yesterday was about movies, let’s now focus our attention on the vocal performances…not in any particular categories (which may make it a little harder for you) but here, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us who’s your favorite “Musical Phenomenon” of 2009?

1) Lady Gaga

2) Adam Lambert

3) Susan Boyle

35 Responses

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  2. Kevin Hanko says:

    The Beatles have sold above 1 billion records across the globe, a record breaking achievement.

  3. Janice M. says:

    I am extremely surprised and disappointed that my favorite dynamic songbird Adam Lambert didn’t win a People’s Choice Award for Breakout Music Artist. I am very upset, and voters should have picked him, as the winner, and not Lady Gaga. That has hurt me very much.

  4. Kat says:

    It will be Susan Boyle hands down..she is the favorite and she has earned it with her magnificent well deserving…too..Go Susan have a magnificent 2010!

  5. kittybaroque says:

    DEFINITELY Adam Lambert! I can see appeal in each of these Artists who have their own unique sound however, in Adam I see an Artist with longevity, a unique perspective and a passion for life and, lets not forget, a KILLER vocal ability that he is sure to maximise.
    If we are looking for an Artist who is also an excellent role model (listen to all his interviews if you want to see why) and who can really shake up the industry and make it about ‘Music Again’ then Adam is the obvious choice.

  6. Susan says:

    Only music I enjoyed all year was Adam Lambert! The guy is amazing and the only one I would pay to go see! Wish he was perfoming on your show! Not sure I will even tune in now! Cant understand why the biggest most talented artist would not have been snatched up to perfom! I am from Canada and am looking forward to Adam solo touring so I can finally SEE him!

  7. C.Hill says:

    In response to the Gwen and robin 12/30/09 comments:

    One of our country’s most precious treasures is our constitutional right to free speech, and hence, self expression. We are allowed and encouraged to speak our personal truths, whether others agree or not, as long as they do not harm anyone else’s rights. So, I do respect anyone’s personal right to express their personal negative opinion of Adam and his talents. However, that said, those rights are as far as those negative opinions go with me personally, but obviously I’m not alone. On an intellectual level, I can understand that not all listeners will (or are even able to) appreciate the vocal acrobatics that Adam is capable of. On a purely appreciative level, for the life of me, I can’t understand why not all listeners aren’t able to hear him and just go nuts over the power, range, and beauty of every note he sings. (I note here that the man is human and not always spot on – but damned near. Yes, I am alluding to AMA [forgiven!!]) But that’s just my personal opinion, and it dosen’t stop me from “trying” to understand those wandering out in the audio wilderness.

    I’m reminded of one of my son’s high school science classes where each student was to taste a variety of foods. Some kids loved some flavors, some were indifferent, and others hated some of the flavors because they perceived them as bitter. The loose explanation is that the teacher was demonstrating, because of a genetic marker, some students could taste specific chemicals that they perceived as bitter, some – because of a different genetic marker- liked the food, and still other tasters couldn’t make a distinction. Since Adam’s entrance onto the world stage (and I do mean World Stage), writers on other forums have given their negative opinions of what they perceived as Adam’s “screaming”. In my quest to understand these souls, and based on the science teacher’s demo, my guess is that some listeners just don’t have the gene that allows audio appreciation of Adam’s vocal range – chalk it up to some wild, way out-there, other genetic marker that makes those who are unable to appreciate his vocal range interpret it as screaming. Such a pity for those missing the appreciative gene – they don’t got it, so they don’t “get” it . Yes, indeed, a pity. They don’t understand what they’re missing, so choose to be derogatory. They will fade away; Adam, our genuine American Idol, won’t. This singer/actor/entertainer is, and will remain, “the Real Deal” whether he wins TPCA or not.

  8. AnnieWT says:

    Adam Lambert hands down won the new breakout artist poll by a 62% margin. Are you presenting him with this award on your show tomorrow night?

  9. sarah says:

    Adam all the way! ok why isnt Adam on the list of people to appear on the awards? Dont u people realize that Adam is the reason most people will tune into the show? He has this spot won for sure, surely he will be there yo accept his award right?

  10. lily says:

    adam lambert all the way! he is the new star and the hottest star of 2010. GRRREEAAAT VOCAL POWERT. i listen to his album non stop, when i work out, it gives me the fast tempo, when i am driving, when i am at home and before i go to bed.

  11. dfwmusiclvr says:

    I wish nothing but the best for these three very talented artists, but Adam Lambert easily got my vote. It’s been too many years since a new album release has been so deep in potential pop hits. I’m confident that his sales and popularity will continue to grow, both domestically and internationally.

    I’ve always been a passionate music lover, but over the last 15 years I’ve found most top 40 music to be disturbingly formulaic and mediocre. Until Adam Lambert came along I’d never been a “fan” of an artist, but Adam’s combination of charisma, versatility and technical skill vocally (hitting every note on the guitar with perfect pitch and in full voice) is absolutely astounding. To top it off he has a winning personality with a great sense of humor (his album cover being one example), and considering that his career didn’t officially launch until November 23rd, 2009, his charity work has been impressive. He raised over $250,000 for Donor’s Choose to help fund public school programs.

    The economic downturn and the short-sightedness of the music industry concerning file sharing have resulted in dramatic drops in record sales for nearly all genres, but compared with sales of this year’s other releases (excluding SuBo), Adam’s sales of FYE are quite strong.

    Thanks to the unusual “perfect storm” created by Susan’s story going worldwide in the age of YouTube, combined with the fact that her fans tend to occupy the demographic least likely to know how to pirate music, Susan’s sales have been stellar. After watching her 60 Minutes interview I’m also more impressed with her as a person. I’m pulling for her and I’m glad she’s doing well. That said, after listening to all the tracks on her album I don’t consider her to be a “Musical Phenomenon”. Her covers are quite listenable, but most of them don’t rise above what I believe are better past performances of the same songs.

    Lady Gaga is a terrific entertainer. I love her music and her performance art. The deeper meanings of her interpretations are under-appreciated.

    As a 46 year old man, I’m too young to have fully experienced the impact of Elvis or the Beatles first hand. Although opinions about Adam will probably always be polarized, his career has barely started. I fully expect that he’ll be iconic.

  12. DQ says:

    I’d say Lady GaGa… but i gotta say Susan Boyle has an amazing voice!.

  13. ML says:

    All 3 talented. Wouldn’t consider Gaga phenom of 2009, but rather 2008, so have to go w/ Lambert. SuBo wonderful, but a “niche” sort of an entertainer, and though the same could actually be said of Lambert – I think he has, but more importantly will continue to, show great range.

  14. Dana says:

    I would say Kelly Clarkson!!!! But new in 2009 I think I would pick Adam

  15. Twisted Sister says:

    Adam hands down. Lady GaGa is amazing and Susan Boyle has a great voice but Adam is my favorite.
    Haters go get a life.

  16. Alixx says:

    um wow none actually….
    and im still pissed they closed the voting.. i didnt get to vote.. i only found out about the peoples choice awards last week.

  17. Toni14 says:

    Around 6:30 today, Sunday Jan 3rd, I was entering votes in the music phenomenom category. The numbers for Susan started to rapidly change (in some cases within seconds) and I was soon blocked from entering my choice. Is there a problem????????

  18. roya says:

    My vote is for Adam. Close your eyes and just listen to his fantastic voice.

  19. Sharon says:

    On TV and the People’s Choice Awards site, the last date to vote should be announced. On TV it doesn’t even tell us where to go to vote. When I tried to vote on a couple of categories today, nothing happened. If it’s passed the deadline, then a message should let me know. I would have voted earlier if I had heard more info from Queen Latifa on her TV message. Please get more info out next year, okay? Thanks. I’m sure if you do, you’ll get more votes.

  20. Carol says:

    Adam Lambert’s voice and character are what put him over the top for me. He is someone special that we are lucky enough to be around to enjoy

  21. Jacqui says:

    Gaga is great but Adam Lambert is brilliant. Best entertainer to come on the scene for years. He gets my vote for sure.

  22. Joanie says:

    I gave my vote to Adam, He has the vocals, the personality, he’s major sexy. Have been watching him for a year now and I like him better than anyone out there today…..the most talented and sexy person in the industry today…

  23. Lisa says:

    I’ve loved Adam Lambert from the start, & he has become such a superstar! He deserves this award!! Please vote!!

  24. John says:

    I love Gaga for her crazy performances, she is one helleva singer but this time I gave my vote to Adam Lambert. Out of the 3 he definitely has the BEST voice of the three and he blows me away each time! He’s awesomely talented and deserves my vote!!! Subo has a beautiful voice but unfortunately I am not into her type of music.

  25. Kristina says:

    Adam is by far the winner here.
    GaGa is good and everything but her voice is nothing special.
    SuBo does a wonderful job with cover songs. And she sings them all the same.
    Adam has an extrememly huge vocal range. He can sing ballads, pop, rock, and opera.
    Yep, Adam wins!

  26. Alexa says:

    adam lambert. no doubt about it. people who think that he is horrible have no taste in music. theyre homopohic and dont understand that he could sing anything on the scale, and more. just look at his album fye, he sings everything in there for everyone.

  27. Harpreet says:

    I think that Kris Allen should win the people choice award for breakout artist!!!!!! People just underestimate him and that’s why alot of people were shocked when he won american idol. Also he has a way sexier voice than adam lambert.

  28. Janice M. says:

    I would select Adam Lambert as People’s Choice Award winner, as Favorite New Breakout Music Artist. His voice is strong and well-appeared on a number of shows.

  29. HayLaura says:

    I think they are all great and oh so different…
    It has been a great year of music… looking
    forward to even more in 2010

  30. Melissaa says:

    I think an argument can be made for all three, and I love me some Gaga, but Adam Lambert is hands down my favorite. From his stunning performances every week during Idol, to the 20 minute set that absolutely blew me away during the summer Idol tour, to his debut CD which weeks after its drop is still in heavy rotation in my life, his music has dominated the year for me. Love the guy!

  31. Gwen says:

    Why would you not have someone like Taylor Swift? She has won every award there is to win and she has such class as well. Your choices are a little lame.

  32. Gwen says:

    Adam Lambert yuck!!!!! That screaming voice no way. Actually none of the the mentioned, sorry

  33. robin says:

    adam is a disgrace he should be in jail for public indecency he has no talent and that is why he performed like an idiot

  34. Jenn says:

    Though I think Lady Gaga is amazing, there is just no one with a better voice and more phenomenal than Adam Lambert!!

  35. Voting was closed on Dec 8th for most categories. They need to be clearer on the home page.

    Favorite Movie 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Movie Actor 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Movie Actress 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Comedy Movie 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Breakout Actor 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Breakout Actress 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Action Star 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Comedic Star 11/10/08 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite On Screen Team 11/10/08 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Drama 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Comedy 11/10/08 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Drama Actor 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Drama Actress 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Comedy Actor 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Comedy Actress 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Competition Show 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite TV Obsession 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite New TV Drama 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 1/06/10 10:00PM EST
    Favorite New TV Comedy 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 1/06/09 10:00PM EST
    Favorite Animal Show 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Male Artist 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Female Artist 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Pop Artist 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite R&B Artist 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Rock Band 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Country Artist 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Breakout Music Artist 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST
    Favorite Music Collaboration 11/10/09 12:30PM EST 12/8/09 11:59PM EST

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