Disney, Adam Lambert for Lunch & Fave Stars Under 25

By People's Choice | 1:51 pm on December 14, 2009

Happy Monday.  Hope you’re getting in the holiday spirit..did you happen to catch The Princess & The Frog? Were you part of the throng contributing to the Disney film’s $25 million dollar opening weekend payday?  Or were you part of the unstoppable Blind Side machine — over $150 million so far.  In our PCA Polls, I’m still stunned by how emphatically you all duked it out over a lunchdate with Michelle Obama versus Adam Lambert (and evidently most of you would leave the Lady Gaga and Kate Gosselin to dine solo).  Didn’t know you all had such strong opinions; thanks for the great feedback.  In TV news,  remember Melissa Rycroft, who got a raw deal on The Bachelor  (who Jason picked, only to rethink his decision later and then go back to the former jiltee, Molly)? And then she went on to win audiences over on Dancing With The Stars?  Well, she got married this weekend to insurance agent Tye Strickland in Mexico.  Congratulations, Melissa.  And now, in the Wildly-Famous-But-Still-Can’t -Rent-a-Car Department, we want to wish a very happy 21st Birthday to High School Musical (s) actress Vanessa Hudgens.  Speaking of the under-25 set, there are an awful lot of very young stars making some very adult money, and attracting legions of multi-generational fans.  Many of them are super adorable, although lots of them do get swept up in the Hollywood machine if fame comes too early. Thus, let’s throw 4 of them out for you to consider in today’s featured poll. Voice your choice and tell us which of these young things — in your opinion — has got what it takes to enjoy the longest and most successful career?

1) Vanessa Hudgens

2) Daniel Radcliffe

3) Taylor Swift

4) Zac Efron

15 Responses

  1. Chad Randa says:

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  2. Harry Potter is the best, i really like Daniel Radcliffe because he acts very well -,-

  3. wendie says:

    hello ,what a load of bullshit .i know that thousands of people have voted on here for adam lambert to win best male and best breakout ? what is going on? are you insane ,we know this is a fix .why are you ignoring adams votes ? shame on you and your loss ……..peoples choice? u r just a joke…..

  4. how can you print in Decmeber what people said in April about Idol??? this is stupid. of course, Adam should have won and he really did win, for he is now nominated for a Grammy with his single, while the “other one” made only a record nobody bought. self-explanatory.

  5. I do not understand yourpoll for peoples choice?
    nor about best movie releases.
    YOU FORGOT ‘THE KINGS SPEECH”- t here are movies that are not for teeners.
    as to peoples choice– do we vote for one male and one female or one only? you never explained.

  6. Daniel Radcliffe should have mature roles in new movies to further advance his career;’`

  7. the best voice i have heard is from adam lambert, he would really become more famous ;.;

  8. Isabel Lee says:

    Daniel Radcliffe is much older now, i wonder what would be his future roles on future movies,*.

  9. adam lambert is now becoming a rising star and i am happy with that:**

  10. Eve Reid says:

    Adam Lambert should have been the winner of American Idol, such a great talent -

  11. i thought that adam lambert should have won the american idol singing contest.*;*

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  13. Daniel Radcliffe is a good actor and good looking too.””`

  14. Megan Ally says:

    I could say that Adam Lambert has got to be the winner on American Idol. He has excellent stage performance and nice voice too. ~

  15. Alfie Davies says:

    I could say that Adam Lambert has got to be the winner on American Idol. He has excellent stage performance and nice voice too.”

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