Babies, TV Cancellations & Fave Legal Shows

By People's Choice | 10:32 am on December 2, 2009

TNT's Rasing The BarBoy,  are you all passionate about your medical dramas! And peeved at CBS’  removal of Three Rivers! I had no idea. Well, it’s Wednesday and first up, all the Hollywood insiders  say ABC’s Ugly Betty is moving to Wednesdays…apparently they want to take it out of that Friday graveyard spot. Plus, we have some good music news…Lisa Loeb (remember: “Stay (I Missed You) from the movie Reality Bites, plus she had her own reality show) had a baby with her husband  Roey Hershkovitz  whom they named Lila Rose Loeb Hershkovitz. Which made me think about songs that are inextricably tied t the movies. Which is exactly why  down the road I’m going to ask you all about the songs you identify (and that become somehow synonymous with ) movies…like Lisa Loeb’s, like In Your Eyes and Say Anything, like Don’t You (Forget About Me) and The Breakfast Club...but for today, let’s get back to voting on TV. As in, yesterday’s talk of Three Rivers’ demise made me wonder about your favorite medical dramas. So now, while we’re still smarting from the cancellation of  TNT’s Raising The Bar, let’s talk about legal dramas. With this cancellation in mind, let us know about legal shows you’ve loved. And now, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these legal shows is your fave.

1) The Practice

2) Raising the Bar

3) Law & Order

4) Boston Legal

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  1. Maya Brooks says:

    Boston Legal is one of the longest running coutroom drama TV series:,.

  2. i still watch Boston Legal because for me, this is the best coutroom drama TV series”::

  3. cassey says:

    Why isn’t Drop Dead Diva included in the Poll? -It is beyond great and deserves to be included.

  4. Linda M. says:

    with so little GOOD TV to watch anymore, I’m sick about the cancelling of Eastwick & Three Rivers! Three rivers brings light to a very important medical issue that so few really think about until it’s too late. And Eastwick is the best thing to come to TV since Desparate Housewives. With the latter dropping in story lines & comedy, I looked forward to Eastwick for my “girl power”. My God, next they’ll be cancelling Fast Forward……then I’ll know something is very wrong somewhere!

  5. jessica says:

    I am upset that they are canceling Eastwick. They were just hitting there stride. It is an amazing show.

  6. Sandra Edwards says:

    I do not understand why they are canceling Three Rivers. It is a great show and it helps shows the emotions of what it is like to be doctors. Its a great show where sex is not an issue I really loved the show and hope they will reconsider!!!!! SO DISSAPOINTED!!!

  7. lucilia says:

    i agree with you Kym, seems that Alex his bigger than they are and so the’re afraid to put him on air. CBS for me vanished… they don t make shows series or tv for us but for themselves and specielly for men, little men …. sport are good but putting awareness of Humankind about the organ donations wasn t big enough? It isn’t more important than seeing 11 or more guys chasing and running with a ball? supposse not. hope that the top chef of CBS doesn t going to need some organ so that he can see how important was Three Rivers….. let s get toghether against them..stop watching…..

  8. Kym White says:

    Well, CBS has struck again. This time with Three Rivers. I vowed I’d never watch another CBS show after Moonlight was cancelled, but Alex O’Loughlin was the draw to watch Three Rivers…..

    Very disappointing CBS…..again!!

  9. lucilia oliveira says:

    why CBS pulled out Three Rivers? Besides being a great tv series it’s a way to people be aware of the tragedy and to tell people how important is donnating organs…. Why? Why is football or basket more important than human lives? for as i concern i don’t ever watch CBS. It’s dessapointing and again with actor Alex O’Loughlin. All the others in T.R are great. You should be ashame

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