PCA’s, Taylor Swift & Favorite Johnny Depp films

By People's Choice | 11:08 am on November 13, 2009

It’s Friday…what a week. For one thing, PCA nominations came out (more on today’s Favorite Male Movie Star nominee in a moment). But first, how about Taylor Swift (also a PCA nominee, by the way)?!  This little starlet swept the CMA’s and demonstrated that you can be young and funny and apparently very gracious too — as we learned during last weekend’s SNL.  Hard to imagine that this young lady’s star could be any more on the rise, but it looks like we’ll be watching her sparkle for many years to come.

Couple of movies opening this weekend …some quite interesting but only one looks like a cash cow. Essentially it seems nobody wants to get in the way of 2012 (remember, we were warned) because there’s an apocalyptic-Mayan-Calendar-based-John-Cusack-end-of-the-world vehicle with “box office champ” written all over it.  We also have a movie opening called Pirate Radio, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman that’s all about a 1960′s radio station that broadcast from a ship off the coast of England.  Then, for the family (but it looks smart too…I’m betting you could catch this on a non-kid date and enjoy it as well) called The Fantastic Mr. Fox with the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray. I tend to think these guys make pretty good movie choices. You might also watch Woody Harrelson in The Messenger, or perhaps you’ll catch a cool little movie called Dare with Ana Gasteyer, Emmy Rossum and Sandra Bernhard. Or maybe you’ll just get lots of popcorn, forget about plausibility and make Roland Emmerich (director of 2012) even richer. Which I suspect lots of folks will. I thought the trailer was pretty wild.

Now for today’s poll. The past two days we’ve asked about two of the Favorite Movie Stars — Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman. Now let’s look at Mr. Johnny Depp and find out which of this movie star’s films are your favorites. Once again, I’m tossing out 4 random Depp films. Voice your choice in todays featured poll and tell us which of these listed is your favorite.

1) Edward Scissorhands

2) Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

3) Finding Neverland

4) Pirates of the Caribbean

11 Responses

  1. Hassie Kuba says:

    Johnny Depp. I have been a follower since late 80′s he has come a long way I am only a year and half behind him in age I THINK he’s most talent and hottest man alive

  2. Ross Kuakini says:

    Sounds like Taylor Swift’s Foxboro show was excellent. Wish I could have been in the audience.

  3. I’m longing for Taylor Swift’s new album. Feels like ages since her previous one.

  4. Sarah Clark says:

    Taylor Swift is the best country-pop singer today. I love all her songs and i love the she dress. She is pretty too. “

  5. Steven West says:

    I always new that Taylor Swift had an angel voice, but after watching her episode of CSI for the third time, I was pleased to find just how multi-talented she TRUELY is. Too bad her character had to die. It would have been super to have her in a semi-recurring role. Keep up the superb work, Ms Swift.

  6. Jess Shanahan says:

    Edward Scissorhands
    Pirates of the Caribbean defentily all of them
    Good choises .. love your music taylor .. i wonder how it would be famous have screaming fans running after you everytime .. just wanted to wish luck ♥♥

  7. Vassy says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean definetely

  8. Shannon says:

    Meryl Streep totally should have been one of the nominees!

  9. Nikki says:

    I think Taylor Swift is as sweet as can be, she really seems to care deeply for her fans and I like that she takes the time to talk with the little ones and make their days. She is also a very talented young lady she sure can write, she so deserved the Album of the Year award I also thought she deserved the video of the year award. However that is where it should’ve ended. To give this youngster the award for female over Martina McBride who can sing the phone book and sound amazing is ridiculous in my opo also Carrie is a very wonderful singer even she deserved it far more, but personally I feel it should have gone to Martina without a doubt, this lady is amazing and also good to her fans and she worked very hard this year, released an amazing album of her own. Then when I heard my favorite artists Tim & Faith were handing out the award for EOTY I got really nervous, I was okay are they giving it to Kenny as him and Tim were real close at one time, but my gut ached at the thought they might actually do something as ridiculous as they did and give it to Taylor, I have been a huge fan of country music forever, but by golly George Jones and Wy Judd have it so very right, I am not even going to bother to watch any more of these award shows as they are trully ridiculous, if she can win this its true her daddy can buy her any vote for anything he wants and the entertainment business is going to hell in a handbasket! Its funny too as she said she hoped she’d get nominated as if she knew she had it in the bag, so go figure! This is just my opo, but I sure do know I am not alone!

  10. Lisa Hilson says:

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    Not doing any advertising but go on my website to understand what I mean.

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