David Cook, Southland, DWTS: Who’s Out?

By People's Choice | 10:25 am on November 3, 2009

Two words today: David Cook. With the arrival of Carrie Underwood’s CD Play On and yesterday’s poll about former Idols  you’re most psyched about, it seems lots of you are overwhelmingly keen on David Cook, who wasn’t one of the four choices. Next time, I promise! Plus we have Hollywood  baby news: first, actor Mel Gibson and his current GF Oksana Grigorieva, are the new parents of a daughter named Lucia (and baby makes 8 for papa Mel). Also, actress Mary Stuart Masterson had a baby boy with hub Jeremy Davidson. (If MSM’s name’s  not ringing a bell, think Fried Green Tomatoes and one of my personal favorites, Some Kind Of Wonderful). Congratulations. And some REALLY good news for all of you Southland fans — and there are plenty. TNT has rescued the drama which NBC cancelled a few weeks back. So rest assured, Ben McKenzie is still on the beat. Speaking of beats — it’s Tuesday and we know what that means. Time to check in on Dancing With The Stars to see who’s going home tonight in another double elimination round. Who’s left? Why is everyone getting sick? (And who thinks the “stars” should have been designing any of the dancers’ costumes??) So — remaining we have: Donny, Michael Irvin, Mark Dacascos, Mya, Aaron Carter, Kelly Osbourne, and Joanna Krupa. The musical guest tonight will be none other than Rod Stewart. But wait!  That’s not all we get, because there will also be a special appearance by the “Ballas Hough Band” (comprised of — you guessed it — Mark Ballas and Derek Hough). They’ll be performing their new single “Move”. We’ll see about that. But now,  for today’s featured poll:  how about you all voice your choice and let us know which “stars” are not going to make it ’til Wednesday?

1) Michael Irvin

2) Mark Dacascos

3) Kelly Osbourne

4) Aaron Carter

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  1. Waffeln says:

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  3. m vallorani says:

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  4. Incipit says:

    As I understand it, last year there was no category for break out artist. This year, as I went through the cumbersome and curious process of voting for someone I had no interest in, just so I could do a write in vote, I wondered at your criteria for a break-out artist, or a favorite singer, why was it not necessary that there even be an album out at the time of the nomination?

    David Cook’s accomplishments are already well covered in other comments…including the music and platinum awards one could judge by. It’s very strange to see people nominated before they even have music, no matter how talented they may turn out to be, this time next year.

  5. Vicki says:

    Now Shirley has me wondering the same thing…
    Are you referring to just the nominations?
    Because I thought we would find out on Novemeber 10th

  6. Shirley says:

    I wonder if the backlash on this site is enough for PCA to reconsider and add David Cook to SEVERAL of the ballots. Off the top of my head: Best Male Vocalist, Best Rock Group (David Cook & Anthemic), Favorite Pop Artist, Best Duet (Carrie Underwood & David Cook), I’m sure there’s more…

  7. Shirley says:

    Does the “next time” comment from the writer mean that David WILL BE included in this year’s voting? He should have been nominated for breakout artist, best group (David Cook & Anthemic), best male vocalist, best pop artist, etc. Will he be included so we can vote for him on Nov 10, or are you going to continue to ignore his fans who may or may not vote on this site if he’s still being dissed? Just wondering…

  8. Deborah says:

    It is time to come out from the cave People’s Choice. How David Cook could have been ” Overlooked” is beyond an insult to David and his fans it is downright inexcusable! Then you set up confusing voting polls with rules that make absolutely NO SENSE ! I am appalled at your total LACK of professionalism .. People’s Choice is that just YOU people or what ???

  9. Vicki says:

    correction to my comment re: David Cook on Twitter

    He joined Twitter Aug 12th and already has over 71,000 followers to date.

  10. Vicki says:

    I really do not understand how David Cook got overlooked.

    His self titled album went platinum as did two of his singles Time of My Life and Light On.
    and per

    Chart Beat: Elton John, David Cook, Maxwell
    by Edited by Gary Trust | June 24, 2009 3:35 EDT

    “On the Adult Contemporary chart’s sister survey, Adult Top 40, David Cook completes a feat previously achieved by only two solo males.

    Cook collects his third top 10, as “Come Back to Me” lifts 11-10.

    All three songs appear on Cook’s self-titled debut album, which bowed at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in December and has sold 1,174,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    Only two other male soloists have notched at least three top 10s from an album in the Adult Top 40 chart’s 13-year history….”

    Time of My Life won Song of the Year at Nashville Music Awards

    His Declaration Tour which started Feb 13 this year and booked through Dec 31 has been extremely successful
    He has had 137 tour shows to date with the majority of them sold out. When he surpassed 120 he broke a record for American Idol tour debut.

    David Cook is an amazing performer and has a huge following.

    He joined Twitter Aug 12th and to date and already has over 71,000 followers to date.

    Peoples Choice? David Cook

    - ladynsearch

  11. Shirley says:

    David Cook never should have been left off, and I find the process required for your write-in votes to be ambiguous. Why do you have to nominate someone actually already on the list in order for a write-in nomination to count? Huh? I can’t tell you how many times I wrote in David Cook without nominating someone else on the list on several of the ballots, so all of those votes don’t count? Not fair!

  12. santana says:

    You deeply insulted a large portion of the music-listening public by dissing David Cook (by not nominating him.) Have you lived under a rock for the past 18 months? Others have said it well already: David’s a platinum selling artist, sells out concerts regularly, just gets better and better-in other words, he’s a proven artist and winner, whereas the glittery-hype alien hasn’t proved anything except that he is good at getting attention. David will be around for years to come, and winning real awards, not these pretend ones, when shows like yours and performers like Lambert have vanished back into obscurity.
    Have fun with your show because I’ll never watch it again.

  13. Connie says:

    Who’s choice? Obviously you do not consult the public before you put your nomination voting up. David Cook should never have been left off the list. What alternate universe do you live in? For those who agree with me, write in his name. Unfortunately, People’s Choice has made it difficult. You MUST nominate another act in order for the write in vote to be submitted. Kind of bogus if you ask me.

    The failure of People’s Choice to recognize REAL talent rather than shock value coupled with studio gimmicks stuns me. David Cook has a pure talent for both songwriting and singing that is obvious in his live shows should anyone in Hollywood or the press care to check it out.

    Yes, the music industry is broken if people like David Cook and his bandmates (all extremely talented in their own right) are left “undiscovered” for so many years.

  14. Jackiefan says:

    You can add me to the list of those who are really disappointed that David Cook was overlooked in ALL of the categories of potential nominees for the People’s Choice Awards. I can’t believe that his name would not be included particularly in the Breakout Artist category. David has had proven success with a platinum selling debut CD and 2 platinum singles not to mention his highly successful “Declaration Tour” which has been extended to 10 months. David has worked so hard this year breaking his neck to please all of his fans, his record label, the media, and his fellow bandmates and touring crew. He is one classy guy with an extraordinary voice and a big heart. He will make it without a nod from PCA but what a disappointment to see him left out of the nomination categories.

  15. Lacey says:

    Whatever. You didn’t give the people a chance to nominate David Cook – didn’t put him on the ballot despite him having had a great year and a ton of admirers. Can’t respect your show for that. Have fun.

  16. Katie says:

    David Cook’s MUSIC is stellar. He is the best guy on the planet. He has been writing and performing his OWN frakkin music since he was 15. His lyrics are so much better than 99.9% of the — that is nominated for these “awards”. He writes his melodies first and they are beautiful – even better acoustic when they stand alone.

    He has been on the road for over 9 months straight because his shows are AMAZING live. God, the people who do media in HOLLYWOOD have noodles for brains, haha.

    Instead we get same old crap. And new SHOCKING acts like Adam YAWN Lambert. Yeah, shock us Adam cuz we just don’t get enough of that sh*t with Brittney and every other boring over rated pop star in the world.

    Cook says in A Daily Anthem, “Break your neck for some substance, this is temporary sanity – an exercise in vanity ; so long to the ordinary day, rock with fictitious tales of how there’s any other way.” Pretty much sums up what he’s done – problem is no one in music biz ( probably esp his label, lol) even understands those lines, ;-)

    I don’t know why Cook’s gazillion fans continue to post on these forums. The music industry is broken. No one hears us. As long as we can go see Cook, Neal, Andy, Kyle & Monty LIVE, get their CDs, & create our own slacker radio stations & Ipod playlists, I guess we’ll be ok. It just sucks though, cuz he’s the best thing going.

  17. jayelgee1 says:

    It is just astounding that you left David Cook off the nominations. He is an enormous talent with incredible charisma,heart and a voice that is unmatched. We Cook fans will come out in force to support David in any way we can. Thanks for recognizing your mistake.

  18. Sandy says:

    David Cook has a huge fandom and overlooking him is not a good idea. I don’t know what you were thinking, he is the most amazing new artist out there. His accomplishments have already been stated, his voice is stunning, he is original, vibrant and a beautiful human being. I’m sure you are finding he has a tremendous amount of write in votes. Thank you for recognizing him in the future.

  19. maci says:

    Voting David Cook as write in for PCA because he wasn’t listed in any categories. Seems like a platinum album,2 platinum singles,and a very popular tour would qualify him to be in at least one of your music categories. Hope my votes are not being overlooked and are counted.

  20. Terry says:

    I was disppointed David wasnt in your poll either. Plus, you nearly gave me a heart attack with your headline above. You said David Cook, Southland, DWTS who’s out and then you say two words: David Cook. I thought you meant he was out. He will never be out with me. Love him. Give us more David Cook.

  21. Suse says:

    I have to agree with the other DC lovers out there. David Cook is uncredibly talented and has an intensity onstage that is second to none. He also seems like an intelligent guy with a fun sense of humor and a good heart. One of the best things about DC however is his unexplainable sex appeal. The man just oozes it when he performs. Can we say primal urges ladies??
    David needs a few top ten hits from his next album and constant radio airplay. Please support him. I know I’m a fan for life!

  22. Jenny Lou Who says:

    I must add my disapointment in David Cook not being included in any of the People’s Choice catagories. The man had a platinum selling CD within 3 months of it’s release, for cryin’ out loud! He’s has such an amazing voice, it makes me melt. SHAME on you for not including him!

  23. susan says:

    I agree~I was very disappointed that David Cook was not in any of the categories under the People’s Choice music awards. He was the highest selling debut artist this past year. I couldn’t believe he was overlooked!

  24. Skylar Winters says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would nominate adam lambert and not nominate david cook. I am a teanager and adam does nothing for me. david cook on the other hand, his voice is just amazing. I don’t pay attention to davids looks because at this point and time I have no crushes on anyone every one thinks he is gorgeous and they are probably right. At this time what I am interested in is his voice it blows me away everytime I hear it.

  25. jedijulian2000 says:

    Awesome!!! TNT picked up Southland!! They should pick up The Unusuals and Worse Week and Eli Stone!!! They would Blow Out the ratings!

  26. Taylor says:

    I love love love David Cook!

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