“This Is It” and Michael Jackson’s Best Videos

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Happy Thursday. Are you putting the final touches on your Halloween getup? Are you bummed because World Series baseball pre-empted Glee (pretty much the most deliciously fun show on television. Ever.) Although tonight Grammy-winning singer/songwriter John Legend will sing at the World Series, which will likely be super cool. The big Movie & Music combo news this week is of course the release of  the Michael Jackson film This Is It, whose star-studded premiere included everyone from the Jackson family to J.Lo,  Will Smith, Ashley Tisdale, Paula Abdul, Adam Lambert, Neil Patrick Harris and a really, really long list of famous people whom you’d expect at a landmark Hollywood event like this. Elizabeth Taylor (make that Dame Elizabeth Taylor) says This Is It is the single best piece of filmmaking shes ever seen. And maybe she’s not a critic,  but I’ll bet she’s probably seen a fair amount of films in her (distinguished, Award-winning) day. Will you check This Is It out? I probably will. I bought and loved Thriller. In the 1980’s I also managed to convince my parents buy me a VHS tape called “The Making of Thriller” because in those pre-Tivo days it was the only way you could watch Michael’s famous moonwalk performance from the Grammy Awards that got everyone sooo excited.  It was pretty riveting stuff. But back to the business of This Is It. Which, by the way, made a cool 2 million on its opening night. In fact, having just re-watched that moonwalk video on the internet (because we can, now) I then  decided to watch some of the King of Pop’s music videos. The ones that sold zillions of records and made so many of us fans. Which  got me wondering — which is typically what leads to a poll — about the best one. So in anticipation of the movie, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which Michael Jackson video is your favorite.

1) Billy Jean (1983)

2) Thriller (1984)

3) Beat It (1983)

4) Man in the Mirror (1988)


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