Wild Things, Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and more!

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Wow…DWTS finishes another week, there was quite a tribute to the King of Pop,  and Olympic star Natalie Coughlin got sent packing…all in less time than it takes to say “what’s next?”

Did you vote for Peoples Choice Nominees? Who do you like …and who shouldn’t even be on the list? You tell us…and vote on the nominees today! Want to vote? Just click here.

And another thing…since we’re in the latter part of October, with you-know-what beloved holiday just around the corner, let’s focus our attention o something for the kids (in all of us). Here’s what I mean. This past weekend we watched Spike Jonze’s big screen adaptation of the classic childrens’ book Where The Wild Things Are triumph at the box office. It did well ($32 million),  and even though it may be a bit risky for the smaller kids, it certainly satisfied a lot of people who were craving a little slice of their childhood brought back to life in glorious color with incredible CGI effects. That said, here’s what I’m wondering, blogwise, today. Given the interest in childrens’  books, which beloved stories from your childhood got big-screen adaptations that YOU liked? (And if you didn’t like any of them, let us know that too). I pulled a few movies that had lots of childrens’ book cred who made it to the local cineplex. Of these four, why not voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which movie based on a childrens’ book is your favorite?

1) Where The Wild Things Are

2) Black Beauty

3) Harry Potter

4) Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


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