AMA Noms: Who’s Your Favorite Male Singer?

By People's Choice | 9:47 am on October 14, 2009

So another Dancing With The Stars behind us  …not surprising that Chuck Liddell got the big buh-bye. And what’s really not surprising is how many of you all called it!

So now today, we move on to music. It seems the 37th Annual American Music Awards are upon us, and they’ve got a whole list of nominees…I can’t seem to find an unfamiliar name in the bunch (although truthfully I’m not as familiar with some of the country artists as I might be). But Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift led the list of nominations, and we probably shouldn’t expect any kind of Kanye Situation at this years AMA’s. Which are, by the way, on November the 22nd. Also lots of nods went to Beyonce, T.I. and the Black Eyed Peas. And we also have word that Idol’s Adam Lambert will perform his first single at the Awards. There’s also a Favorite Soundtrack category where Hannah Montana will get to duke it out with the Twilight soundtrack. (Newsflash:  good news for Twilight fans, you can get the New Moon Soundtrack sooner than you think — they’ve changed the release date and  it’s now available on October 16th INSTEAD of the 20th!!). So for today’s poll let’s look at the men who are competing for the top pop and rock prize at this year’s AMA’s. Later on we want to know what you think of the ladies, but for know voice your choice in today’s featured poll and weigh in on this talent trifecta. Who’s your favorite?

1) Eminem

2) Michael Jackson

3) T.I.

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  1. You want to talk about comebacks? Check out Gavin Rossdale’s new stuff. I loved the band “Bush” and they rocked. Gavin’s stuff on his own is a bit more mellow, but more reflective and meaningful….why is he being overlooked for these nominations? What ever happened to Rock and Roll? All I see is country and hip hop. Bands like Bush and Audioslave need to make a comeback ! No one even knows what good music is anymore unless they turn back time, or go see one of the old bands that rocked if they’re still touring!!! Please write in Gavin Rossdale on your ballot….thank you.

  2. queenrosered says:

    Gah! I WISH that the American Idol tour had wrapped up in time for Adam Lambert to be on this list! Nobody and I mean NOBODY can match his vocals, style, charisma and natural showmanship! I can’t wait just to watch him perform live at the AMAs! Davis, Shmavid! Niether Cook or Archie can begin to hold a candle to Lambert’s HUGE talent! IMHO. That said, looking forward to PC awards. Just please….don’t forget Adam. Soon, love him or hate him, you won’t be able to ignore him! A real Glambert here! (does it show?) XD P.S. Nevermind. I just realized Adam IS on the list, as a new “breakout” artist. (red faced) XD

  3. Connie says:

    Another year that the ball was dropped. David Cook had a platinum album and a couple of singles. He has worked his butt off this year. His show count is currently in the 130′s and will exceed 150 before the tour is over. It was originally scheduled to end in May but has been extended to December due to popular demand. He could probably continue well into next year if he chose to do so. Not only did you not list him above but voters have to WRITE HIM IN? What is up with that? Like I said, whoever put the voting site together really dropped the ball this year.

  4. Lifecam1002 says:

    Absolutely none of the above. I agree with Sharon above. Where’s the relevancy? You guys dropped the ball.

  5. Michelle says:

    None of the three you listed. David Cook would be my favorite male singer.

  6. Kat says:

    I must agree with many above regarding David Cook. I am not sure why he was not a choice, but his fans show him the love at his concerts, having his 1st CD become platinum and 2 platinum singles to boot (and we are just getting started)!

  7. Clodia says:

    DAVID COOK is my favorite ! After giving 130 concerts in 2009 (most of them sold out), having a platinum album and 2 platinum singles, I think he deserves recognition !

  8. Laiba says:


  9. Kelly says:

    Let’s get someone new on here – David Cook has worked his ?? off this year touring and putting on amazing shows – where is his name????

  10. kayt says:

    David Cook is my favorite!! Have you seen a live show of his?OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hunnzy says:

    Where is David Archuleta!

  12. Marylee says:


  13. e.j. says:

    none of the above is correct !! does the name david cook ring a bell ???

  14. kelly says:

    With regards to the awards, I voted, but these are terrible. I understand changing the show, but why would you change the trophy. I dont see them changing the Oscars or the Emmys – did the show need that much help.
    Is this the same company that did the award before, why would they want to change it and make it look cheaper?

  15. jackson says:

    I agree these are the ugliest designs that I have seen. I would die if I was a returning star receiving one of these versus the past classy awards. If this is the best Waterford can do no wonder they went into bankrupcy. UGLY!!!!!!!!

  16. Sharon says:

    None of the above. There is nothing relevant about these 3.

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