Your Favorite TV, at the Movies?

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Arrested Development

Arrested Development

So after you all made your feelings known about Dancing With The Stars in this week’s poll, Tom DeLay went and pulled himself out of competition due to injury …although Debi Mazar was sent home by the judges… so actually, twice as many of you were right in your opinions of who you thought  should go home.

But let’s talk about both the little and the big screen…because there’s lots of crossing over. Not just actors and actresses, either. What about entire shows? Happens all the time.  As in Sex and the City (with a sequel in the works) Star Trek, Batman, Get Smart, Charlie’s Angels, Scooby-Doo, The Fugitive, etc. With this in mind, there are currently several hit TV shows with  rumored movie adaptations in the works (and I emphasize the term “rumored” because some of these take a long, long time to make it to our local cineplex), and I’m adding one that’s not even rumored but they’re enjoying a reunion of sorts right now –and they have zillions of fans anyway, so why not? Here goes: voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which TV show you’d be most excited about seeing as a movie.

1) Friends

2) Arrested Development

3) Seinfeld


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