Twilight Alert: Here Comes New Moon!

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New Moon

New Moon

There’s never been a phee-nom quite like “Twilight”.  In case you’ve been living near the center of the earth’s core, the movie’s based on Stephenie Meyer’s uber-bestselling book. About an ultra-ordinary girl forced to move to a weird new town, her BFF (who may have some werewolf tendencies), and the hot mess of a brooding, vegetarian vampire who loves her more than life itself.

“Twilight” did some serious damage at the box office.

The first film brought in just under $400 million dollars, and its stars generated (and continue to generate) mass hysteria wherever they go. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the are-they or aren’t-they young pair have made headlines, millions, and zillions of tweens (and their moms) weep. Now we have the second installment — “New Moon” hitting theaters November 20th. Will you be there? (Full Guilty Pleasure Disclosure: I certainly will). So the folks behind New Moon have now released three brand spanking new posters, each one of which is quite ready to grace your/your 14 year old daughter’s bedroom wall. Take a look at the posters. They feature 1)  the Cullen vampire brood,2)  the werewolf pack, and3)  the creepy Volturi (one massively bad bloodsucker proxy of villains). Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which poster has you most excited about New Moon.

1) The Cullens

2) The Wolf Pack

3) The Volturi


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