DWTS: Now Who Do You Like?

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Time for a Reality TV Check. So Jon and Kate is now Kate Plus Eight plus Adam Lambert may be a bigger sell (if record presales are any indication) than the Beatles.But let’s talk about some really groundbreaking stuff. Dancing With The Stars. It arrived of course with a three-day premiere extravaganza, and included otherworldly contestants like Kelly Osborne and Tom Delay. We asked you all if you had thoughts on who might walk away (or dance away) with the title and many of you said it was too early to tell. So now with chanteuse Macy Gray, actor Ashley Hamilton and model/actress/lifestyle guru Kathy Ireland gone, who do you think will prevail? We have a number of celebrities left in the running, and it’s now getting quite a bit trickier to guess,  because some of these hoofers  are demonstrating real talent. The plot is actually getting thicker. So now, having caught a few episodes, let us know who you think still has a chance — and who might even take the trophy. Here now are a few strong contestants…voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us who you think might win the whole thing.

1) Donny Osmond

2) Kelly Osborne

3) Aaron Carter

4) Joanna Krupa


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