Even More Fall TV: What Do You Think?

By People's Choice | 9:49 am on September 28, 2009

Hope you had a great weekend. Did you buy/download Madonna’s new album? Are you at all looking forward to Mariah Carey’s latest (in store’s this week?) In the meantime, let’s talk TV. And feel free to give us your opinion of Megan Fox on Saturday Night Live.

So here goes with Fall TV…

Last week I asked you all about your thoughts on some new shows.  Because we all know that when times are tough economically, we all turn to entertainment for a pick-me-up. Whether or not it delivers is another thing. And this fall the networks have unveiled a slew of new shows, funny, serious, a little of both and the endless reality shows…with a vampire or two thrown in. So I had asked you guys to let me know if you had any thoughts on Flash Forward, Mercy, The Good Wife and Glee. Some of you liked them, some of you didn’t. So now, let’s look at a few more of Fall’s biggest offerings. Just throwing another four programs your way. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us whether you give them a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or if there was a remote thrown in the process.

1) Cougar Town

2) Eastwick

3) Vampire Diaries

4) The Cleveland Show

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